Chapter 947 - Move

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Practice grounds, in China’s Headquarters of the Truth Department.

Xu Qing was training diligently, sweating buckets while she honed spell after spell, nursing the animals her comrades beat to near death back to health.

A few days ago, the nonchalant figure had knifed her self-esteem ruthlessly.

She understood that no one in the outside world would always cater to her whims, but after entering the Truth Department, two years of smooth sailing — and more recently everyone’s idolatry — had made her complacent.

In her opinion, she had had some degree of say over things.

Now, the other man had told her in simple gestures that she was nothing in front of true strength.

He had saved her face for someone’s sake. When the someone in question was not present, he had not bothered to explain.

At this moment, she was suddenly shrouded by a silhouette.

“Healer Xu, do you have time for a chat?” Xu Rui said lightly.

“Is there anything you need, Vice-Captain?” Xu Qing replied politely with a hint of refusal.

Xu Rui only said two words in response. “The Revelations…”

Xu Qing froze before she promptly followed the other out of the training grounds and to an expanse of abandoned land behind the forests.

“You’re also one of the receivers of the Revelations, aren’t you? Only the messages we received aren’t the same,” Xu Rui said with a smile.

Xu Rui looked at the other with sympathy. With his innate potential and his educated brain, he, of course, figured out what the matter was with “God”.

“God says to concentrate our strength on only several people if we want to fight against impending evil,” Xu Rui said.

“…” Xu Qing did not speak.

“It seems like God would custom make Revelations, huh. What is this? Self-defining desires in the era of big data? Seems like the gods also know to follow the latest updates,” Xu Rui jeered sarcastically.

Yes, he did not believe in God, but if a lot more fools like Xu Qing were out there, why should he not take advantage of this?

“What do you mean?” Xu Qing wrinkled her brow.

“I don’t mean anything but to invite you into our ranks. Only with this can you make your thoughts into reality,” Xu Rui said mildly.

“‘Our ranks’? Are you the leader of the Dual Vitality Society?” Xu Qing asked shockingly.

“You seem quite clever, which is more than I expected,” Xu Rui said simply. “In this world, no matter when, the changes in history are always brought about by an extremely small group of the elite leading the fools, who are the majority of the people. If you want to fulfill your aspirations of devoting your love to everything, you will have to become one of the selected few.”

“…” Xu Qing fell silent, and a silhouette flew by in her mind again. After a long time, she asked, “What are your objectives? And what are your action plans like?”

Xu Rui smiled. The other was obviously considering it or she would not have asked those questions.

“Our objectives are simple. Form a human constitution, and train God-level powerhouses by collecting the resources of the people. When the God-level powerhouses are born, we will then possess the ability to fight against the Upper Realm and in turn, build a foundation where we can fulfill our own dreams,” Xu Rui explained seriously.

Xu Qing’s eyes lit up at that, and she nodded earnestly.

“As for our action plans, our first step is to join forces with other interested parties from the other human strongholds and reform our current state completely. We are fighting for the realization of a united voice throughout our planet, one in which people of all levels have the same goal and the delegating of resources is with ease. A complete overturning of this state we’re in, one of separation and internal strife,” Xu Rui continued.

“You make a compelling point, but have you thought whether your plan could become a reality? That all of it would be for nothing if a man stronger than all appeared?” The man flickered in Xu Qing’s mind again when she asked.

“Rest assured. We’ve studied the minds of all the strongest. They’ll covertly acquiesce with our plans because we’ve saved their places for them,” Xu Rui said calmly.

“Sure, I’ll join, but I retain my rights to exit if you do not do as promised,” Xu Qing said earnestly.

“You won’t regret it,” Xu Rui said mildly while you thought to himself, ‘Look, another fool here has turned herself into his arms.’

Across the sea, inside one of the manager offices in a European-styled office building.

“Oh, the respectable Mr. Black Robe, you’ve finally reappeared. I’ve already sent you three applications regarding the latest experimenting expenses, but you didn’t reply to me.” The fully-bald Dr. Madson stared at the black-robed monk in front of him with manic joy.

He was more like a monk than Black Robe, but a white one.

It was evident that he was worrying all his hair off.

It was a necessary peril of conducting experiments; having no ability to materialize money, they had to rely on external support.

If their investors did not continue to supply their expenses, many big-profile projects with high potential would have to be paused forcefully. This was a frequent occurrence throughout history.

This was because no one knew how much potential the project would hold before it was set into motion.

Although this bald-headed doctor had saved a decent amount himself, he certainly would not fill this insatiable hole with his own money, especially not when his expenses were so high.

Black Robe put his hands together and uttered a Buddhist phrase before handing a check over. “Almsgiver, you need not worry. I come this time to send warmth to you. This is three billion in US dollars, which should be enough for you to purchase your equipment.”

“Uh,” Dr. Madson did not accept the check but instead shook his head with a grimace. “Sir, maybe you’ve been living in solitude for too long, but you’re kind of behind on all this. The US dollar is weak nowadays. It cannot be used as an international currency in the trade of magic ingredients and vitality. The currency in vogue is all kinds of pills used in cultivation and also the currency released by the Magical Energy Bank… also known as the Magical Dollar.”

“Oh, is that so?” Black Robe furrowed his brow and spoke after a moment of thought, “You need not worry. I’ll borrow the amount from someone else.”

Dr. Madson hurriedly thanked him. “I naturally have faith in your credence, sir. Right, there were some local investigators who were investigating our project in secret. They had attempted to take the reins by force, but they desisted after I told them of your name. In my opinion, they did not give up in earnest, but waiting to pounce after the experiment is finished. Mr. Robe, it’s best if you’ve done some preparations in advance.”

Back then, Black Robe would be glaring daggers, oozing with murderous intent.

However, now, he only said mildly, “They are ignorant and immersing themselves in greed and lies, but they do not know that with profit comes with risk. You do not need to worry about this. After the results are out, they would be put in the market. They will naturally obtain their rights to the results and will stop taking advantage of you.”

Dr. Madson nodded and did not bring up the topic again.

He, of course, did not believe the other man’s last words. He understood clearly the true value of this experiment.

In actuality, he had thought that this was, again, another “impossible” undertaking which the only purpose was for him to trick some money off and while his time away. Then when the project has been completed, he would just forge some reports for his clients and be done with it.

Unexpectedly, under the handling of his subordinate doctors, it had inspired endless inspiration and they were starting to gain headway on this project.

If it was like that, then he would have to redetermine the importance of this project.

His personal safety must be factored too.

Everyone understood the importance of vitality. Just look at the long queues in front the local vitality points and one would get the hint.

Many Americans had given up their luxuries, their fine wine, beautiful cars, yachts, and houses. These were out of the running for the items they chased after the most fervently.

These people had thrown in their last dollar and invested in vitality tanks, magical energy points, and medicinal pills too… to cultivate themselves.

Americans were always very pragmatic, and they do not have the habit of saving up. Especially when they do not know if they would die out there in the next morning.

In this period of time, if the public was informed that normal energy could be converted into vitality, everyone would surely go crazy into a manic hurricane that would surpass the gold-mining craze by hundreds of times.

The Europeans had wiped the American aboriginals out for gold and silver mines.

When compared to that, the danger that his project held was understandable.

After seeing Black Robe out, Dr. Madson called the doctors and research staff who were mainly in charge of the proceedings of the experiment for a secret meeting, to discuss issues regarding moving the lab.

As for the destination, it was of course that Morality City belonging to the Pharos of The East.

He heard that there was a Scientific Academy for Vitality there. The environment nearby should be nice.