Chapter 935 - Idle Game

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Chapter 935: Idle Game

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In the living room of Vigilante A’s farm villa.

A huge black tiger appeared to be talking to Vigilante A.

“What? Someone wants you to become their spy?” Fang Ning frowned as he heard what the other said.

“Yes, this little tiger is greatly indebted to the Venerable One and would do anything to repay you. Even if the other is a God from the Upper Realm, omnipotent and merciless, little tiger will never submit, that is why I have come to inform the Venerable One immediately.” Black Cat Tom said with indignation.

“Hm…” Fang Ning pondered for a while. Although he also had his doubts about this Tomcat who was currently undercover, and how much truth there was in his words, what he had said at the moment could be true in terms of reason, so he still had to commend him.

After a brief while, he took out a light blue bottle of pills and said warmly, “Well, you’ve been exceptionally loyal. You first climbed up the Divine Gate and even volunteered to lead the hike, you’ve worked hard. This bottle of Soul Purifying Pills is capable of cleansing the impurities in one’s soul, it’s extremely precious, I hereby gift it to you for your cultivation.”

“Thank you oh Venerable One.” Tom did not even bother to try to be courteous and immediately reached out to receive it with his tiger claws.

“Alright, you head back first now, don’t worry about that mysterious presence, I will be able to help you at any time.” Fang Ning reassured him.

“Little tiger bids farewell.” Having gotten his reassurance, Tom the black cat left.

“The trees may crave calm but the winds will not cease…” Fang Ning sighed as he watched Tom leave with his tail wagging behind him.

“Such fitting words, the trees may not cease if the wind doesn’t allow, the host may wish to care for but the System is no longer present… If you don’t want to see this happen, you better go out there and bring back more money.” Sir System quickly slipped in.

“You really do wanna become my System Daddy don’t you, why are we having weirder and weirder conversations now,” Fang Ning was suddenly turned quiet and quickly changed the topic, “Didn’t you told me you wanted to release a new System Currency? How’s that going?”

“It’s tough, mainly because I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time for it.” Sir System said somewhat surly.

“What’s so hard about it? It’s simple, don’t we have ‘The Alliance of Justice and Order’? Even though it’s presence is getting weaker by the day, it’s still a global organization, perfect as a platform for the distribution. Using Justice Points as its internal currency system, open up several unique options for redemption and exchange, and let them manage it.” Fang Ning suggested.

“Um, but I worry…” Sir System said worriedly, “You humans love to exploit loopholes, and your ability to farm points are extraordinary, I’m concerned that I’ll lose out in the end after creating the System Currency.

“You really can be a fool sometimes, despite your intelligence. How difficult would it be? We may not be able to deal with those who farm points, but we can let the people from the organization handle this, we just need to offer some incentives to the managers. Humans’ greatest enemies are humans themselves, this is why competitive gaming lasts so long.”

“Uh, looks like I really have thought too much into it,” Sir System said in sudden realization, “Very well, I’ll go find them now.”

“Good, you do that, all that’s left are some simple matters after all. I’ve been feeling a bit tired recently, I may take a couple of days off.” Fang Ning quickly said.

“Eh, I’m no good at talking with people, you go.” Sir System muttered.

[The System is evaluating…]

[The System has decided to cultivate in isolation for two days…]

“Damn you…” Fang Ning complained incessantly.

No matter how much Fang Ning whined, however, he could only retrieve Vigilante A’s body and flew east.

A prosperous island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean lied the headquarters of the Alliance of Justice and Order.

Fang Ning had been there before so he knew its whereabouts.

After the River God had returned from the outer planet, the greeting point had been set there. Except at that time, the main character had been the River God of Sky River, Fang Ning had not paid much attention to the surroundings of the island, he had come in a hurry and left in a hurry.

This time, however, he could not brush it off again, he had to pay close attention.

Even though he was lazy, he understood the history of the formation of the Alliance of Justice and Order. After all, as the leader of the organization, Vigilante A would receive the annual reports of the alliance mailed to him every day.

The headquarters of the alliance was originally located in a building on the western outskirts of Fang Ning’s hometown, Qi City. However, with the expansion of business development, and considering its status of neutrality and convenience, it was moved to this island in the end.

There were many advantages to putting the headquarters on an island in the middle of the ocean, one of them being the ease of defense.

There were no dense populations around it as it was surrounded by sea, making it possible for them to use powerful weapons of defense, cultivators too could go all out when they battled.

As for the other perks, these included ease of facilitation for later expansions, maintaining neutrality and authority, etc.

These were the main reasons why the elders of the alliance had requested for relocation, but these things were all previously managed by Sir System and he had never cared much about them.

Vigilante A’s flying speed was incredibly fast, after more than ten minutes, Fang Ning had arrived on the island, and this was without flying at full speed as Fang Ning was afraid that he would not be able to pull the brakes in time. Had this been Sir System flying, he would have probably arrived in less than two minutes.

Fang Ning did not immediately land after arriving on the island, instead, he sent a message to the elders and started perusing the island with his pair of Khorium Ore Dog Eyes.

In the center of the island was an active volcano, and there was a power plant by the foot of the mountain.

The geothermal power station built here had been utilizing the geothermal technology provided by the Greater Rat to supply energy for the entire island.

One of the advantages of building a geothermal power station here was that with the support of the Greater Rats, construction was able to proceed at great speed and labor costs kept low. Not to mention the costs of future operation was also low and they had a steady supply of power generation, making long-distance transportation of fuel unnecessary; this was something that other power stations could not compare.

The thirty-floor-tall headquarters building was situated on the east side of the active volcano, on a small island plain.

Besides this, there were a lot of other facilities as well. A small prosperous town flourished at the bottom of the mountain with a population of about 200,000 to 250,000 residents.

They need not worry about volcanic eruptions as a formation had been placed by the geothermal power station to control the safety of the underground magma. There was also a vitality node placed here, and thus there was no need for concerns regarding the supply of vitality.

In fact, during the implementation of the vitality diminution plan, this international unit led by the Venerable Dragon God had also been able to receive preferential treatment, thus explaining the existence of the vitality node here.

Because all the units under Vigilante A’s name would always have leverage on all resources.

Compared to other international units, there was never a shortage of recruits here.

There was a pier on the east side of the town. Near the pier, a 100-meter tall monument stood, on it were three words “Tianping Town” written in Chinese, with a gold scale carved on top, most likely to symbolize neutrality, order, and fairness.

Underneath the giant monument were rows of billboards promoting the development of the alliance over the past few years. News of their good deeds and contributions were also included of course.

Such as the incident in the second year of Shenyuan, where Europe had helped deal with the chaos caused by the witch, and the aid they had provided in Africa to help suppress the witch doctors issue in the third year of Shenyuan.

There were three reconnaissance troops in the alliance, with 200 people under each troop’s jurisdiction, every one of them experts of Bucket-level and above, and each of the respective troop leaders a Pond-level powerhouse.

They were situated respectively in Asia, America and the Mediterranean, assigned to coordinate and deal with the special affairs submitted by each neighboring country in a timely manner. Especially cross-nation and cross-continent affairs, such as demons causing chaos by the borders. Without the existence of an organization like this, it would be extremely difficult to handle those demons as they often caused trouble in countries and steal their achievements.

The purpose of the alliance was to coordinate with the special affairs agencies of the respective nations by means of internationality and neutrality, and to bring the tasks that they were unable to accomplish, or areas of severe danger and caution to be settled by the alliance leader…

Therefore, all those glorious deeds were actually simply Sir System’s mob slaying log in disguise…

These deeds truly existed, and that was the reason why the participating nations had continuously paid the membership fees.

In a sense, they had been even more consistent with their payments than paying their fees to the United Nations. After all, the more, and faster a nation paid, the sooner their matters would receive a response and be settled quicker.

With a stable stream of income, the alliance was thus able to relocate from its original location in an office building donated by China to an island, and rapidly developed in just a few years time.

The capability of its self-sustainability was the foundation of the growth and development of the alliance. All this would have been impossible had they just relied on Sir System’s investments alone.

After a close survey of the area, Fang Ning came to a conclusion… Maybe he could stand to play this idle game a while longer.

In the years after the establishment of the alliance, he had barely interfered with its management at all.

Among the six sentinel elders of the alliance, the biggest resource in their hands was the title of the Venerable Dragon God, and the priority to handle special affairs once notified.

By only relying on these, they were able to come so far.

This allowed Fang Ning to possess great confidence in their next mission.

He believed that the System Currency project proposed by Sir System would surely please these people and gain their support, which would make the rest of the launch go so much smoother.

This would allow their alliance to monopolize a third resource, and this alliance which had been left in an idle state for so long, would embrace a limitless future.