Chapter 952 - Grain Reserves

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Chapter 952: Grain Reserves

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Ten days later, in the Land of Heritage, at the level where the Red Queen was.

“Chief, the latest statistics show that 99.9999% of people have accepted the injection of the management chip. There are still 2,323 million three thousand and thirty-two people who have yet to accept the injection after we minus the 30 million Pond-level and above cultivators.”

Xu Rui nodded in satisfaction. The all-purpose bacteria were truly terrifying. This was bacteria that could be reprogramed, and professionals had rewritten the codes to transform them into management chips. They contain AI properties and had the ability to network with the Red Queen. They could populate via fissiparity rapidly, similar to normal bacteria which could result in an exponentially shocking result.

This was why billions of chips could be produced in such a short time, such that one would be able to have as many as they wanted.

“This is exactly like a plugin and the biggest attraction of the Era of Mystery. As long as luck is on my side, life is like a cheat code. I’ll get snake eyes anytime I want in a game of craps,” he opened his arms and said to Red Queen’s Array Computers.

Even though he could not see the programmers’ souls circling every computer, it did not deter his mood to gush with delight.

Very soon, he would be the top among men, he could even be a god or even the god of all gods.

The Red Queen did not respond to his exclamation but robotically said to him, “Chief, the next plan of execution would be the Vitality Node Utilization Plan. There are a total of 13 million four thousand seven hundred and seventy-eight vitality nodes. We would need to establish a vitality network to centralize all supplies and get them to the Land of Heritage as well as the herb planting base to try and increase vitality concentration. This will realize the intensification development and avoid unnecessary waste.”

“Yes, let me know what resources you would need for this plan of execution,” Xu Rui felt a tinge of boredom at the words. It was unfortunate that he had no way of showing off to anyone.

“There is a need for top talents in formation, such as Ren Ruofeng, Ma Futian… We would also need the cooperation of the organizations of power in every country.”

“There is no need to worry about the organizations of power globally. They have already been infiltrated by God’s Missionaries in important roles. Every God’s Missionary will listen to our instructions…”

At that moment under the array of computers, within the cement-irrigated floorboards hid a black dog. It was listening intently with its pair of doggy ears.

It did not miss anything from Xu Rui’s secret conversation.

Fang Ning finished reading Black Dog’s secret report which answered many questions in his mind. This was the true reason as to why the world’s organizations of power had given their complete cooperation.

However, something stood out from Black Dog’s report. Every time Xu Rui was about to go into deeper detail, he would make a sudden stop, as if something had held him back from saying too much.

“God’s Missionaries? Looks like the Upper Realm Gods have given them lots to gain from. We can do something about demons and devils bewitching the people, but if they are greedy enough to be hooked on their own free will, then there’s really nothing we can do. These gods are really cunning. Fail with one plan and they come up with another that hits us right where it hurts. We can destroy devils, but we can’t simply take down someone powerful in the mortal world.” Fang Ning smiled bitterly.

“What would the gods gain by doing this?” Sir System was bewildered.

Fang Ning took the opportunity to lecture it, “Just look at you, always so na?ve. There is much to gain from this, of course. The humans are being rounded up right now. If there was a cultivator who is able to attain God-level powers, do you think the gods will fear him? It would be just the opposite. This would be an oligopoly, which makes the situation much easier to negotiate for monopolization. Just like years spent resisting Japanese aggression. Those who died fighting for resistance were the common people who truly suffered. Only a few tycoons were busy selling out the country, making money on the country’s suffering.”

“Oh, I see. Those Upper Realm Gods are unable to interfere with us, so they are nurturing a local puppet god from among the people. This way, they will be able to conspire from both sides of the fence and share Earth’s wealth.” Sir System realized.

“That’s exactly it. Their relationship is just like the imperialists and their colonized lands. However, they may be able to fool the common people, but they can’t escape from the sharp eyes of our Master Fang,” Fang Ning said delightedly.

“Now that you know, what can you do? How about beating all of them to death?” Sir System suddenly said with excitement.

“Stop being so violent. We talk about love and justice every day, why can’t you listen even just a little bit? No one would listen to us now. We’ll just wait until they reveal their true faces before exposing the truth,” Fang Ning said righteously.

“So, what do we do now?” Sir System was bewildered.

“Same old, same old. Heighten our fortifications, fatten our provisions and adjourn the King’s coronation. To prevent future danger, I’d like to first ask you, what is the situation like with your malevolent spirit grains reserve? Report to Master Fang,” Fang Ning asserted.

“There are only three S level malevolent spirits. They are at the peak of Lake-level. The others are little spirits that are still being nurtured and not worth a mention,” Sir System reported resentfully.

“That’s really stingy. There are now 11 Sea-level powerhouses and you are yet to nurture Sea=level malevolent spirits?” Fang Ning said condescendingly.

“That can’t be helped, I’m really poor. Although, you are poorer than I am, so I can’t really ask you to sponsor anything for me,” Sir System replied honestly.

“Your truth really hurts. I’m poor thanks to you, squeezing everything out from me. Let me think about what to do.” Fang Ning walked around in the System’s Cyber Café and started to think.

After a while, he had an epiphany. “I got it. Since Xu Rui claims that they are able to make use of the vitality nodes, we can do the same thing too. The Heavenly Axiom in Morality City can convert Yin Energy. It’s just that vitality was previously limited, so we weren’t able to increase too much. If we were to emulate the formation they researched, we can also store vast amounts of vitality within Morality City.”

“Urm, it’s not very nice to openly fight for it, is it? I’m still a hero System, after all.” Sir System was actually hesitant.

“Who said anything about fighting openly for it? We’ll just use the Heavenly Axiom’s merits to make an exchange with them. I’ve figured this out anyway. It’s just like what you said, this is an IOU from the Heavenly Axiom, why not just use it?” Fang Ning was adamant.

Sir System agreed and said, “This is great. Unfortunately, Black Robe and his people are able to convert vitality naturally and we don’t know when we would see the results. Their team had just moved into Morality City, why not send some extra help to them?”

“Oh, is that so?”Fang Ning hit himself on the head and made a decision. “Then we shouldn’t send anyone in case they suspect us of having an agenda. Once their research is complete, we would be able to use it anyways. That Monk Zhi Nan is quite easy to discuss with.”

“Then we’ll forget about it. I’ll check with Elder Gui Da to find out if they have any supreme malevolent spirits in storage,” Sir System said unhappily.

“Wait a minute, speaking of malevolent spirits, I know just the person to supply them.” Fang Ning had an idea.

“That person is much closer than you think.”

“Um, Mr. Rich Boss, when did you become so rich? Aren’t you most afraid of spirits?” Sir System was surprised.

“Get out of here, I don’t share your pervert hobby of keeping spirits. I’m talking about Death.”

“Oh, him. Why didn’t I think of him?” Sir System said with chagrin.

“How many times would you have admitted to being stupid? I’ll go look for him now.” Fang Ning excused himself and walked towards the System Hotel.

“They’re at the hotel’s entertainment room on the second floor,” Sir System reminded him.

Fang Ning arrived at the System Hotel and walked up to the second floor. He lifted his head the moment he arrived at the entrance of the entertainment room, he saw Black Pot and Black Water playing a game of Go in front of a gigantic chessboard.

“Oh, they know how to play Go? I wonder how these two would fare against the Nth version of AlphaGo?” Fang Ning commented curiously.

“These two would be nothing against it. Hurry up and ask the important question.” Sir System was impatient.

“Look at you, he is a god after all. Could you just give him some respect? Let’s wait until they are finished,” Fang Ning might be the lowest level player at 18k level, but he was still able to tell how the game was going and who would win and lose.

He took a look and was shocked. This was not the standard 19×19 chessboard used on earth but 365×365…

Those who knew the game would understand the huge gap between them. One would definitely say that watching the gods play Go was a terrifying experience…

“AlphaGo’s calculation skills would definitely not be able to catch up, the gap is too big,” Fang Ning said in shock.

“Nonsense, AlphaGo is a Go player. These two are playing?Gomoku?1?, open up your doggy eyes and look clearer,” Sir System said condescendingly.

Fang Ning took a careful look and realized Sir System was right. These two gods were indeed playing Gomoku.

“Um, Mr. Death, Mr. Culinary God, is this Gomoku fun to play?” Fang Ning had wasted his time admiring both for nothing and was feeling depressed, so he interrupted them on the spot.

“Oh, it’s not too bad. At least we won’t be letting our brains go to waste and have a simple game. Is there anything we can help you with?” Black Water asked casually.

“I’m indeed here with an agenda. I have something to ask. I was wondering if Mr. Death is aware of which location in the Upper Realm has the most malevolent spirits?” Fang Ning asked directly.

“Hoho, you’ve come to the right person. It was supposed to be the World of Deadly Souls that had the most of them but since it’s not destroyed, only the World of Spirits and Souls is left,” Black Water smiled as he said.

“How does one enter it?”

“Hoho, once you enter the existence of the World of Deadly Souls, you’ll find the way of entry,” Death answered in a straightforward manner.

“Thank you, do continue with your game.”

“Thank you, we won’t be seeing you out then.”