Chapter 953 - System And Host Rely On Heavenly Axiom to Maintain Their Friendship

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Chapter 953: System And Host Rely On Heavenly Axiom to Maintain Their Friendship

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Fang Ning summoned the green-skinned frog after exiting the System Hotel.

The green-skinned frog jumped out and blinked its large eyes as it said, “Master, don’t worry. It might be a dangerous journey but there are a lot of stupid people on Earth. Just bring as many of them with you as death substitutes.”

It looked like this was not a kind frog. Just give it a thought, how could something kind emerge from the Heavenly Axiom’s creation? Kindness is a concept that appeared after civilization.

However, it was loyal to the core. While thinking, Fang Ning asked, “Let’s not talk about that first. Let me ask you, that stairway to heaven that connects to Earth, can it be modified?”

“Yes, but you would need to use some Heavenly Axiom merits…” the green-skinned frog answered readily.

“See, Sir System, isn’t the Heavenly Axiom merit exactly like issuing an IOU?” Fang Ning said happily.

“Hmph, there isn’t much different from an IOU. Everything is fake, you can’t even exchange it for artifacts and treasures,” Sir System said resentfully.

“That’s wishful thinking…” Fang Ning snorted at him and turned towards the green-skinned frog.

“Can you ask how much would we need to use in order to change the location of the Divine Gate event?”

The green-skinned frog was stunned at the words, but his eyes froze. It was a while before he replied, “Heavenly Axiom Daddy said that it needs thirty thousand merits.”

“What? I’ve only saved sixty-five thousand Heavenly Axiom merits! How dare it be so ruthless with its ways. Tell it that I’ll give three hundred at the most and nothing more!” Sir System was writhing with rage.

The sound of rage echoed throughout the System Space.

The green-skinned frog trembled and covered his head with its short little legs. Fang Ning felt distressed for it.

This frog must be thinking about the time he got beaten up by Sir System. Sir System was nothing like him and had a ruthless hand.

From the first time they met, Fang Ning was well aware that it was a system that would not think twice about killing…

“It’s not even the doing of the little frog, why lose your temper? Don’t be scared little frog, with your master is here, it won’t do anything to you. Just have another good talk with the Heavenly Axiom,” Fang Ning patted the green-skinned frog’s head.

The green-skinned frog recovered from its terror and waited a while before replying, “I can’t, master. Heavenly Axiom Daddy is pretty determined this time.”

“Damn it, how dare it hold me by the throat!” Sir System’s rage intensified.

“There isn’t much choice. Every dog has its day. The last time when you sold it Mars’ nuclear core, you did the exact same thing.” Fang Ning was much more relaxed about this.

Before attempting to beat up someone, one should always think about if they would get beaten up in return. Never be like a certain someone who grumbles after being beaten up.

“Whose side are you on? I quoted a ruthless price at the time, but I didn’t say there was no room for discussion.” Sir System was exasperated.

“I stand on the side of fairness and justice. You don’t pay me anyway, and you bully me on a daily basis. You won’t even give me a bubble reputation.” Fang Ning was adamant.

Sir System immediately felt a sense of guilt and said, “Then I won’t bully you in the future, I’ll even give you a bubble reputation. Just help me think of something, we can’t continue allowing that second-rate Heavenly Axiom to bully us.”

“Hahahaha, you’ve finally admitted to losing. Let me give it a thought.” Fang Ning laughed in delight.

Both System and host relied on the Heavenly Axiom to maintain their friendship. If it was not for a common enemy, there would always be fights within. This was an undeniable truth.

“Have a good thinking session… Should I help by eating two Honey-flavored pills to nourish your brain?” Sir System attempted flattery.

“Stop this, I’m already sick with eating it,” Fang Ning gave a wave of his hand and went deep in thought.

After quite a while, he slowly said, “The Heavenly Axiom is suddenly demanding an exorbitant price and wants half of our merit reserves. From what I see, there would be two reasonings to this.”

“Tell me, quick,” Sir System pushed.

“First, it thinks that it has the advantage of monopolizing the technique, assuming that no one else can enter the World of Deadly Souls.”

“Second reason?” Sir System quickly asked.

Fang Ning’s face darkened, his tone was cold. “The second reason is… We are no longer as important to it as compared to before. This is because of the sudden emergence of new power, the Two Element Society. They will be able to nurture a god-level powerhouse that would match our power.”

“Damn it, I could only think of the first reason, I haven’t figured out the second reason. If it wasn’t for my hard work, how could it get through its crisis period? The Earth would have experienced Armageddon long ago! It has the audacity to ignore our past credits! It is obviously burning bridges!” Sir System was aggrieved.

“Hmph, anyone who’s moved up the ladder would act that way. If they don’t burn any bridges, they won’t be qualified to move up the ladder. There’s no other like me, someone who values comradeship, is tender-hearted and cherishes the past,” Fang Ning said as he shook his head.

Sir System stayed quiet for a long time; this had obviously made him extremely upset.

Fang Ning did not say anything either. Right at that moment, the System Space descended into silence. All that could be heard was the crackling fire in the alchemy lab and the sound of clanking metal in the blacksmith’s forge.

After a while, Fang Ning’s eyes brightened and said confidently, “I have a plan. You need to move that research project on vitality conversion into the Draconic Arcane Realm, don’t leave it in Morality City.”

“Why is that?” Sir System was bewildered.

“Hmph, it’s not safe there. After this is done, stay away from Earth for a few days. You can go to Zhi Nan’s planet for exploration or study and leave the rest to me.”

Space, on a planet 600 light-years away from Earth.

Half a month had passed since the last time they were there, there were even bigger changes this time.

There were large red and green algae on the ocean, one could even see some insects jumping on the waters.

The whole planet had formed life that could be seen from space.

It was indeed different if someone was in control — the speed of evolution was thousands of time faster than nature’s evolution.

Actually, natural evolution did not mean that it would be perfect. In fact, it was the complete opposite. There were many places of pure nature that basically were not fit for human survival.

These environments were modified by humans before becoming suitable to live in. Of course, over modification was also another problem.

“Not bad, this is like Earth No.2, like a piece of white paper ready to be drawn on. The future development here would be much better than Earth. The student surpasses the master,” Fang Ning praised Monk Zhi Nan sincerely.

“Hoho, the Venerable One is too humble. Earth has been developing for billions of years and possesses a deep foundation. No matter how much better nature conditions are here, it would still be a moat of difference in comparison,” Zhi Nan said as he shook his head.

“Earth may be good but too bad its leaders had become too arrogant after experiencing minor successes. They are content with small riches and lack ambition, they even get jealous of talents and abilities, much like the near-dying Upper Realm. Compared to this place, one can already feel energized enough to move upward. That is the most important factor,” Fang Ning said in all seriousness.

Black Robe, who was following behind, was stunned at the words. He could not help but think, ‘do you really believe your own words?’

The biggest leader in the world right now would be you, Vigilante A.

Zhi Nan only smiled and said no more.

Fang Ning secretly said to Sir System, “Pass the visuals we took just now to Anderson when you get back. Tell him to edit it and turn it over to Cang Gongzi as a promotional film for Morality City. It should warn people to abstain from pride and impatience, they must maintain a humble and careful demeanor, always be assertive.”

Sir System was bewildered at this. “What’s the point of this?”

“If you’d like to know the meaning behind this, just flip through old news of international history and you will understand.” Fang Ning could not be bothered to explain.

“I don’t understand and I don’t want to flip through them,” Sir System rejected directly.

One day later, System Space.

The green-skinned frog suddenly jumped out and said in surprise, “Heavenly Axiom Daddy just informed me that three hundred Heavenly Axiom merits would be enough.”

Sir System was even more surprised. “What? Mr. Rich Boss, what exactly did you do? I’m just a na?ve, honest System. I really not understanding what’s going on.”

“Are you pretending to be silly? This was the most simple hint. It’s a hint, do you understand?” Fang Ning replied bad-naturedly.

“I understand. This is ingenious, really ingenious.” Sir System was really impressed.

“Sure, continue pretending. I don’t believe that you can’t understand this little trick. It’s just that there won’t be any effect if you were the one that planned it since the Heavenly Axiom is not aware of your existence,” Fang Ning said condescendingly.

“Oh, I really don’t understand. You humans have too many tricks up your sleeves. All I have are 13 system threads working simultaneously for 24 hours, and even that isn’t enough,” Sir System said resentfully.

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“As if I’d believe you,” Fang Ning mumbled. He would not be easily tricked now.