Chapter 948 - Mutiny

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The fourth year and sixth month of Shenyuan. One day, Vigilante A was patrolling above Earth.

Below him was New Delhi, the capital of India. In a holy temple, a skirmish was underway.

About a dozen young people were attacking a group of priests with brandishing red sticks, using all sorts of eye-catching magic spells.

“Brothers, kill them all!”

“This is the doctrine of God. These worms devoured our flesh and blood but did nothing; they squeezed the people dry of their riches, but they only hide in the temple enjoying serenity when the devils attacked.”

Under the attacks of those young people, the priests, who were used to lazing around, were losing rapidly. Every now and then there were people collapsing on the floor. Blood and flesh were splattered around as they died wretchedly.

The Three Gods of India — the god of creation Brahma, the god of destruction Shiva, and the god of protection Vishnu — seemed to protect them no longer.

In this situation, their morale decreased rapidly. Many of them had escaped in all directions.

The runaways, one after another, were chased from behind and murdered. Crazed smiles were written on the faces of the perpetrators.

The blood of the dead flowed freely on the ground, filling every single crack on the stones like a massive sacrifice.

“We must overturn our country India completely. With their blood, we will rid ourselves of all impurities from the past and welcome a new era!”

This group of youth stood in the main hall after the massacre of all priests and pushed down the statues of the gods. They later hauled all the gold out and distributed them to the people, who heard of the news and came to loot the burning house. For that, hey all induced bouts of shouting with appreciation.

Many people followed their footsteps and surged into the hall, snatching riches.

“Sir System, why won’t you stand out and rein them in?’ Fang Ning was accustomed to bloodiness, but he still thought that the racket those people made was overzealous.

“Rein what in? This is a mutiny strongarmed by the foreigners themselves. They aren’t in the jurisdiction of the path of heroism, and they aren’t demons devouring people, so I can’t control them. They didn’t murder anyone innocent, too, which makes it harder to meddle in their business,” Sir System refused.

“That’s fine then. Let’s go quickly. Let’s not stay here — what we don’t see can’t hurt us. ” Fang Ning shook his head and sighed.

“Let’s just go. What a waste of my time! I thought that some of those young people would turn into devils from all the killing,” Sir System said resentfully.

“Sigh, a f*cked up system like you will end up in a ditch someday. Is what you’re saying still remotely human?” Fang Ning shook his head.

“You’re sullying my innocence again. Nowadays it’s different from the past. A massacre of this kind would easily induce the prognosis of the perpetrators, and they’ll turn into formidable devils. I stay here not only to gain experience points but also to prevent the magnifying of their homicidal actions,” Sir System said sadly.

“Good to see that you still have some heart in you.” Fang Ning shook his head as he sighed again.

Then, Vigilante A flew away.

On this day, in Europe, the USA, Africa… the younger generation of powerhouses rioted. They charged at organizations of power, assassinated important officials, and demanded a revolution and the realization of the unity of all humans.

None of the absolute powerhouses emerged to stop them. In their eyes, this was a process not unlike a mother’s contractions when she gave birth. Without experiencing severe pain, a brand-new human race would not be born.

When those riots affected innocent civilians, the Pharos of the East would promptly repress the happenings without mercy.

They eventually and very quickly learn from that and hence, they would deliberately stay away from civilians every time they rioted.

“Damn, I didn’t expect to witness mutiny of such a large scale with my own eyes. This is mind-boggling. As someone from their friendly nation, I am surprised.” Fang Ning exclaimed, having witnessed more than ten riots in a day.

He had wanted to put his foot in it, but after ruminating on it, he could not find any reason to.

This was not the same as his normal chivalrous deeds, in which villains should be vanquished and right and wrong were evident. Those who had the opinion that the villains should be forgiven were few.

This situation today was the result of the self-renovation of the entire system. If he stopped it in its tracks, he would be putting a stop to the metabolism of the entire society. A slight misstep and he would become a sinner in the history books.

“These methods are too rough, though. Do they really think that killing and pillaging without strategizing can solve all their problems? As citizens of the new era, they won’t be so childish, will they?” Fang Ning said to Sir System.

“What are you worrying about this for? We’re not in the place to meddle, so we can only watch from the sidelines. I can only stop them outright if they hurt innocent civilians,” Sir System said nonchalantly.

Fang Ning was speechless. He understood clearly that Sir System did not care about the fate of the human race; it only cared about itself.

At that moment, Black Dog sent a message.

“Master, I have discovered an important secret!”

With his curiosity piqued, Fang Ning replied hastily, “What secret?”

“The Red Queen computer that Black Robe lost is in the hands of the Dual Vitality Society!!”

The two consecutive exclamation points betrayed its excitement.

“Tsk, how did this happen? Black Robe and Dual Vitality Society shouldn’t have any correlation, should they?” Fang Ning questioned.

“If you ask me, who should I ask?” Sir System said. It tended not to understand these machinations and artifices.

“Could this be a part of the Devil Lords’ plan?” Fang Ning regained his bearings, and he thought of his previous conversation with the Bodhisattva Spirit King.

“What part of the plan? Can you speak in a language that this system can understand?” Sir System asked meekly.

“You don’t need to know. Now I understand why they have the guts to revolt — this Red Queen Computer is the thing they’re banking on. What they don’t know, though, is that all of this is a part of another’s plan, a plan that I alone can see through,” Fang Ning said aloofly, putting on his airs.

“Even though you see through everything, what’s it to you?” Sir System jeered.

“I can make myself more inconspicuous…” Fang Ning said confidently.

“…” Sir System was speechless.

“Cut to the chase and meet with Black Dog immediately so that we can know more about what it is that they’re planning. A new situation will assert itself soon. We’ll have to prepare for it in advance.”

Not long after, Vigilante A met with Black Dog in a skyscraper in the Land of Heritage.

The interior of the building was filled with rows of computers. The arrangement had an industrial beauty to it.

From the System’s POV, every computer was haunted by a programmer’s soul…

As for why it was sure that they were programmers, their heads were either completely bald or on the way to baldness. This was the unique sign belonging to seasoned programmers.

Fang Ning was oddly saddened by the sight. He exclaimed deeply, “My guesses weren’t wrong. This devil Black Robe really did merge souls and computers to produce true “Artificial” Intelligence. This guy is really a savage.”

“Uh, according to the legends, one would obtain the perfect product if he kills a programmer for sacrifice. It seems like there is some truth to it.” After witnessing this, Sir System looked as if he had discovered a new land.

“What do you mean?” Fang Ning felt a sense of dread.

“I say, aren’t you only a programmer? If I killed you and sacrificed you to the system, I will be upgraded by a level, won’t you say?” Sir System asked seriously.

“What the hell…” Fang Ning nearly vomited blood. “Sir, you can’t do that! I have bled for the system and made so many contributions. You can’t possibly forget my deeds and do that when I’ve done so much for you!”

“Look at how shocked you are! I’m only asking. I won’t do that,” Sir System scorned.

“Don’t pull my leg like that. I take everything seriously,” Fang Ning said seriously.

“I don’t make such jokes too.” Sir System frightened Fang Ning once more.

“This answer is no. I’m only mediocre as a programmer. Ten years of work and the only language I know is C++.?If you sacrifice me, you’ll only get a trashy system.” Fang Ning hastened to degrade himself. After all, this was a matter of life and death.

“Fine then. We’ll talk about that later.” Sir System spared him.

Fang Ning changed the topic quickly. “The Red Queen computer was really transferred here. It seems like the Truth Department acquiesced to it. If not, how could they work under the Department’s nose? Without permission from the heads of the Truth Department, they wouldn’t have the courage to do so. ”

“Yes, you’re so much braver than them. You fool around under my nose every day, and I don’t give you permission,” Sir System scorned.

“Uh, I’m balancing work and play to increase productivity.” Fang Ning put together a stilted explanation. “Wait, someone’s here.”

A young man then appeared in front of those computers.