Chapter 943 - : Grievous Sigh

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Chapter 943: Grievous Sigh

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Ren Ruofeng suddenly turned around and said to everyone, “We should return and watch the live feed.”

“Live feed?” Everyone was confused, but no one raised any questions in response.

Ren Ruofeng, in turn, did not expound on his statement. He exchanged a few words with the Dragon Carp and told it to relay them to the Venerable One before floating towards the tunnel on the ceiling.

Everyone else followed, and very soon the cave was emptied out save for the carp in the pool.

“Sigh, when can I formally open for business? This thirty-meter deep pond of mine is craving for coins…” Dragon Carp bemoaned, looking at the golden arch.

“Eh, something’s not right.” It swished its tail, and it stared at the door for a while before coming to a realization abruptly. “The two doors are merged together and directly reaches the Land of Sanguinity. Those who enter the doors won’t even see me and so won’t give me money. Seems like after the control is completed, I won’t be the guard but only a plumber whose only job is to open and close the gate…”

“Master, you’re so evil.”

Away from Dragon Carp’s ramblings, its so-called master Fang Ning was watching Sir System kill monsters in real time, with full professional commentary.

In The Land of Sanguinity.

The cloudless sky and vast space were now filled to the brim with endless monsters of different colors and physiques.

On the ground, in the sky, they were everywhere. Layers upon layers of them bumping shoulders and crowding the place.

They were red, green, blue, gray, white, and every other color imaginable to humankind.

They were tall or short, broad or thin. They looked like humans, or they were disfigured and strange-looking. There were only limits on human imagination but not the manner they grew.

They growled with anger, they laughed maniacally, they went on rampages. In this new world, they paced around, they slaughtered and battled.

“Vitality, I need more vitality…”

“Life, why is there no life here?”

“Damn it, the Devil Lords lied to us! They said that this was a world full of vitality! Why is there only so little?”

“Kill those weaklings! They don’t deserve to live in this new world!”

Of course, Fang Ning did not understand the language of devils. Those devils weren’t even speaking the same language amongst themselves. Those words were translated and dubbed by Anderson, vividly re-enacting the emotions of the originals.

He himself was a Soul Consumption Devil from the Devil Realm who had consumed an uncountable number of devils, so it was only natural that he understood their languages.

This did make spectating the battle easier. Only watching the scene unfold before you without understanding what they were saying was as dreary as watching an overseas blockbuster without subtitles.

Atop the Land of Sanguinity, Vigilante A stood, observing the rampage of devils without them knowing of his presence.

Sir System had seized the Heavenly Axiom of this realm. Those devils on the forefront did not have the strength to defy the axiom yet, and so could not detect his presence.

Know thyself and thy adversary to win a hundred battles. As the Battle God, Sir System would not act rashly.

One reason why the System managed to defeat his enemies every time was the large amount of Yin it would prepare in advance; the other was that it only chose to face enemies that it could defeat in confidence and not relying on sudden, level-transcending bouts of power.

Those who were also witnessing the scene pan out was Bodhisattva Spirit King and Tianjin Fawang, who were hiding from sight in another corner.

“Brother, there’s something amiss with those devils.” He commented lightly to Fawang standing beside him.

“Oh, what opinion do you have on that?” Fawang scrutinized the crowd, wrinkling his brows, but he did not discover anything out of the ordinary.

“It’s unclear as of now. It’s only a gut feeling telling me that they’re different from those we had apprehended in the past.” Bodhisattva Spirit King shook his head.

Fawang spoke up after a moment of thought. “They’re frontline generals that are chosen for this purpose after all; I presume they’ve undergone some degree of reinvention. Compared to those archaic, rule-abiding immortals and saints, the Devil Lords do favor creativity in varied aspects.”

“Maybe. I’ll have to discuss this matter further after observation.” The Bodhisattva did not speak

After an immeasurable amount of theme had passed, the sky darkened. Lightning flashed and thunder roared. Atop the ground, a desolate battle cry echoed.

At that moment, heaven and hell both burst into a symphony.

And it was in this rousing tune that Vigilante A appeared abruptly in the fray.

“We’ve waited so long for this! Sir System, its been too long since you fought a battle with a BGM!” Fang Ning exclaimed, reveling in the sight.

“Shut up and stop disrupting my groove!” Sir System banished Fang Ning to the corner with a sentence.

The devils milling in the Realm fell silent. Their gazes all focused on the mysterious entity that had just materialized.

After a while, all of them erupted.

“Eh, who is this guy?

“He looks quite powerful.”

“Hmph, his power is only akin to a ten-thousand-year-old devil with an intermediate bloodline, and he dares to show off in front of us!”

Several devils, with power and presences that surpassed that of the others by a great extent, started dismissing him in their many languages after doing a meticulous check.

The Devils were a little apprehensive at the face of adversity, but they relaxed after listening to their leaders. Their gazes towards Vigilante A were filled with ravenous desire.

“Devour it and I can obtain more power!”

“Let’s tear him up first!”

The devils all talked over one another, not backing off.

The few strongest devils were already geared up in secret. By the looks of them, they would not hesitate to accidentally murder other devils in the process.

Vigilante A observed them silently. He swept the crowd, and he said darkly, “Previously I wanted to see if there was someone worth saving in here, but now I see that there’s only one place you ought to go!”

The devils were stupefied at his words, but they started to laugh uproariously a moment later.

“What’s he saying? He wants us to descend to the Underworld?”

“Hilarious! We crawled out from down there after all!”

“Which floor do you want us to return to? The three-hundredth floor or the three-thousandth floor?”

As the devils went on a frenzy, the several devils who had seen through Vigilante A’s power levels hid covertly.

”Insolent beasts! Letting you live will only pollute my senses!”

After his last words, he suddenly disappeared, and a colossal sword materialized in his place!

Ten Thousand Swords Face the Skies!

These words reverberated between sky and earth.

As the colossal sword faded, countless long swords shot out from the sky and the earth, weaving into endless webs, trapping the devils inside.

The sword-shaped blasts of energy were as high-speed as a water jet cutter. It swished and protruded in high speed, efficiently and swiftly killing off those monsters.

Tendrils upon tendrils of black smoke floated up and dissipated, signifying the death of devils.

Fang Ning quickly checked the system notifications whilst he was watching this war blockbuster.

System Notification: [The System has used “Human-Sword Unity” and merged with the mythical-level flying sword “Soaring Dragon”. Points of damage dealt are increasing swiftly.”

The System has used Legendary-level skill Ten Thousand Swords Face the Skies and attacked ten thousand devils.

The System killed devil Hundred-headed Monster and gained 1 experience point.

The System killed devil Iron-bodied Devil and gained 1 experience point.

The System killed devil Welcome the Bride and gained 1 experience point.

The System killed mutated devil Love Youth and gained 2 experience points.

Fang Ning was perplexed by his findings when he heard Sir System say melancholily, “Send a message to Dragon Carp and tell her to close the gates and limit the flow…”

He said these words in a grievous sigh.

Fang Ning quickly did as he was told.

Not long after, the webs of swords in the realm dissipated. The sky was finally clear once again.

Out of the throng of devils, there were only several unscathed. It was impossible to count them before, but now it was evident after a glance that there were seven.

The seven devils exchanged glances. Their eyes were filled with wariness.

“This isn’t right. This Earthling powerhouse couldn’t hold a candle to us. Why is his damage so high?” A multiheaded devil asked, shaking its head.

“Unfathomable…” The other devils too did not understand.

“He was mentioned by the Devil Lords before after all, as an entity who had once bested the War Devil. His possession of such a degree of power is only natural.” A slender, snake-like devil said suddenly.

“Luckily we let those dumbasses charge first, or else we would’ve failed.” The multiheaded devil said with gratification.

“Looks like we won’t get to enjoy our time in this world thoroughly if we don’t kill him off. I’ve already sensed that this realm is a relic left here by the Blood Devil. He who once rampaged the ten thousand worlds had created a hiding place in here, one that could lead to the ten thousand worlds. If we seized this realm for ourselves, we, the entire devil race, could make this our base. We could attack and make this new world ours. This guy in front of us is not one of us devils after all; it might appear as if he was in possession of the realm, but he’s not privy to the true nature of the Realm.” The snakelike devil suddenly said.

The eyes of the other six devils glinted with avaricious intent upon hearing his words.

“Hmmph, there’s seven of us in our side. No matter how strong he is, he won’t be a match for us! Now, let’s put our ulterior motives to the side, present a united forefront and gank this guy together.” The many heads of the multiheaded devil said to the other devils.

“Splendid. Let’s charge together!” A stone devil said.

After that, the seven devils escaped at the same time and disappeared without leaving a trace!

Fang Ning, who had just finished sending his message and resumed his spectating of the battle, was dumbfounded. He was abruptly reminded of the two burly white men named Valery and Alex when he saw the scene unfold. Those two men had acted exactly the same; this proved that artifice was universal.