Chapter 941 - Evacuating Is Better Than Stopping the Flow

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Chapter 941: Evacuating Is Better Than Stopping the Flow

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Fang Ning asked for his body back. He paced repeatedly inside the cave, thinking of solutions.?Occasionally, he glanced at the white marble arch.

The arch was trembling intermittently, showing the stress that those devils inflicted on it.

Also, the arch was still a WIP, so it was understandable that it could not block those monsters out for an extended period of time.

One side of the arch was a big pond. The water rippled. Dragon Carp lay in there.

Fang Ning thought for a moment before going up front and asking, “Dragon Carp, in your opinion, how should this be solved?”

The carp was an Upper World local, so it definitely would know more about devils and could provide some more effective suggestions.

It did not let Fang Ning down. The Dragon Carp jumped out of the water and stayed suspended in the air. It told Fang Ning, “Master, these devils should be from the Underworld. You should know that the Upper Realm is different from spaces such as Earth. It is not an entire space but one main world with many other adjacent worlds of monsters. The Underworld is the cherry on top.”

“In the Underworld, the devils are endless, uncountable. They have undergone mysterious transformations and have limitless power combinations. Even the gods could not subdue them, so the World is still ruled by the Ten Devil Saints. Their invasion might be due to the near-extinction of the world itself. Some of the devils were freed to lessen the stress on the world. With our strength, we would not be able to charge stubbornly. In this case, evacuating them is better than trying to stop the flow.

Fang Ning nodded. “The devil invasions are like tides of the sea. Evacuating them is truly better than stopping the flow, but how we should do it is the question. Directly opening the door is definitely a no-no; that’s like letting the water flow without direction when there’s a flood, and we don’t know how many people will die from being submerged under. We must find a suitable place to direct the flow towards.”

“Eh, this really shows that a fool’s bolt may sometimes hit the mark,” Fang Ning was inspired by the System’s words. “The latter two will definitely not work. They’re already important bases of resource production. The Land of Sanguinity is still under construction, so it should be a suitable location. We only need to open a portal to the Land, blanket it tightly over this marble arch and toss in a layer of protective spells in case some of those devils sneak out. With these measures, no matter how many of them come in, all of them will be transported to the Land of Sanguinity.”

“Although you’re sneaking in those insults towards me again,” Sir System said disdainfully. “But I’ll not do anything because you’ve provided such an ingenious solution. I’ll open the portal now.”

“Wait, what’re you so hasty for? You’ll have to summon the Bodhisattva here first, as this Space Control was built with his technical advice. We still don’t know if the layering of two portals would cause complicated technicalities like a change of space wavelengths or something. Also, we’ll have to protect and shield all important buildings in the Land lest they cause any problems when we’re farming devils. The more wicked an idea is, the more attention we should put on the details, or else the idea would be wasted…” Fang Ning said with feeling.

“This is so troublesome. You go carry the plan out yourself. I’ll prepare for the impending war.” Sir System said hastily.

“Shameless! You volunteer when there’s something in for you and hide when there’s trouble. Can you still be called a Chivalrous System?”

“You’re a bad influence.” Sir System replied with conviction.

Fang Ning was speechless. He had to send a message to Bodhisattva Spirit King first, and after second thought, also to Ren Ruofeng and other related personnel such as Tianjin Fawang.

Besides that, this devil invasion could very well affect the whole planet. He had to let them know, but with not too public a way, so as to avoid chaos.

“Uh, the mechanical spider factory that Black Robe left in the Land should be moved, too. This is so much effort!” Fang Ning thought of something else, and this caused a headache.

At that moment, the arch trembled violently. The growls grew more pronounced with time.

The Dragon Carp sprang into action. It swished its tail, and suddenly the air rippled.

The ripples gathered around the arch, and its dim light suddenly exploded. Only then did the shaking subside.

“Master, powerful devils are attempting to break in the Void Tunnel by force. My power is limited, and this space control is still incomplete — I fear that this cannot hold for too long.” Dragon Carp worried.

Fang Ning immediately tossed several bottles of pills that replenished magic to the carp and said soothingly, “Calm down. You’ll only have to hold on for a while before the expert arrives.”

Not long after, Bodhisattva Spirit King appeared in the cave.

He did not exchange pleasantries with Fang Ning, instead he glanced at the arch in the middle and said, “It has finally come. Due to reasons unknown to me, it’s been a little early.”

The white marble arch turned into gold, from top to bottom.

At the same time, the trembling arch also stopped shaking.

Fang Ning gloated to Sir System. “Look at that! Luckily, I thought of everything and was clever enough. I didn’t act rashly, or else everything would have been screwed up and the chances of the Bodhisattva upgrading the arch from white-level equipment to a gold-level one would be harmed.”

“Yes, yes, you’re good at everything.” Sir System flattered insincerely.

Just as the Bodhisattva Spirit King got ready to upgrade the equipment, the others Fang Ning contacted like Tianjin Fawang and Ren Ruofeng all arrived on after another. They entered the cave through the tunnel on the ceiling, unlike Fang Ning and Bodhisattva who directly teleported into the cave.

Ren Ruofeng was followed by a group of people, both male and female, young and old.

This small detail showed the disparity between powerhouses.

Everyone had worried looks on their faces when they saw what was happening.

“From now on, we’re faced with innumerable troubles,” Tianjin Fawang looked distressed. He was naturally in the know, and so he explained to the others present. “These currently trapped in this door should be devils from the Devil Realm. They’re endless, so the Earth certainly could not contain them… In front of us is a massacre.”

Ren Ruofeng focused on the topic and said, “If there is a way to transfer them to other planets, wouldn’t this lessen our burden greatly?”

“Great minds think alike, “Fang Ning said lightly. “I have also thought of this just now, but devils tend to transform. If we let them out recklessly, it would cause unpredictable calamity. So, I have thought of transporting them into the Land of Sanguinity for observation instead.”

Tianjin Fawang nodded before shaking his head. “The Land of Sanguinity is only a few hundred miles wide and a little more than a hundred thousand kilometers-squred in area. I fear that only the frontline of the devil army would fill the Land to the brim.”

“It’s no problem. If we kill off those that are hostile, I believe that we’ll have enough space.” Fang Ning replied lightly.

Damn it, who the hell was this martyr? Fang Ning froze momentarily at her words before turning to look at the person.

She was a dignified woman standing behind Ren Ruofeng. She looked to be about 30 in age. Her face was glowing, and she had a motherly expression on her face. She was furrowing her brow at Vigilante A.

She made no effort to obscure the power of her presence. She was only at pond-level — it was unknown why Ren Ruofeng brought her along.

Fang Ning did not bother to reply to her accusations. He only glanced at Ren Ruofeng, conveying the message “Your subordinate, your business” with his gaze.

Ren Ruofeng admonished, “Xu Qing, how could you be so impolite to the Venerable One? Now is not the time to discuss those matters; now we have to focus on averting the dangers in front of us.”

Only after that did the woman cease speaking.

Fang Ning was again speechless. There really were all kinds of people in the world. It was a frequent matter on the Internet but saying these incomprehensible ramblings during an emergency… She must have been protected too well.

“Sigh, Sir, this is what I get for being a vigilante. No one is afraid of me. Even a mere pond-level little shrimp dared to question me. If I was an evil god, which one of them would dare say a sentence more?” Fang Ning said bitingly.

“Yes, we could cooperate and start being an evil god from today. I also feel confined, and I’m unable to utilize all my talents.” Sir System took the chance to coax him.

“Get out, or I’ll collapse the System right now…” Fang Ning kicked Sir System out to the periphery with just a sentence.