Chapter 940 - Devil Invasion

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Chapter 940: Devil Invasion

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The next day, in the house in Vigilante A’s farm, the Black Dog returned to report his findings.

“Master, this Dualism Society was created half a month ago. It consists of young Truth Department members and a minority of technological experts. Their objective is to construct a united human alliance, pool all cultivating resources in one place and focus on training powerhouses in order to face the impending fatal dangers.”

Black Dog fiddled with its paws while reporting servilely.

Fang Ning reclined on the sofa holding a cup of tea, like a rich landowner.

“Fatal danger? What danger?” Fang Ning straightened up.

“Oh, their mouths are tight. They only claim that things will become serious in the future, but they didn’t explain in detail. They’ll tell their potential recruits when they’re recruiting, though. They recruit one-on-one. When I was following them, I saw them recruiting a new employee of the Truth Department.” Black Dog replied.

“They aren’t another of those pagan religions that trick people into joining by propagating the Apocalypse, are they?” Fang Ning said without thinking.

“I don’t know why, but those leaders of the Department don’t seem to care, leaving them on their own devices instead.” Black Dog questioned.

“I see.” Fang Ning nodded. “You did well. Continue following them, and it’s best if you find out what dangers they’re talking about.”

“Yes, Master.” Block Dog wagged its tail and disappeared into the ground.

“Eh, I have a feeling that this organization that popped up suddenly must be hiding a lot of secrets.” Fang Ming said to Sir System.

“After the world regained vitality, similar organizations are infinitely numerous. I don’t care about them unless they commit evil.” Sir System did not care.

“I knew that I was barking up the wrong tree. Do you think of anything else aside from cultivating and farming?” Fang Ning scorned.

“I do.” Sir System retaliated. “I think of earning money too.”

Sir System kept bugging Fang Ning even when he was getting busy.

“Oi, don’t you think too much of it. The all-purpose bacteria is usable now, so we should use it to increase the Mysterious Productivity.” Sir System urged.

“You really never forget about earning money,” Fang Ning muttered. “This is troublesome.”

“How so? You can just ask Old Ren to do you a favor: fashion a similar model for Morality City but with lower qualifications. We could use the magnetic men to save energy too.” Sir System said with disdain.

Just as Fang Ning consented to it, an idea appeared in his mind. He immediately said, “After what you said, I thought of something. You said that a Light Gate in this Land of Sanguinity can reach the Sun and other planets. Won’t you say that its operation would consume large amounts of energy if its power transcends such long distances? The energy consumed by inter-realm travel should be much more than the amount that the magnetic people manage to conserve.”

“You’re worrying too much again. Don’t care about those theories as long as we can use the facilities for free.” Sir System said casually.

“This is the difference between us. You can only see what profit is in front of you without looking further.” Fang Ning shook his head.

“What’s in store for me in the distance? Monsters or money? Boring.” Sir System said with disdain.

“There’s a nice view.” Fang Ning replied absently before he sent a message to Ren Ruofeng.

The other man agreed immediately and did not charge a fee.

It was as Fang Ning had expected because he, too, did not charge them when he borrowed them the area for their experiments.

Three days later, Black Dog returned again, this time with detailed news.

“Master, I know! The dangers they were talking about was about a devil invasion!” Black Dog ran towards him, distressed.

“A devil invasion?” Fang Ning started to ask, but then his body was seized by the system.

“Where? When?” Vigilante A asked anxiously.

“Don’t you know to hold your horses?” Fang Ning scorned.

“No.” Sir System turned a deaf ear to his words.

Black Dog scratched his head and struggled to remember. “Oh. I think they said that the devils would invade our world via a space tunnel, possibly very soon; if not this year, then the next.”

“Oh, thank you for your hard work. Consider this bottle of pills as compensation for your efforts.” Vigilante A handed a bottle over.

“Thank you, Master,” Black Dog quickly stored it. This would go in his marriage funds in the future.

“It’s fine. You can go home and rest before going to work.” Vigilante A instructed.

“Yes, Master.” Again, Black Dog left by tunneling underground.

“Finally! I’ve waited so long for this day.” Sir System said delightedly to Fang Ning.

“Look at you. Your chivalrous virtue must be negative right now, isn’t it?” Fang Ning scolded righteously. “A devil invasion, the typical catastrophe one only sees on novels, might cause uncountable amounts of death and injury. You, being a heroic system, should be sighing grievously right now. How could you still be laughing with glee?”

“Uh…” Sir System suddenly froze. “Oh, no, you really jinxed it! My master-level intuition told me there’s a possibility that I will really let out a grievous sigh.”

“No, what? What intuition?” Fang Ning was shocked. “Since the first moment I knew you, I have never seen you grievous before!”

“It tells me that I will lose something…” Sir System guessed.

“No, would we lose some of our followers? I’ll have to inform them of this then, make them hide in the Dragon God Realm for a while.” Fang Ning said anxiously.

“Don’t be reckless. This is only a feeling that probably won’t come true.” Sir System said.

“Your intuition has never been wrong. I have to inform them first.” Fang Ning sent his allies and followers a message immediately, urging them to take notice.

“Also, make a few upgraded models of those Summon Dragon God phones, in case there’s any problem.” He instructed Sir System.

“You’re really naggy. Fine, it’s better to be ready anyway.” Sir System agreed.

Fang Ning’s next days were filled with worry and fear.

Something that would sadden Sir System and would appear together with a devil invasion… What would it be?

Time passed, and it was the fourth year and sixth month of Shenyuan.

This day, while Fang Ning was working in the system’s Internet café, doom finally befell the world.

Dragon Carp sent a message. “Master, something happened in the almost-completed Space Control! A huge number of devils are huddled outside, waiting to invade.”

Upon hearing, Fang Ning had to think hard before he remembered where that was.

The underground cave located in the southeast of China was the last space tunnel boarded up together by Vigilante A, Bodhisattva Spirit King, and Elder Ancestor Bai.

The control was built to ensure the connection between Earth and the Upper Realm was not severed completely. The Spirit King provided the construction manual while Dragon Carp was in charge of monitoring the process.

He had long put the issue behind his mind. He did not expect that something big would happen to it just before the construction process was complete.

He said to Sir System immediately. “We should go now, lest something big happen.”

“I don’t need you reminding me. Open your eyes and see where your body is in.” Sir System said.

Fang Ning observed his surroundings from the System View, and true to the System’s word, he was already in a lit-up underground cave.

The cave was enormous, even more so after being expanded and renovated. Hundreds of concrete poles held up the top of the cave. The ground was flat and smooth, and lights were ensconced onto the walls, lighting up the interior of the cave.

All the other tunnels were blocked, leaving only one connected to the surface of the Earth.

In the middle of the cave stood a white marble door emanating dim light. It was obviously the Space Control that suppressed the Void Tunnel.

Fang Ning glanced upwards and observed that the interior of the door was pitch black. Howls of countless monsters traveled from there until they filled the room.

“Looks like they want to invade the world from here!” Fang Ning was slightly nervous.

“Uh, this is really a little troubling. I don’t know what’s inside, so we can’t go in recklessly.” Sir System hesitated.

“It’s good that you’re reserved. Let me think.” Fang Ning looked at the door and started to think.

“Think faster. My big knife is already thirsty.” Sir System pressed.

“…” Fang Ning had nothing to say to that.