Chapter 950 - Resistance

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Chapter 950: Resistance

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Ren Ruofeng took his leave after confirming the neutral stance of all these Sea-level powerhouses and left some time and space for the others.

The others, of course, would not have left the gathering immediately. Instead, they took the opportunity to interact with each other.

“Venerable One, would you know when would be the next timing for opening the Divine Gate?” Monastery Master Ma suddenly walked over and asked respectfully.

He had been there the last time but he had sort of been a third wheel throughout the journey in World of Deadly Souls.

Fang Ning was slightly taken aback but immediately understood what Old Master Ma was thinking. He must be wanting to enter the new world in order to search for resurrection tools.

Fang Ning hurriedly summoned the green-skinned frog within the System Space to question it about this matter.

The green-skinned frog batted its large eyeballs and said, “Axiom Daddy had said before, that he will try his best to open it regularly. The next time it opens would be one month later. The benefits are high but so are the risks. However, it could be solved with the Death Substitute Technique.”

“What does that mean?” Fang Ning asked bewilderedly.

The green-skinned frog looked around before secretly saying, “Master, the Death Substitute Technique is a process much like being indoctrinated in the novel?“Investiture of the Gods”?1?. After entering that world, there will be a death quota. As long as the death quota is filled, the safety of the rest of the people will be greatly enhanced. One will be able to come and leave as they please. I’m telling this to you first for your safety, master. Don’t tell anybody else.”

Sir System became resentful after hearing its words. “This stupid frog’s eyes must be quite blind to actually be so nice to you. Doesn’t it know who’s the real person in charge here?”

“Oh, hohoho. This is because help comes to those who are virtuous.” Fang Ning smiled delightedly.

“That’s easy, just bring a few malevolent spirits with you to use during the Summoning Ritual,” suggested Fang Ning.

“Stop that thought. It took me a lot of effort to nurture those malevolent spirits. I can’t just kill them so easily.” Sir System was not about to take in Fang Ning’s suggestion.

“There’s one more month anyway, let’s think about this then.” Fang Ning was too lazy to care.

Everyone’s eyes brightened at the words, except for Bodhisattva, who maintained a calm expression.

One would be able to gain Heavenly Merits for nothing as long as they stayed alive after they had finished their mission. Locals were still fuzzy about this, but those from the Upper Realm were very aware of the importance of merits.

Saints would need to give a valid reason to strip one of their merits before even touching anyone who possessed merit. They would not be allowed to kill anyone like those main characters who decisively kill someone with one move.

This meant that all one needs to do is be a little humble and submissive, and there would be no need to fear those saints and Buddhas.

This was also one of the reasons why these gods, saints, deities, and Buddhas were always in pursuit of merit. With merit, there was more weight in their words which in turn gave them a sense of carefreeness.

Everyone suddenly felt that this gathering was in vain. This news alone was priceless.

This was how powerful this circle of people was. All it took was one casual sentence to determine life or death, or where the opportunity for attaining illumination was.

After a few days, in New Delhi, India.

“Please pay attention, everybody. Please pay attention…”

“You need to get to the location with the guidance of God in order to receive His decree.”

“I repeat, this is not a drill, this is not a drill.”

“Everyone will be entering the Kingdom of God. You will have everything you’ve ever dreamt of.”

“Everyone of you will only have ten days. Those who exceed ten days will be rejected and viewed as traitors of mankind. You will be abandoned by God and forced to live in the wilds.”

A few streams of red light shot down from the sky and onto the streets, pointing towards different directions.

Many were bewildered, but even more of them bowed on the ground upon hearing the voice.

Lahar, a street rat who was different from these simple, honest people, knew that this could be an opportunity for him.

He pushed through the crowd without a care if he was stomping on someone else. He simply followed a stream of red light and ran towards the front.

The breathless Lahar saw a pavilion by the roadside after less than five minutes of running.

There were two young men standing in the pavilion. One was darker and the other was fairer. Both had the unique tell of a cultivator…

It was the confidence of the strong — very similar to leaders of street gangs he had seen before.

He instinctively raised both hands in the air and said, “I’m here to accept God’s decree.”

The two young men looked at him coldly. One of them took out a syringe from a medical box. The syringe was filled with blue medicinal liquid.

This blue liquid looked very much like some mysterious medicine from a science fiction movie.

“Come over and lie down,” the man with the syringe told him coldly.

Lahar laid down without fuss and got a jab on his backside.

Not long after, the cold voice said something again; except this time, it came from within his body, “The Biological Management Chip has been implemented, the all-purpose bacteria has been activated. His thoughts are in the middle of being retrieved…”

“Warning, this organism has been detected to have committed serious crimes. He has committed ten cases of robbery and took part in vicious bullying three times. Please make your judgment, executors.”

“Termination,” the other man replied coldly.

“What?” Lahar got up immediately and made a dash out from the place.

People like him tend to bully the weak and fear the strong. He would never dare to lay a finger on these two cultivators. The only people he would lay his hands on were innocent foreign tourists or local girls who were too weak to fight back…

“Trash. How would a trash like this think they can make it into the Kingdom of God?” Behind him, one man said to another.

“Hmph, there will always be ignorant people like this. Only when trash like these are cleared will mankind have a future,” the inoculator said casually.

While the two were conversing, the legs of Lahar who was in the midst of running started to turn into green goop as he fell to the ground, becoming part of the nutrients for the earth.

Similar situations continued to happen in New York, London, Paris, Cairo…

Some people had tried to resist but it was destined to be a pointless struggle. These God’s missionaries have long come to a consensus and have gotten the silent approval of their upper management.

In this Era of Shenyuan, the power of normal people was far too weak.

They could have used guns and other weapons to put up a fight in the past. However, now, any Pond-level powerhouse could easily destroy them unless they had a powerful weapon. Yet any truly powerful weapon would be in the hands of high-level organizations.

These high-level organizations were also in a strange neutral situation.

Regardless of Europe or the USA, these countries with high-end weaponry and power did not make any attempt to resist. In fact, they were giving full cooperation.

The difference would just be the method of promotion.

“It’s the sanctuary of the new era. To be eligible, you should not have done any past harm to people and are official citizens…”

“Those who have decided not to get injected with the Biological Management Chip after the duration of ten days would forever lose the qualification to get into the refuge and will only be able to live in the wilds. We would suggest for these people to immediately purchase professional books such as ‘The Wilderness Survival Guide’ and ‘The Legend of Bear Grylls’”.

Western-style publicity played with humor, much unlike how it was promoted in India.

A normal family was having a conversation in a European styled wooden house in America.

“Delphi, are we going to that sanctuary?” A middle-aged Caucasian woman was talking to her husband.

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“Of course, we are. I don’t have the confidence for wilderness survival. Even the movies are saying that we can survive only in the sanctuary during Armageddon,” a fat middle-aged Caucasian man replied.

“Okay then, but David doesn’t seem too willing to go, especially when we have to be injected with some sort of management chip,” the Caucasian woman said worriedly.

“That’s true. We’ll have to figure out a way to convince him. If all he wants is freedom, I’m afraid we would never see him again,” the Caucasian man said in pain.

People of a certain age were aware of how hard it was to survive within society. They have learned how to be agreeable and submissive, even if they were Americans.

Those who have just stepped out into society, on the other hand, were children who were still immersed in the belief of working towards their dreams. They would not hand over their future so easily.

This was especially so with the thought of a ‘management chip’, which was easily associated with suppression. Every science fiction movie involving alien imprisonment had shown that this was the way they controlled their slaves.

The young people in this new era were the source of success in the implementation of this plan; at the same time, they were also the biggest resistance.