Chapter 949 - Break Up

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Chapter 949: Break Up

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“Red Queen, how is the progress for the statistics of the global cultivating population?” the young man asked with an intense look on his face.

“The current population on Earth is 64.7 billion people. Among these includes 30 million Pond-level cultivators, 73 Lake-level cultivators, and 4 Sea-level cultivators. Ocean-level cultivators are yet to be known.?Beginner’s level cultivators are at a total of 475.45 million six thousand eight hundred and thirteen.”

A cold, clear voice came from the array of computers that had souls swimming around them.

“That’s a sissy voice. The Red Queen is supposed to be a collective of consciousness created by master programmers… What’s this supposed to be? A woman pretending to be the big boss?” Fang Ning was speechless.

“Hmph, men,” Sir System said condescendingly.

“Hmph, Systems,” Fang Ning retaliated.

The young man was naturally unaware of someone looking in from the side. Instead, he was too busy speaking to this super artificial intelligence.

“What is the current situation with the plan for human integration?” the young man asked concisely.

“Safety preparation has been completed. The location would be China’s Land of Heritage. It was designed to accommodate 423.3 billion people. To qualify, normal humans would need to be inserted with a management chip. Cultivators who are pond-level and above would enjoy immunity from the chips but they must register with China’s Nets Above Snares Below’s spiritual sense. The estimated completion rate is at 78.5%.”

“The Vitality Node Utilization Plan…”

“The Herb Planting Land Integration Plan…”

“The Cultivating Aggressive Stimulation Plan…”

“The Equitable Distribution of Laboring Results Scheme…”

“The Promotion Scheme of the Binary System for the New Currency…”

The Red Queen gave an explanation of important factors for each scheme, which was used to push the integration plan.

Each reasoning was well-founded and justified. It all paid attention to the big picture and took care of the little details, making them completely executable. It was very different from history’s depiction of the people’s revolt.

It could be said that with the proper corresponding power, it could be conducted smoothly. Even gaining more power and entering a favorable cycle.

Fang Ning could not help but feel envious after listening in to the conversation. “There is such a huge gap with everyone else. How can there be such a distance between him and everyone? He’s attentive to all big and small details and is in complete control of the situation. This plan is a perfectly superior economic system. With Red Queen in the picture, I’m afraid that this might really just accelerate things into the communist era.”

“Everyone’s a human being. How is it possible for there to be such a huge gap? He is younger than a certain someone by ten years and yet he’s someone who is attentive to all big and small details and is in complete control of the situation. He is no doubt a model for being the perfect main character who is at god-level. With the existence of this young man, humankind might really have a chance against the Upper Realm,” Sir System gave a tit-for-tat response.

Come on, let us just hurt each other!

Fang Ning clenched his teeth as Sir System would not back down.

“Goodwill, let’s have goodwill. Let’s not turn against each other.” Fang Ning had to concede.

“Oh, you think you actually have the capacity to turn against me?” Sir System was delighted at winning this round.

Fang Ning had to find an excuse to get out of the situation and change the topic. “A good man shall not fight the System. Okay, it looks like this guy is not someone without a direction and has proper planning, so we don’t need to be interfering much. Let’s just be an observer from the outside and supervise from afar, just to make sure that they don’t get too extreme with their plans. Moderation is key.”

“I agree, these are the definitely the words of a proper host,” Sir System agreed.

Fang Ning was too lazy to bother with this second-rate good and called for Black Dog. Immediately after, a man and a dog appeared outside, high up in the air.

“Black Dog, you’ll be in charge of supervising this organization. Report their activities when it is necessary,” Fang Ning instructed.

Black Dog looked unwilling. “Master, I have some trouble with my recent love life. My significant other, little miss Spirit Fox and I seem to have come to a disagreement. I would really need some time to immediately resolve this with her. At this point, it’s not convenient for me to take up a long-term mission.”

“Oh, is that so?” Fang Ning went into deep thought.

Then, he turned to Sir System and said, “What should we do? Do you have a solution for this?”

“It can’t be any simpler. Regarding matters of the heart, my advice would always be to break-up…” Sir System asserted.

“Wow, it’s really stupid of me to even think about asking you this question,” Fang Ning said resentfully.

“This is the most effective way of taking care of relationship problems. A break-up will solve all problems. This solution is certified by the System, with absolutely no fabrication in this statement,” Sir System said indignantly.

“Who would believe you?” Fang Ning decided to ignore the solution of this second-rate good. He turned to Black Dog and gently said, “How about this? Let me explain this mission to White Fox and let the both of you handle it together. This way, you will have the opportunity to get to know each other better by working on this mission together. You can seek common ground while putting your differences aside and achieve harmony with each other.”

“Thank you for your support, Master.” Black Dog got teary-eyed. A master as good as this was hard to come by.

However, it would not have had the courage to mention this to its previous masters as well. They would demand its mission to be completed even if it was facing difficulty. If there were no difficulties, it would demand it to give 200% to its work.

Fang Ning was true to his words and very quickly, he gave the news to White Fox.

Not long after, the other gave a reply and accepted the responsibility with relish. Obviously, it was very willing to give help to this tall, rich and handsome fellow.

These are demons, after all. They did not have the privilege of having so much liberty as humans did. As the leader of the Spirit Fox Clan, White Fox definitely had more controlling rights than the regular spirit fox.

However, spirit foxes were rare, and they were very friendly with each other, unlike other more vicious demonkind. Otherwise, female demons would have long been offered to the Dragon God as a means of getting on his good side.

Fang Ning left without worry after he gave instructions to Black Dog and personally brought his significant other, White Fox, over.

He did not even have time to take a rest after returning to his farm villa in Qi City before Ren Ruofeng had sent over an invitation for a “Gathering for the Alliance of Good Gods”.

Fang Ning read the invite and was bewildered for a moment. Then, he remembered this organization had an Offensive Guard Alliance. Sir System had always enjoyed the gifts of others every year.

Hence, it was difficult to reject the invite because of this. Fang Ning noted the time and location, and immediately flew over.

Not long after, a group of people had already gathered on the Caribbean island of the Spiritual Insect Realm.

The attendees included the Bodhisattva Spirit King, Fawang, River God, Monastery Master Ma, Tian Zhu, and others…

The host of the gathering was none other than Ren Ruofeng and his team from the Truth Department.

There were around 11 people, all of whom had the power of at least Sea-level.

This was especially so for Monastery Master Ma, who had not been seen for quite a while. He actually had a breakthrough and made the jump from being a Lake-level powerhouse to a Sea-level supreme.

Fang Ning had no idea what sort of medication he took to be able to increase his ability so quickly. Though he was sure of one thing — it definitely involved something that had to do with Ma Ping’s death. Anger was a factor for moving forward.

Fang Ning could not help but feel a strain of pressure while watching all these powerhouses. Meanwhile, other people were making rapid improvements.

“Venerable One, humans are currently making many changes. As a member of the Alliance of Good Gods, I would like everyone and the Dragon God to gather in order for me to request for all of you to help supervise these young people to prevent them from making mistakes and creating big trouble,” Ren Ruofeng said seriously.

Fang Ning nodded at his words and said, “Oh, I have already given instructions for this. Black dog and its companion will be supervising them together. If they so much as cross the line, I will naturally interfere. Other than that, I will not simply take action.”

Ren Ruofeng gave a sigh of relief at the words. He had said those words on purpose because the main reason was not to get the Dragon God to supervise, but to find out his attitude towards this matter.

As the strongest among all the powerhouses, the Dragon God’s stand was the most important. Now that he has given his stance on things, there would be no reason for the others to provide a different take on the matter.

Just as he had thought, the other Sea-level powerhouses gave similar opinions after listening to the words of the Venerable Dragon God.

The consensus was to maintain a neutral stance as an observer unless these people had crossed the line and conducted a sin that goes against Heaven’s rules.

Ren Ruofeng smiled and said upon confirming their neutral stand, “Thank you, Venerable One, for your righteous understanding of this situation. When the human integration plan is complete, everyone’s offering will definitely increase by tenfold. When that happens, please do not reject it as we will be relying very much on everyone in the future.”

“You are too kind, Mr. Ren,” Fang Ning said casually. He had now confirmed the Truth Department’s support for those people, but it was normal. The most powerful of humans would be the biggest beneficiaries of the establishment of the Union of Humankind.

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Much like the formation of the United Nations, the USA initially had the most to gain by using it as a platform. As the other countries started to develop and the USA began to lose its edge, they started to conduct their activities without involving the United Nations.