Chapter 937 - Purify Their Hearts

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Chapter 937: Purify Their Hearts

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At this time, a young staff member suddenly asked excitedly, “Venerable One, this Justice Point cannot be seen nor touched, how shall it be assessed?”

Had it been any other important figure, this young man may not dare to ask such a question. However, the actions of the Venerable Dragon God had indicated that everyone need not fear him.

The premise was that you must first have a clear conscience and have done no evil. In fact, the requirement was very low.

Lots of the other strong ones had distinctive habits and preferences, one might accidentally provoke them if they did not tread carefully. For example, the son of Monastery Master Ma who had been killed instantly for taking a glance at the goddess.

Fang Ning heard this and nodded, “That’s a good question, I have my ways and I will tell you all shortly.”

Everyone nodded. Undoubtedly, this was a highly confidential matter and should not be spoken of in such an occasion.

Officer Zhang threw a glare at the young staff member, causing him to fret momentarily.

How could they possibly know that the truth was Fang Ning had come here in a hurry and had forgotten to ask about this. From this, it could be seen that Fang Ning was still the same clumsy and forgetful programmer…

Meanwhile, Fang Ning quickly said to Sir System, “Stop pretending now, how exactly do you calculate the Justice Points?”

System Notification: [The System has suspended cultivating in isolation.]

“Didn’t you say you have your own ways? Then why ask me?” Sir System said in mock surprise.

“Cut the crap, this is your job, why are you trying to make it hard for me?” Fang Ning sneered.

Fang Ning was completely stunned by his words, it was a long while before he was able to spout out three words, “Shameless…”

“Thanks for the compliment.” Sir System said frankly.

Fang Ning was utterly speechless, but when he thought about it, it did fit well with the settings of the game system. After all, this was the same as the exchange system using faction Prestige Points to trade for equipment…

Players could spend days trying to complete quests before they would finally be able to get two crappy pieces of equipment from the NPC, and god knows where the NPCs got that sh*tty equipment from.

The System Friendliness Attribute was equivalent to the faction reputation that the others had accumulated here with Sir System.

It was no wonder why the System had claimed that he should have been able to think of that, he really should, except he placed too high of expectations on Sir System.

Seeing as he was not as shameless as Sir System, letting others blatantly use the System Friendliness Attributes as currency…

This could not even be called an exchange of nothing for something, it was downright daylight robbery.

One should know that this was different in game, in reality, most people would probably never even use those Friendliness Attributes…

This was like asking them to work for free for Sir System, and many were actually doing so.

He thought about it further and said, “You make it sound so simple, but you can’t possibly be evaluating it every single time, can you?”

“Hey now, how could I possibly have so much free time?” Sir System said plausibly, “That bratty little book has inherited many of my functions, he could do this as well. He’s working with that Yellow Dog studying the Soul Array Computer. Once they’re finished with that, it’ll be able to connect directly to the network system and get on with this.”

“You really don’t let go of any opportunities to exploit free labor huh.” Fang Ning could not help but feel impressed, the idea had never even crossed his mind.

“Of course, that sh*tty book’s already used up so much of my System resources, making him pay them off with his labor is acknowledging his value.” Sir System boasted.

After Fang Ning had gotten his answers, he felt reassured and turned to everyone, “You all need only wait for the notice. This System is currently in the process of being implemented, it will very soon be put to use.”

“Yes, yes, the Venerable One is most considerate.” Who would dare to rush him, seeing as they were getting new resources for free.

At that moment, both parties felt that they had won, this might be what they call a ‘win-win’ situation…

Two days later, in the skies over the USA on Earth, Sir System was on his routine patrol.

Maybe it was because the Heavenly Axiom had incorporated the Order of Death, but recently, strange events caused by the Death Aura had significantly decreased.

The dead rarely reanimated as corpses or skeletons. That said, it did not mean that the total occurrences of strange events had gone down, only that the rate of increase had slowed.

Fang Ning, who had just returned from the Alliance Island, suddenly received a message from Ren Ruofeng.

“The all-purpose bacteria test phase has been completed, as long as it is used according to instructions. Its safety redundancy rate is extremely high and after experiments conducted under many extreme conditions, there have been no signs of deterioration in the Biosphere. It is now officially ready to be used.”

Fang Ning was overjoyed at the news and immediately said to Sir System, “Well, we’re finally able to get rid of those two now, with them on Earth, I can’t help but worry that one day they’ll cause big trouble. ”

“Then you go get rid of them, quickly.” Sir System knew, of course, the persons in question Fang Ning was talking about, them being the two monks beneath him.

Fang Ning took over his body and flew downwards towards the direction, arriving at Zhi Nan’s villa before long.

The villa and its surrounding fields, at the time, however, had been filled with tents, with people living in them.

In the past, this would have been unimaginable as the villa had a security team on guard, and it was not possible ordinary people to just come in and occupy the place.

However, now, the place had become a charity shelter.

Seeing this, Fang Ning secretly transformed into a mini Azure Dragon and slipped in from the back window.

He knew that he had to get rid of the hidden peril that was Zhi Nan. However, ordinary people would not see it this way, they would only think that he was trying to chase away their savior, even if was the Eastern Pharos, his actions would not be forgiven.

In order to avoid trouble, it was better for him to enter quietly.

“The Venerable One has come from afar, may I ask for what purpose?” In the study, Zhi Nan asked, looking at the Azure Dragon.

Fang Ning returned to his original form and placed his hands together, “The Master has been so sincere and generous, I have been most impressed. But there is a matter that can only be attended to by the Master.”

He told him of the matter regarding the all-purpose bacteria and the exploitation on the new planet.

“I see, Buddha has said so before, if I do not descend to hell, then who will? Even an empty, blank world would be worth illustrating, leave this matter to me.” Zhi Nan nodded and said.

“Uh,” Fang Ning was a little taken back, was moral kidnapping really that effective? He was mildly astonished.

The old Zhi Nan was a highly intelligent fellow, it was practically impossible to manipulate him.

The monk, now, however, let others maneuver him around, which made Fang Ning felt somewhat embarrassed. It was always easy to feel guilty when bullying the honest.

“I hadn’t realized that I was still such a kind person, but there’s no other way, after all, he could turn back to a devil at any given time.” Fang Ning let out a heavy sigh.

“You’re just a hypocritical guy who’s always been wishy-washy and unable to make clear cut decisions.” Sir System said scornfully.

“Get out, I’m being neutral, and not letting myself be swayed to extremes.” Fang Ning tried to defend himself.

Seeing how things had gone so smoothly, Fang Ning felt like doing something more.

He looked out the windows and said, “I wonder what will happen to these believers once the Master departs? If you are concerned, I may make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.”

“I shall be troubling the Venerable One then, the Venerable One’s reputation is still trustworthy, after all. The desires of the people are complicated, endless and difficult to be rid of. If the Venerable One is able to purify their hearts, that would be best.” Zhi Nan suddenly threw out a statement that left Fang Ning a little more than confused.

“Uh, I will do my best to make the arrangements. Rest assured.” Fang Ning said seriously.

“Very well, I shall take my leave now.” Once Zhi Nan finished his words, he called upon Black Robe, and the two departed immediately.

Fang Ning let his eyes linger on their receding figure, he felt that a shadow had been cast on his heart. Whatever did the other meant by his words?

“That’s easy to figure out. He’s telling us that when we make the arrangements, we should not let these people eat too well or live too comfortably to prevent them from becoming greedy. Such a considerate guy, a real, good monk.” Sir System said approvingly.

“Like hell I’d believe you…” Fang Ning muttered as he sent a message to Zheng Dao, leaving the rest to him.