Chapter 934 - Inside Man

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Chapter 934: Inside Man

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The Divine Gate had just ended, but the excitement and the commotion had yet to reside as everyone gathered around to discuss in twos and threes.

“How cunning of them,” said a white man angrily, “Letting others do the dirty work while they sit back and reap the benefits.”

Of course, they would never know that the reason why most of them could have returned safely was all thanks to Sir System’s special dimension space.

Since the others did not know the truth, and the Chinese had taken first place again this time, naturally resentment would grow among the other countries.

Even in a new era, gullible humans would always possess such foolish thoughts.

It was just that these arguments would only be carried out among their inner circles, no one would dare question the Eastern Pharos. They had seen what had happened to those who dared provoked him, all they could do was talk behind his back.

Hearing their arguments, Fang Ning was not bothered by the slightest. Those who were recalcitrant yet unable to do anything were the classical signs of little miserable people.

Sir System, however, shouted angrily, “Damn it, I work so hard to bring these people back safely and only so few of them are actually grateful, how dare they!”

“Sigh, this what they call a good warrior gets no merits, without someone to spread the word, who would possibly know the good deeds we’ve done? But don’t worry about them, they’re just good at talking crap, they’ll get what’s coming to them. I’ve said so before, only care about our comrades and allies, as for the others, no matter how much good you do, they would not be on your side, and they would definitely not say good things about you. Even those great ones with morals so high beyond us have been criticized and nitpicked by the future generations without holding anything back. Except, the flies will eventually be washed by history without leaving a single trace, but the beacon of great men will shine through the ages.” comforted Fang Ning.

“Hmmph, I’ve remembered the names of all the ones that talked bad about me. When we finally release the new System Currency…No, Justice Points, they won’t even be able to dream of getting any.” Sir System said spitefully.

There were, of course, the ones who remembered the good that Vigilante A had done, them being their fellow allies and friendlies.

Three days later, Ren Ruofeng sent someone to deliver over a large amount of money, ores, and medicinal herbs.

Chong Daqing came over as well, saying that she had been sent by the Bodhisavatta.

She, however, said that she was broke and had no money on her, claiming that she would continue to send the energy to his designated evil spirits after she had filled her belly and turned into a cocoon.

In the Yin Attribute herb base of Vitality City.

Since returning here, Tom the black tiger had been pacing back and forth for the three days.

Of course, he saw that the little grey ant had used a substitute and left midway through the journey, he just pretended to not have noticed.

Now that he thought about it, Death should have successfully escaped from the world on the brink of collapse, based on the changes on this little grey ant’s body.

After it got what it came for, the day after the Divine Gate had closed, it had come running back to his head. Looks like it was determined to cling onto him.

When Tom attempt to sense its presence, he discovered that the other was on the verge of another evolution once again, its next step was likely to evolve into an “Ant of Death”.

“I can’t believe that after all the trouble I’ve gone through, you get to enjoy all the perks. What a waste of my time and effort.”

He had not expected that, while he had successfully lured Death, the other was even more calculative and had immediately latched itself onto a powerful figure. Although he managed to discover the other’s true whereabouts, ran into the desert and attempted to devour him and in the end, he had been one step too late.

Under the circumstance, in order to cover up his real intentions, he had no choice but to say some words that would make a cat feel ashamed.

When in fact, he knew full well that as long as the task was completed he would be transferred away, and there was no need to ask Vigilante A to take him away.

“Sigh, what a loss, why is my life so difficult? Can’t I just win for once? Impossible, Vigilante A’s intelligence wasn’t that high, he just had a lot of cards in his deck. He got lucky and had a distinct upper hand.” He shook his head as he paced back and forth.

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang in his ear.

“Do you want to know Vigilante A’s real trump card? Do you really want to win for once?”

“Who’s there?” Tom the black tiger immediately turned around and ran up the nearby hills, looking around frantically.

“I, the Spiritual Tiger, Thomson, am forever loyal to my savior. Even if I should jump from the hills to my death, I will never be a traitor!” He shouted loudly.

“Quit yelling, Vigilante A won’t be able to hear it. Even though this may be his arcane realm, he doesn’t know who this place once belonged to.” The mysterious voice said in a deep and low tone.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Tom the black cat immediately realized what he was doing was futile and calmed down.

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“What we want to do is not important, what matters is what do you want? Are you really content to just work for him for the rest of your life? Wearing a cat collar no less? Slaving away for the rest of your life with no freedom? This time he sent you to scope out the place, you were lucky you didn’t die, but you will absolutely not be so lucky next time.” The mysterious voice continued to incite.

Even though he knew that the other was provoking him, Tom could not help but feel resentful.

It was true, Vigilante A had purposely sent him out when he could have chosen anyone else, it was clear that he did not consider him one of his own…He would be such an idiot to think that the other treated him as one of his own.

However, the other guy around him was still okay, at least he gave him a precious pill for protection he left.

Now, four, five years had passed since the rise of Vigilante A, Tom was no fool, even though he may not be able to discover Fang Ning’s real identity, he knew that Vigilante A was a two-faced person.

The other had two souls in control of the same body. One exceptionally cruel and cold, while the other was relatively kinder and easier to manipulate.

Tom thought over it again and again, but he never accepted the other’s proposition.

He knew very well that there was no future that lied ahead of him.

If he did several more jobs and played the pity card a few more times, he may still be able to redeem himself and manipulate the benevolent side of Vigilante A to release him. He may even be able to progress with his cultivation and gain some benefits from him.

If he really became an inside man, then there was only one fate that awaited him: after the deed was done, this mysterious figure was going to burn down the bridges; if he failed, he would be utterly annihilated by the merciless Vigilante A.

Thus, he replied coldly, “You get out of here, you’ve really underestimated the great Sir Tom. I’ve known all about your tricks since I was three years old!”

That sentence may sound right, but three years in cat years meant that he was already an adult by then…

“Hmmph, ungrateful fool!” The mysterious voice finally turned angry. Obviously, Tom’s reaction was out of its expectations, that, or it had not even considered the possibility that the cat who was being worked like a slave under Vigilante A would be unwilling to resist.

“How much longer do you all think you all can stay on your high chair? Do you all really think that this world will be yours? You’re mistaken, this world will ultimately be controlled by the gods!” The mysterious voice said coldly, “The gods’ wisdom is far beyond your imaginations, enjoy your moment while it lasts.”

“Hmph,” Tom threw it back at him, “Even the Gods are having trouble saving themselves and they still want to rule the world? How ridiculous, if I wasn’t so cowardly I would’ve devoured an Upper Realm God by now.”

“Then just you wait and see, foolish one, death will be with you.” The mysterious voice suddenly said.

The mysterious voice replied no further.

Tom waited for a long time but the voice never came again.

He frowned, in his heart, he knew that the other would not give up so easily, if he had not been careful he might have gotten into big trouble.

There was a high chance that he would have been made a sacrifice for his rejection.

No, he had to go seek the other’s protection, Sir Tom could not give away his services for free.

Also, even if he did not become the inside man, others may not be unwilling as not everyone was as intelligent as Sir Tom.

If he reported this matter, he might even be able to get some rewards. He could not always let this little grey ant ride on top of him now.