Chapter 929 - A Wasted Chance

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Chapter 929: A Wasted Chance

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Under Fang Ning’s urging, Sir System was farming like everyone else for the first time, doing something without expecting a return. However, it only lasted for five minutes. After destroying hundreds of sand monsters, it suddenly stopped.

“Why did you stop?” Fang Ning asked, surprised.

“You really tricked me,” said Sir System angrily, “you keep your mouth shut in the next battle. Why should I fight these useless things to death?”

As soon as it said so, Vigilante A flew up into the sky at the height of tens of thousands of meters and looked down…

The group of sand monsters below looked up.

“Hey, do you think I’m stupid?” Fang Ning saw and at that moment, he became mad. “You fly so high, what if the little gray ant can’t see you? Hiding doesn’t work, if the monsters can’t sense you, the little gray ant probably can’t sense you too.”

“It can’t find me, but I can see it. Your Khorium Ore Dog Eyes can see hundreds of kilometers away. Since it can sense my presence so far away, even if I fly tens of thousands meters higher, it won’t affect anything. Even if it couldn’t fly, it’ll at most run in circles,” Sir System reasoned.

Fang Ning thought of it again and again, and realized that there was no loophole in this excuse of Sir System.

To ants, the world was flat. It could only sense the last position Sir System was on the plane.

The System View of Sir System was 360 degrees. According to the principles of geometry, it was exactly a cone shape with no blind spots. When the little gray ant climbed into the nearby area, it would definitely be discovered by Sir System.

“Sigh, sure enough, when this System lazes, it’s also invincible.” He gave a long sigh.

“You’re blaming an innocent person without evidence again. We’re not the same. I’m not lazy, it’s to save the System’s resources,” Sir System justified.

They were just talking when the surrounding suddenly became dark.

It turned out that the big desert had changed from the scorching sun in the sky to dark and gloomy.

Next, a bolt of lightning struck above Vigilante A…

It was an unavoidable attack. Unless one could predict in advance where the lightning was brewing, it would be useless even if you knew teleportation. This was because it had not thought of teleporting and hence, the lightning would have hit it.

“Hey, Sir System, look at you. You stand too high, pretend too much, and now you’re hit by thunder, haven’t you?” Fang Ning put on the fa?ade of a superior who had predicted this, The Realm of Terror is indeed a realm of terror. How could it have a safe place? If you can avoid all dangers by flying high up, it’ll not be called the Realm of Terror. I predict that soon, you’ll need to kill sky monsters.”

“Stop talking nonsense. Believe it or not, I’ll throw you out…” Sir System was mad.

“I don’t believe it and you don’t dare to.” Fang Ning lounged in the System Space.

During this conversation, Vigilante A had received more than ten lightning bolts. If it was not for his strong dragon body, any general cultivators would be exuding smoke by now!

Fang Ning looked down and saw that on the desert below, the long strand-like sand monsters did not dissipate at all. Their numbers grew as more of them gathered and they seemed to have a tendency to merge.

This situation reminded him of the people trapped by the wolves. They climbed up the trees, thinking that they could avoid the wolves, but did not know that no matter if it was in terms of patience or resisting hunger and thirst, the wolf was much better at it than humans.

Besides, the wolves could also take turns to guard… Social animals like the wolf had extraordinary intelligence in hunting.

After Vigilante A took more than ten lightning bolts, he did not land but rather continued to fly upwards.

Fang Ning became even more alarmed. “What are you doing?”

“You don’t get it?” Sir System said proudly. “The book says that lightning mainly occurs in the troposphere. As long as I fly high enough, higher than the troposphere, it’ll be fine.”

This time, Vigilante A flew up another tens of thousands of meters…

However, when Fang Ning looked through the System View, he could only see black holes in the zenith. Not only there was lightning, but there were also flames spitting out…

Fortunately, Sir System’s Evading Skill was maxed out. Although the lightning could not be avoided, the sparks could still be avoided.

“You stupid System, you’ve made a dogmatic mistake again. This is a different world, not our Earth. Can the same theory be applied?” Fang Ning said earnestly.

“Don’t say anymore. I was wrong. I’ll go down and fight them to death; I can’t avoid the lightning, but I don’t believe that I can’t avoid a few monsters…” Sir System raged.

Sha Da and Sha Er who hid behind the dune were on an emotional roller coaster during this entire time.

When Vigilante A flew to the sky, they were extremely disappointed.

However, when the other party was forced to come down by lightning, they became excited again.

“Hmph, he’s really ridiculous. He must be a foreigner,” Sha Er sneered. “He thought he could hide in the sky, but he didn’t know that the most dangerous place is the sky. The sky has leaks that are filled with Nine Heaven Thunder and Boundless Poisonous Flame. We can still hide on the ground but running to the sky is like having a death wish.”

“However, if he flies to another place, we’ll have some trouble as we need to follow him,” Sha Da said hesitantly.

“He seems to be waiting for someone. Otherwise, why should he fly up instead of flying to other places?” Sha Er said confidently, “Thus, he won’t run away.”

“Well, you’re right. Let’s have more patience.” Sha Da nodded.

After that, they waited patiently for seven days and seven nights…

Throughout the process, the mysterious man did not kill any monsters. He just used some kind of incomprehensible body movement technique to avoid the swallowing attacks as well as the windstorm attack of the sand monsters.

Later, the mysterious man turned into a long slender azure worm. Even if the sand monsters gathered into a sandstorm and began a full-scale attack, it could still easily pass through the sand without being touched.

The long slender azure worm had a wide range of activities. It would fly back and forth within a few hundred kilometers. Those clumsy sand monsters could not do anything and could only chase behind it in vain, just like a donkey who could never eat the carrot.

The originally horrible life-threatening monsters in this world had become a clown in the face of this mysterious person.

“This is impossible. Who is this guy? How could he have such power and skill?” Sha Er said in exasperation.

Sha Da was already stunned early on. He said darkly, “I’m afraid that we have encountered a rare combat-type cultivator. His combat experience far exceeds these sand monsters. To him, these sand monsters are like babies. Even if the sand monsters fought until the heavens and the earth are destroyed, they still can’t touch a single hair on the other party, unless the other party is exhausted first.”

“Surely, he’ll die from exhaustion! There is no vitality here nor any cultivation resources. Everyone is on the brink of death. If you don’t want to die, you can only live by eating others,” Sha Er said ruthlessly, with an unconcealed vicious glint flashed in his eyes.

Sha Da heard his words and quietly distanced himself from his superficial brother, ready to strike back at any time.

There were only the two of them left in the Sha Clan. It was obvious where the others went.

When the ecology of a place was on the brink of destruction, it was often the good people who died first…

When the mini Azure Dragon just avoided the attacks of a group of sand monsters, it suddenly flew towards a place and grabbed something from the ground.

“You’re finally here,” Sir System said with relief.

Fang Ning saw that the Azure Dragon’s claw was holding the little gray ant.

He hurriedly bragged, “I was right. This little gray ant is very awesome. It really found us. Quickly ask how it found us? We could learn some experience and avoid being so troubled like before.”

Vigilante A asked as instructed.

The little gray ant on the claw of the Azure Dragon immediately waved its antennae around, as if it was trying to say something.

“Can you translate it into human language, Sir System? I can’t understand it,” Fang Ning pleaded.

“What are you saying? It’s as if I understand it?” Sir System shouted.

“Honestly, do you understand it?” Fang Ning said in frustration.

“I, of course, I don’t understand,” said Sir System angrily, “but someone in the Draconic Penitentiary can understand it.”

“Hey, this Draconic Penitentiary is really all-encompassing. There’s even this kind of talent.” Fang Ning was pleased.

“You’re wrong, these are what I purposely left behind when I was killing demons and devils. Any evil person with a skill, I’ll suppress their spirits in this prison after killing them so that it will not go to waste,” Sir System said smugly.

“I see, this is the reason.” Fang Ning realized that it was very systematic.

Soon, Sir System translated, “This stinky ant was saying that we stank of Death Aura to high heaven. Even if we were separated by three heavens, it can still smell it.”

“Oh, it’s the truth. Vigilante A is often accompanied by death. Wherever you go, you’ll kill,” Fang Ning very much agreed, “It seems that this little gray ant really has a unique talent. In addition to finding treasures, it can also see death. Black Cat Tom and it really complement each other.”

Sir System did not answer him because the little gray ant was climbing up and down anxiously. Its pair of antennae kept swinging towards one direction.

In fact, it did not need to point. Vigilante A had already flown in the direction it climbed from.

“The chance flew away.” Below one sand dune, Sha Er looked at Vigilante A dumbfoundedly.

“Sorry, brother.” Sha Da’s expression suddenly changed and he stabbed a knife into the other party’s chest.

However, at the next moment, his chest became a mass of sand.

“Big Brother, do you think that I won’t be wary of this? Originally, I thought that the Sha Clan left the two us and to breed, we need two people so I’ve never thought of killing you and would rather kill this powerhouse…” Sha Er suddenly appeared a few steps away, watching his brother coldly.

“Hmph, I had the same thoughts too,” Sha Da said coldly.

Thus, the last two members of a once prosperous clan began to kill each other..