Chapter 939 - Recycling

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Chapter 939: Recycling

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Fang Ning listened in the conversation between the cultivators for a while. It was a lot of baseless imagining and unrealistic bullheadedness.

According to them, it seemed like everything would be promptly solved if you’re powerful enough or had a big fist.

It went on until he heard someone mention him, no, his other identity — Vigilante A.

“If I had to say who caused all this chaos and internal dissent between Humans, it would be Vigilante A. He thinks himself righteous yet does nothing of the sort!” A bespectacled young man’s words shocked everyone present.

“Uh, Brother Zhao, this isn’t something you should say freely.” Someone glanced at all directions and pointed, seeming to trace a spell that blocked their voices from other ears.

“Why should I be afraid? I say this all out of justice!” The young man named Zhao said righteously. “He’s the strongest of all, yet spends his days wandering aimlessly instead of utilizing his strength to unite all humans. If I had that power of his, I would subdue all powerhouses and royalty from all countries and form an alliance. With united efforts, we can pool our resources and train those with potential so that we can go against the Upper Realm.

“Look at how the world is now! All of you should remember that the second opening of the Divine Gate was only half a month ago. Now, the Human race alone is separated into four main factions: China, India, Europe, and the USA, and immeasurable internal strife abounds. The Divine Bull of India was right — Vigilante A is only a fame-thirsty lowlife!”

Some nodded while others distanced themselves.

Some of them were kind enough to advise him against speaking out. “We all know that you, Brother Zhao, are passionate for the cause, of course, but it’s better if you speak less of this matter and just listen to our leader’s plans. We have faith that the leaders have their own devices.”

“Hmmph, you’re all afraid of him, but I’m not! I live with righteousness and for justice, unlike some certain idiots who waste their lives away. They don’t understand that danger currently lies beneath the fa?ade of peace and harmony! Why the leaders would obscure the truth from all those powerhouses, I do not know. Otherwise, they would know that we couldn’t live with the current situation.” Zhao fumed.

“Uh, Multi-millionaire, this guy is berating you… Wasting your life away, not understanding the truth, fame-seeking, these are all labeled on you.” Sir System took pleasure in Fang Ning’s expense.

“Wh-which side are you really on?” Fang Ning was so angry that he stumbled on his words.

“I don’t belong to either. I’m not human anyway, so it’s not any of my business. Neutral.” Sir System gloated.

“They’re all ignorant buffoons that only know to guilt-trip. I know what I’m doing, and I certainly don’t care about those imbecilic haters,” Fang Ning was filled with fury. “But what is supposed to be their so-called “truth”? I don’t believe that those weaklings, who’re Pond-level at most, would know more than I!”

System Warning: [Host Entered Fury Mode. Aggro Bar is filling up.]

“Uh, this is simple. Just command the Black Dog to stalk them for a while and we’ll understand.” Sir System was slightly terrified when he saw that his host was really angered, and he promptly suggested a plan.

Fang Ning did not dally, immediately sending a message conveying the group’s external characteristics to Black Dog via phone. He also commanded the dog to enter the Land of Heritage and stalk those people all day.

After he was finished, Fang Ning sent a cold gaze to those people and left to meet with Ren Ruofeng.

The new office building of the Truth Department was in the middle of the Realm.

The office here was originally a house made of wood and other organic materials in order to adapt to the local people.

Now that the foundation was strong enough, a 365-story high skyscraper was constructed, its number of floors fitting with that of the days in a year.

Upon arrival, Fang Ning tsked with appreciation. “They’re really bold. The HQ of the Truth Department was way more modest than this one, in fear of attracting unwanted attention. This few-hundred-floor building, though, is the exact opposite.”

“Isn’t this what you humans always do? You’re all modest and meek at first, and then become arrogant and flighty when the foundation is solid enough. You, for example, were terrified of me to death, and so overjoyed whenever I gave you a break for the day. Now, you have to trick me or take advantage of me every now or often, or else you’ll feel uncomfortable.”

“Lies! You’re corrupting my innocence without proof again. I’m different from them, ” Fang Ning said gloomily. “I have never forgotten my initial goals, did not become arrogant after I became stronger, and have also never bullied those who are innocent. If another was in my shoes, he would have become a bully who beat everyone against him up and bed countless women!”

“That’s only because you’re lazy to a fault and tend to procrastinate. It’s not that you don’t want to, it’s only because you’re too lazy to! Besides, if you did, do you think I would’ve allowed it?”

“That wouldn’t be any of your business.” Fang Ning hmmphed.

“In your dreams.” Sir System retaliated.

Whilst they were bickering, Ren Ruofeng came and brought Fang Ning in the building.

“As the Venerable One doesn’t like being interrupted. we’ll just look down from the highest balcony. The all-purpose bacteria are already scattered all over the realm and will start working all day after the starting-up ceremony.” Ren Ruofeng explained while escorting Fang Ning to the highest balcony through a special elevator.

High up, the balcony offered a panoramic view of the surroundings. Fang Ning looked afar and found that the view was not any different from what he had seen just now. The east was all construction sites and buildings while the west was natural mountains and rivers.

“Which purposes of the all-purpose bacteria did you prepare to use?” Fang Ning asked.

“Oh, we plan to use two for now. The first one is to decompose waste. A huge waste processing facility with a yearly capacity of 20 billion tons is already constructed in a valley in the south from here. This has surpassed the current total of all cities in China by ten times and above. The valley is surrounded by nine layers of quarantine tape to ensure that the decomposing bacteria stays contained. Actually, if the bacteria do get out of the predetermined location, they’ll be unaccustomed to the new environment and choose to undergo self-destruction.” Ren Ruofeng said while pointing south.

Fang Ning focused and noted that a valley really did exist in the blurred outskirts, but he could not see it clearly. It was probably due to the quarantine tapes.

He did not bother to turn on Spirit Gaze via Sir System, because this was not important anyway.

“The second purpose is to compose organic matter. On the high lands of the north, we’ve built a large food processing facility. It is designed to produce 50 billion tons of organic matter, which is enough for a hundred billion people and more.” Ren Ruofeng explained.

“Tsk, when it comes to a production scale this big, the energy you need can be solved by having the magnetic men conserve solar energy, but what about all the water and carbon dioxide that you would need? With a yearly capacity of billions of tons, it would be difficult to transport solely through the portal that I used even if you toiled night and day.” Fang Ning was curious.

“The water and carbon dioxide needed can be acquired from the waste processing facility. This is actually a form of recycling. We only need a huge investment in materials for the first time. For the next years, we would only to replenish a small amount to compensate for the materials lost during the recycling process. This will not be as high a pressure on the portal as imagined.” Ren Ruofeng pointed at the waste processing facility.

“I see.’ Fang Ning immediately lost his appetite. He should have known better than to probe further on the matter of food…

He continued to look around and saw that there were people moving around in the buildings in the east. It seemed that they have already moved in.

He suddenly had a thought, and so he asked, “This land is only a hundred thousand kilometers-squared in area, which definitely is unable to satisfy the population’s need for outdoor activity. Do they just stay at home at all times? This seems unreasonable.”

Ren Ruofeng nodded. “It is as the Venerable One says. We are looking for a solution to this problem. Our initial thought is to designate this place as a temporary safety hideout and construct safe compounds for outdoor activity on other liveable planets. Of course, we would have to rely on Venerable One’s Land of Sanguinity for transfer purposes.”

Fang Ning nodded wordlessly before suddenly asking, “Just now while I’m here, I heard of a Dualism Society in passing. Can I ask if Mr. Ren knows of it?”

Ren Ruofeng’s face betrayed a flicker of embarrassment upon hearing Fang Ning’s question. He said resignedly, “It’s a society created by some ignorant juniors due to boredom.”

“Oh, so it’s an internal society under the Truth Department. That’s why I didn’t hear of it.” Fang Ning shook his head. “A wise man once said, ‘Do not take extreme action, but be modest instead.’ I noticed that they were a little hot-headed in their actions. Aside from increasing their power, you should also teach them the correct attitude.”

“Sigh. They formed their own opinions after accidentally obtaining some classified information. The youth all go through this rebellion phase when they don’t listen to their leaders.” Ren Ruofeng shook his head.

He looked 18 but was actually nearing 80… Of course, he understood what those young men were thinking.

“One out of a wise man’s thousand thoughts must certainly be faulty. I’m afraid that Senior Ren underestimated those people. You should take note of it.” Fang Ning reminded him.

Ren Ruofeng furrowed his brow upon his words. Looks like those juniors had offended the Venerable One in some way, or else he would not say something like that.

The two of them were both immersed in their thoughts. Not long after, Fang Ning bid goodbye and left. He wanted to see what truths were hiding underneath this Dual Element Society.

He was afraid that it was unknowingly made a pawn, just like those all-purpose bacteria earlier…