Chapter 930 - Condition of Portal Teleportation

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Chapter 930: Condition of Portal Teleportation

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With the little gray ant leading the way, the Azure Dragon flew in a straight line.

The distance was long as expected. Even with the flight speed of the Azure Dragon, it had flown for more than five hours. This demonstrated how vast this world was.

You must know that the Azure Dragon had a flight speed of more than 10 kilometers per second, which meant it was 36,000 kilometers per hour and 180,000 kilometers in five hours. This was 20 times that of the Journey to the West.

Moreover, this was far from the border of this world. Without little gray ant’s guidance and just relying on Sir System to search for similar places, God knew how long it would take…

There was a ruined city that could be seen below, with rundown buildings everywhere.

However, there were people below this time.

“You’re a ghost yourself, why are you screaming?”

“Ghosts are also afraid of evil spirits too!”

“They must be from Earth. Let’s go down and take a look,” Fang Ning said confidently.

“No shit. If they’re not from Earth, they wouldn’t know Chinese…” Sir System scorned. “But I’m very busy now. I’ve no time to take care of them. They have their own destinies.”

“…” Fang Ning was speechless. He suddenly remembered that Sir System would go on a treasure hunt soon, how would it have the time to save people?

“You’re not worried that it’ll reduce your Chivalry Points?” He reminded.

“It won’t happen. Those who came here are no ordinary people. Since they came, they should be responsible for their own life and death. I’m not their System Daddy. I don’t have the time to manage so much.” Sir System justified.

After that, the mini Azure Dragon ignored those sounds and landed in the ruined city, in front of the broken wall.

The little gray ant suddenly jumped down anxiously from the dragon, crawling back and forth on the pitch-black pitted wall, like an ant on a hot pan.

“Hey, what is it talking about?”

Sir System waited for a while before he said in frustration, “It said, it’s gone…”

Fang Ning was not surprised. He nodded. “This is normal. After all, it’s not a dead object. Since it was found by the black cat, it must have transferred to another place.”

“Stop kidding, what should we do now?” Sir System did not give up.

“Nothing, or if you want to, we can mobilize the masses and begin a battle,” Fang Ning said casually.

“What a bad idea. Now, only four people knew but if you do that, everybody will know. If someone else finds it first, I can’t snatch it. Isn’t it like throwing meat buns at a dog?” Sir System said angrily. (TN: throw meat buns at a dog is a proverb which means investing in or doing something that has no return or benefit.)

“That’s it!” Fang Ning had an epiphany and clapped his hand. He then said to Sir System, “I have a way to find that guy…”

Fang Ning began to tell Sir System “so and so” and “this way and that way”. After that, Sir System finally understood.

“Very good, I didn’t raise you for nothing these past few years. You can still come in handy at critical moments.” Sir System was pleased.

“What you said sounds like you’re my father…”

“Please don’t, I don’t have a lazy son like you.”

At the same time, somewhere near the pond, a group of humans, demons, spirits, and devils gathered back to back. All of them had long faces and some were even shivering.

Skyward, underground, and in all directions, it was densely packed with layers of strange monsters, surrounding them.

Fortunately, there was a thin light blue water curtain layer surrounding them, protecting them and blocking these monsters.

These monsters were desperately attacking the water curtain that was blocking them from eating meat. They were either scratching or biting, spraying or spitting, sprinting or hitting, but the seemingly thin and weak water curtains did not budge, except for one monster’s attacks.

This monster was one of the humongous sludge monsters.

This sludge monster was located in the direction of the pond. Compared to the other monsters, it was a few hundred meters in height with mud flowing down its whole body and it stank very much. It was simply a giant.

Its body was full of human heads, skeletons, and animal carcasses with bones hanging on it, God knew how many lives it had swallowed.

What was even more bizarre was that it had many bricks and wood on its head, God knew what kind of aesthetic sense it was.

However, talking aesthetics with monsters was even stranger.

Every time it attacked, it threw a brick from its head at the water curtain and then the water curtain would begin to shake violently, taking a long time to quell.

Every brick thrown was like a boomerang. After throwing it, it would automatically return to the sludge monster.

Every time the bricks finished, it would trigger a violent attack from the monster.

“Pang Gui, you’re a spirit. The presence of these monsters has some similarities to spirits. How do you think we should deal with these monsters?” Ren Ruofeng said to a fat giant spirit next to him.

This fat spirit appeared in the last ascension of Divine Gate and had even received the guidance of Vigilante A… It meant that the other party could not be a malevolent spirit.

This was very important and was one of the reasons why Ren Ruofeng consulted it.

“Er, the appearance might be similar but our nature is different. We spirits are born from obsession and we still yearn for life; while their essence is to devour and destroy, to drag all living things to destruction. Conventional means carry no threat to them. After all, they’re inherently dead, unless someone can release an immense amount of life force. Life opposes death. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult to win,” the giant spirit thought for a while and reluctantly replied.

Looking at the power of its presence, it was also a Lake-level strong spirit. This was the benefit brought by the last ascension of Divine Gate. It was acknowledged by the Heavenly Axiom and thus its vitality absorption became passively faster.

Ren Ruofeng nodded slightly after hearing it. In his mind, he was silently calculating.

As Pang Gui said, humans, demons, devils, and spirits still had life forces. Even spirits had a bit of Yang Energy. Only by harmonizing Yin and Yang Energy could there be life.

These monsters were all surrounded by Death Aura, exuding strangeness, dreadfulness, and death from their whole bodies.

Looking back at the beginning of the situation, Ren Ruofeng could not help but sigh deeply. It was all because of greed.

One could imagine, if they could capture a deity from another world and bring it back to Earth, how much favor would they gain from the Heavenly Axiom?

In the process of transforming from a Materialistic World to a Mysterious World, the perfection of its own rules was the most important thing.

Heavenly Axiom wanted to transform into a stable Mysterious World that would not change for tens of thousands of generations; not becoming a chaotic abyss that could face destruction at any time

Under this premise, capturing creatures containing rules of the other world was of great significance.

If it was not for the fact that there were a total of 37 people in the four major clans of humans, demons, spirits, and devils, with all of them above Pond-level and most of them being Lake-level masters, this surprise attack would cause them to lose some members.

However, now that they were also completely besieged, they had lost the initiative in the battle and were in a precarious situation.

Originally it was in carefree exploration sandbox mode, but it was turned into a tower defense mode by force. People who played old games knew how depressing this was.

Running away when the enemy was stronger than you became all talk.

They had only 37 people. Both their manpower and supply were limited.

On the other hand, the number of monsters was infinite. Three came after killing one, the more they killed, the number of monsters increased. Furthermore, there was no worry about the collapse of morale.

When the crowd heard this, they could not help but fear. It was only the dignity and cultivation of the powerhouses that let them control this fear rather than freaking out like mortals.

“Is there really no other way?” They thought hard about it.

Could it be that they could not escape?

Someone secretly thought, ‘I don’t need to run faster than these monsters. I just need to run faster than those around me.’

However, this thought disappeared after that. Everyone here was an elite among the elites, the best of the best, who could not think of this?

If they really fled, there was only one result—none would escape.

“Don’t panic, I think this is the test that Heavenly Axiom has given us. As long as we hold on, we will be sent out.” Ren Ruofeng tried to boost their morale.

“Brother Ren, you are the wisest man. In your opinion, how long should we hold on until we’ll be transported out?” Someone suddenly asked.

Ren Ruofeng had already thought of this question. He said calmly, “As for the conditions of portal transportation, it’s definitely to kill that sludge monster and obtain the Divine Order.”