Chapter 931 - Bait

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As his tone fell, everyone began to consider what Ren Ruofeng said.

It did not take long for them to admit that what he said was very reasonable.

After entering this world, they had a rough look around the place — a barren, crushed and feeble land. The so-called rare treasure was nonexistent, and nowhere to be found.

One could say that the only valuable thing was the sludge demon before their eyes.

The land area of this planet was significantly larger than they had imagined. The Earth was like a lake when compared to the vast ocean that this world was.

The life force contained within both of them, however, was the other way around.

One resembled the sun at six or seven o’ clock in the morning, while the other resembled the last strand of twilight before the sunset.

At this moment, Sina — one of the agents of the Indian Trinity and the only woman — uttered, “Wise man of China, except for the sludge demon, none of the other monsters outside have a power greater than Pond-level; yet there are an infinite number of monsters, making it difficult to kill them. How will we trap and destroy them, let alone obtain the so-called Divine Order under the watch of a ring of monsters?”

The others looked at Ren Ruofeng simultaneously. This was the question they were all eager to ask.

It was easy to understand that the power of the monsters outside was only average.

The Earth’s Heavenly Axiom had transported them to this strange, frightening land. Its purpose was not to kill them, but rather to have them investigate the planet. This meant that the power level of any monsters that appeared would, of course, be slightly lower than theirs; even if it were higher, it would not be considerably higher.

In any case, eliminating them would yield no benefit to the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom.

They were, after all, the power the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom wielded. If they were to be sacrificed, it would be best to have gained something from it.

The monsters beyond the blue water screen were too numerous, however, even if they were to take out a hundred each it would be to no avail.

As the power of the sludge demon was considerably stronger than the common monsters, none of the thirty-seven people dared to say that they were able to defeat that monster.

On top of that, it had countless monsters of the same species to acted as cannon fodder, making it very powerful.

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No matter how one looked, it seemed like an unresolvable situation.

“Have you all wondered why these monsters keep staring at us?” Ren Ruofeng said, unruffled.

“Isn’t it obvious? The life force on this world is nonexistent yet each of us is chock full…” as soon as Sina said this, she suddenly understood. “You are the wise man of China, after all, I’ve finally understood.”

The rest stared blankly when they heard what both of them said and nodded shortly after as it dawned on them. Their gazes instantly shifted.

On top of a big white Cotton Ball was a creature eating snacks. Confusion filled its face, so she only knew how to stuff her mouth with something.

“Why are you all looking at me? Hurry up and move some magical energy to the water screen. My father sent me these items as a self-protective formation. They’re handy, though it’s a guzzler.” Chong Daqing asked weirdly, filling her mouth with a piece of biscuit.

“Lord Insect God, continuously transporting magical energy isn’t a good idea,” Sina thought for a while and coaxed her, “Like what Sir Ren said, there must be someone who is strong enough to head out to lure and disperse the monsters. Only then can we gather our powers and attack the sludge demon in one go, leaving this place together afterward. Your life force, however, is incomparable and as vigorous as the sun at seven or eight o’clock in the morning.”

As Chong Daqing heard the words, it stared at the shawled woman with a gaze that implied “beware the retard”. She said in disdain, “Do you take me for a fool?”

“Uh, of course not,” Sina rectified at once, “It’s just that the Lord Insect God has the strongest life force amongst the thirty-seven people here, making you the most suited to undertake this task. This is also what Sir Ren meant.”

Instantly, Chong Daqing glared at Ren Ruofeng and clearly said, “We all know each other here, and yet you want to put my head on the chopping block?”

“No,” Ren Ruofeng shook his head while saying, “This plan is the way to go but I didn’t mention that Miss Daqing will act as the candidate of the bait. It should be the other two instead.”

As he spoke, he looked at the two bulls which followed by Sani’s side. One was a black bull and the other was a white cow.

“These two Divine Bulls have sturdy builds and strong life forces that surpass the others. They also fit the order of Yin and Yang.” Everyone slightly nodded when Ren Ruofeng mentioned this about them. He also added, “Besides that, both of them embody totems. Even if something goes wrong, they can appear again under the worship of the Hindu gods. The rest, on the contrary, don’t have this capability.”

After hearing what he said, Sani was dumbfounded and subconsciously gazed at the two Divine Bulls by her side.

The rest, meanwhile, clamored, “That’s true, waiting to die is also death. Divine Bull, show mercy and sacrifice yourself just this once…”

“Yes, you previously stood for justice and dared to reprimand the Venerable Dragon God in front of the mountain for being unjust. It was such an inspiring act for upholding justice. We beseech your good nature to lend these brothers a hand. We’ll remember your legacy for the rest of our lives.” someone followed and spurred on.

After hearing these words, the eyes of both Divine Bulls burned with rage; they could not find the right words to retort, for a short while.

To be backed into a corner with praises demonstrated the simplicity of being carried on stage, while also showing the extreme difficulty of descending from it; unless one became completely shameless.

Due to their embodiment as totems, their honor was more significant than their lives.

How would the words of Ren Ruofeng, who was a wise man, be so easily decoded?

At that moment, the other two agents made brief eye contact.

One of them was Maram, the eldest Indian, who suddenly voiced, “Lord Divine Bull, although what the Chinaman said is unpleasant to hear, his reasoning is rational. Not only is there a high risk, but there’s also a higher gain. As long as the matter is dealt with successfully, the Heavenly Axiom will certainly sense it after we get out of here. Someday, you’ll be officially conferred godly status, and this is absolutely not fabricated.”

The other young man, Kamal, also persuaded, “What the priest of the God of Creation said was right, Lord Divine Bull. Rather than fighting against these ordinary folks, why not seize the opportunity to manifest thy mercy and generosity? Sometime in the future, we’ll surely proclaim what you did in the country and your Incense will be burned greater.”

The black bull and white cow looked at each other, suddenly realizing that they seemed to have no other choice.

They were not stupid at all; if they did not do what the other party said, the only difference would be an early or late demise. If they went against the plan everyone had in mind, they would probably be thrown outside at once, to die.

They merely did not speak aloud of the consequences.

As it was thirty-five versus two, the numbers were very obvious.

A while later, the black bull said, “If that is the case, I can promise to help you; but all of you have to guarantee that at least half of the Divine Order will belong to us after the matter is successfully dealt with.”

Upon hearing what he said, the others gazed at Ren Ruofeng. They clearly wanted him to make the decision.

“Alright. Since the victory of this matter depends on whether two of you can succeed in distracting the other monsters, it is only fair to claim half of the share. I can swear it by the Heavenly Axiom.” For now, Ren Ruofeng knew better than to quibble, for being able to survive was the most important matter.

After obtaining a promise from the people, the black bull and white cow made fleeting eye contact with each other. Both of their bodies, then, vibrated. With their heads lowered, they dashed outwards in one direction at the same time.

The water screen was clearly facing outward instead of inward, thus, nothing was hindering the bulls from dashing.

When they got out, the ones who bore the brunt of the charge were monsters blocking the front.

They were evidently using all of their skills and chose to attack a weaker point. These deceitful beings had substantially weaker powers than them. The blockade was, therefore, instantly broken.

In a heartbeat, two paths that were thick with dust appeared within the ruins of the destroyed city.

Subsequently, countless monsters immediately made a move and charged headlong. Their flesh had even emerged from their shells; they ought to be defeated first.

Just as Ren Ruofeng had anticipated, ninety percent of the deceitful beings — which were blocking the water screen — had been removed.

The originally dense blockage had become utterly sparse.

Before the Divine Bulls began charging forward, everyone had made preparations for the attack. They were, after all, top figures, making plans in advance. No one would let this opportunity slip by.

Currently, they all shared the same standpoint.

At that moment were blades of ice and swords of snow; flame, lightning and blood energy flowed madly. All sorts of attacks were simultaneously unleashed towards the enormous sludge demon.

Behind a wall located in a faraway location, a mini Azure Dragon was hiding and watching the scene. His gave was similar to the others’, mainly focusing on the body of the sludge demon.

Fang Ning could not bear doing nothing and said, “Sir System, you ought to help save them first. Our plan can only take effect after those two stupid bulls die. So, helping them won’t interfere with our effort.”

“Do you even listen to yourself? If we don’t wait until some of them die first and attack right away, how will I show my excellent martial arts and kindhearted nature?” justified Sir System.

“…” Fang Ning became speechless instantly and only replied after a short while, “If this goes on, I think you’ll degrade to the Evil God System sooner or later.”

“Impossible, it’s impossible in this lifetime. I’ve already realized that the chivalrous principles have quite a lot of loopholes. Just like the heroes acting on television, they always appear last. That’s why what I’m doing won’t get in the way of anything anyway.” Sir System said proudly.

“Stop talking nonsense, aren’t you just trying to wait until the very end to steal the spotlight?” Fang Ning said in contempt.

“Oh, you truly know me well. Calm down, I’m just joking. I won’t let our allies die. As for the rest, I don’t really care about them. Again, I’m not their System Daddy anyway.” Sir System grudgingly said.

“This is still acceptable.” Fang Ning nodded and looked at the battlefield attentively afterward. Now, he was not a man without a strategy. The Divine Monument could not be utilized outside, yet the Earthly Monument could nevertheless be released to rescue people.