Chapter 938 - Dualism

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The words left behind by Zhi Nan appeared to have a layer of deeper meaning, but as Fang Ning was unable to understand it, he let it go as he could not be bothered to care.

After all, he was no Axiom Daddy, he had no lofty aspirations to manage the world’s affairs; he only cared about himself and taking care of the small group of people around him.

From this perspective, he was obviously not fit to be an Extraordinaire, because despite his great powers, he could bear great responsibilities.

He was only glad that in this Era of Mystery, he still had the power to decide his own destiny.

Ten days later, Ren Ruofeng sent a message informing him that Zhi Nan had retrieved the all-purpose bacteria strain from him, and had officially passed through the portal in the Land of Sanguinity with a group of people, and was now headed towards the newly exploited planet.

At the same time, Ren Ruofeng once again invited him over to observe the development of the “all-purpose bacteria” in the Land of Heritage.

This was in line with Fang Ning’s thoughts, seeing as he also wanted to check out a sample for reference before mass distribution.

Copy-pasting had always been a favorite of Sir System’s, and he was no exception.

Without spending much time at all, he had arrived in the headquarters of the Truth Department, and through using the portal, arrived at the Land of Heritage.

He still needed some time to recover from the scale of the welcoming committee he had received during his previous visit to the Alliance of Justice and Order, so he had decided not to have Ren Ruofeng send over anyone to greet him.

He wanted to go in alone, and take a good look around the Land of Heritage; to see if he could find anything to compare and contrast, or perhaps even a sense of superiority.

Once inside, he discovered that the place was no longer filled with lush green mountains and flowing rivers. In their place, instead, there were large construction sites everywhere.

Spritually-controlled mechs stood in this arcane realm, leveling the land, hardening the ground and carrying around construction materials.

The Chinese with a “mad constructionist” gene had certainly displayed their prowess in their forte here.

Of course, some areas remained untouched, as they still needed to be used to plant precious medicinal herbs, and for the local demons to live in.

Flying in mid-air, Fang Ning looked down.

Hundreds of high-rise buildings occupied the east, easily more than a thousand in numbers, dense and compact. Each one of them at least over five-hundred meters in height.

To be able to build so many high-rise buildings so densely, he understood full well that it was not because of how much human technology had progressed. Rather, it was due to the absence of natural disasters inside the arcane realm, including the lack of highly dangerous high-altitude currents for the construction of tall buildings.

In the outside world, in order to resist these dangers, the taller the building, the higher the cost of construction came to be, which led to the scarcity of extremely tall high-risers on Earth; most were just landmark buildings.

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However, these factors did not exist inside the arcane realm.

High altitude and low altitude currents shared the same climate environment, and there was absolutely no need for concern about natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes, thus greatly reducing the cost.

With a little calculation, one could tell that such dense high-rise buildings could certainly accommodate an enormous population.

In the western part of the arcane realm, however, the original biosphere was preserved. There were a few herb gardens and local demons inhabited the area.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve last came here, I hadn’t expected to see such a drastic change. The scale of construction and buildings alone would be able to accommodate tens of billions of people, it’s certainly no exaggeration.” Fang Ning said, impressed.

Whether it was the Era of Technology, or the Era of Mystery, it was clear that the higher the quality of its people, the higher the productivity would be.

Many countries had fallen into the trap of development, and the root cause of it all was due to their failure of producing high-quality labor.

It was the same in the Era of Mystery. The larger the number of people they were able to nurture, the higher their chances were of producing geniuses.

This was one of the main reasons why Ren Ruofeng wanted to dramatically increase the number of population.

“What do you mean we haven’t been here for a long time? I’ll have you know I come here every year to slay the little monsters,” Sir System said moodily, “You’ve been so focused on your games that you don’t know anything.”

“Uh, my bad, I had totally forgotten about this,” Fang Ning said with doubt in his voice, “No, wait a minute, those bloodthirsty monsters still exist? If they’re still here, then how is Ren Ruofeng developing the population steadily?”

“The number’s gone down year by year, last year I only got to kill tens of them. Looks like even the monster regenerations have to follow the law of energy conservation. It’s a pity that it’s not a game you play, otherwise, we could just make some adjustments to that.” Sir System said mopily.

“That’s why I’ve said a long time ago that we must follow the path of sustainable development. Let’s learn from what they’re doing here and increase the population.” Fang Ning said matter-of-factly.

“It’s impossible. A place like Vitality City needs to be used for planting rare medicinal herbs and raise malevolent spirits; we can’t just simply increase the population. Dream on.” Sir System scoffed.

“If we can’t do it in Vitality City, then we’ll look for other planets that can be populated.” Fang Ning suddenly felt like his mind had been opened.

“But there’s no vitality on the other planets…how are we going to fix that?” Sir System was not impressed.

“Did you forget that Black Robe has done research before where he managed to convert natural resources into vitality. If it succeeds, would we still have to worry about the source of vitality?” Fang Ning gibed.

“But that guy’s on another planet now, he won’t be able to continue his research.” Sir System asked, somewhat helplessly.

“Don’t worry, he has to come back at some point. We just have to make sure we take advantage of this window and develop as much as we can.”

As a human and a bucket were conversing in mid-air, below on the construction site, a group passed by.

They were all cultivators, looking arrogantly down on their high horses at the workers around them. A look of disdain and contempt in their eyes.

Their gazes drew away Fang Ning’s attention. He grew slightly concerned as he heard what they had been saying.

“So there is some use for these lesser beings after all. That’s why our leader had still allowed them a place in the blueprint of his future society.” A cultivator said as he nodded.

“But of course, these lower class people are the foundation of our Dualist Society. Even though they may have only reached the second or third level of the “Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique”, that was more than enough for them to do menial labor.”

“Shame that some of the other fighters don’t seem to share our leaders’ views. They’re still hung up on the concept of a nation-state. How boring. It’s already the fourth year of Shenyuan, the invasion from the Upper Realm is becoming more and more frequent now. They should have made up their minds and proceed with an all-out integration.” Another voice echoed.

Fang Ning had been eavesdropping in mid-air. They had yet to discover Vigilante A’s presence with their powers.

These cultivators, who were having a heated conversation, appeared to the members of a new emerging faction.

As for the reason they were able to enter the Land of Heritage, Fang Ning took one glance and understood immediately. It was because they all had good potential that should not be left wasted in the outside world.

Nonetheless, it was clear that they were still not satisfied with their given privileges and wanted more.

At that moment, Fang Ning seemed to realized Monk Zhi Nan’s true intentions.

The greed of humans, or creatures of intelligence he should say, were endless…

Except this was also undeniably the driving force behind the development of the human race.

That said, this “Dualist Society” which had suddenly emerged, their viewpoints, in some respects appeared to be exactly the same as the ones in the Upper Realm.

Their views, to put it bluntly, was that the strong would get to monopolize all the resources, and the ordinary people would only be left with scraps.

Fang Ning suddenly recalled Black Cat Tom’s previous report, that there was a mysterious existence who wanted him to become an inside man and propagate the ideology of the rule of Gods. Looks like this was their next step.