Chapter 954 - Favored by the Heavens

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Chapter 954: Favored by the Heavens

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Time and tide wait for no man. In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed.

On this day, the green-skinned frog hopped out before notifying Fang Ning.

“Master, it is time to open the Divine Gate.”

“Oh, it seems like I’m going to have to make a big deal out of things again. It’ll be tiring serving so many people…” Fang Ning sighed.

Although he enjoyed being pretentious on grand occasions, he was sick of doing it so often. After all, he still liked staying at home and fooling around the most.

The green-skinned frog was stunned when it heard that. It did not respond for quite a while.

After that, it said attentively, “Master, you actually don’t have to make a big deal out of it. Axiom Daddy said that for the sake of efficiency, he will notify us about the people who are qualified to enter by setting up a point-to-point connection, there’s no need to broadcast it anymore. You just have to determine the location to open the gate.”

“That’s great. After all, we are in the modern era now and efficiency is everything.” Fang Ning was satisfied.

“Is that so? Then you can be a one-minute wonder, would that be efficient as well?” Sir System suddenly said.

“You, how could you be so dirty-minded?” Fang Ning was flustered and exasperated. “You’re a chivalrous system so mind your language!”

“Oh, I merely imitated the phrase from the internet. Why are you so angry? You’ve frightened me…” Sir System was confused.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless and did not bother to talk nonsense with the System any longer. Instead, he said to the frog, “If that’s the case, there’s no need to travel a long distance. I’ll just set my backyard as the location and the time will be 8 o’clock tonight.”

Shortly after 8 o’clock that evening, a huge golden gate emerged in the spacious backyard of the villa. Behind the gate, black fog shrouded the landscape, making it impossible to see anything clearly.

As the villa was surrounded by a formation, nobody noticed the conspicuous movement at all.

Soon after the golden gate appeared, a crowd descended from the sky.

They looked as if they had been waiting around for a very long time and were just waiting for the right moment to show up. It even seemed like they did not appear sooner because they did not want to disrupt Dragon God from cultivating.

‘They’re quite tactful after all,’ Fang Ning thought to himself and that put him in a better mood. Although the Heavenly Axiom burned its bridges as it crossed them, Vigilante A’s reputation that had been accumulating over these past four years was still thunder to the ears of common Cultivators.

Just as Fang Ning was about to speak, somebody interrupted.

“Venerable One, according to the Heavenly Axiom, the Divine Gate is only opened to a limited number of people. The difficulty level is extremely high so I can’t help but feel anxious. Although I’ve been graced by the heavens, I am well aware of my capabilities. Even though there are several ways to test this, there might still be some omissions. Now that the situation’s critical, I hope that the Venerable One can help assess things so I won’t disgrace the human race. That way, we can also learn our own shortcomings.”

Fang Ning leveled his gaze and saw a young man with an unfamiliar but decent-looking face. He looked valiant and vigorous, and his eyes were lively and bright. There was a trace of stubbornness and arrogance behind his humble and polite attitude as well.

“What do you mean unfamiliar?” Sir System said contemptuously, “He’s one of the four hounds-in-command from Dualist Society. His first name is Li and his last name is He. His nickname is Miracle. Didn’t you read the report that Black Dog submitted?”

“I did, but it’s good enough as long as you remember. Why should I be mindful of him?” Fang Ning asserted eloquently, “I have to use my brain to think about the bigger picture.”

“You’re using the bigger picture against me again,” Sir System said bitterly.

“Cut the crap, it’s your turn to act on it. He’s just pretending, he only wants to test our strength. It seems like some people are very eager. If he wants to be slapped in the face, then do as he wishes. Remember to be quick and agile,” Fang Ning instructed.

[The System seized the body of the Host.]

Later on, Vigilante A said flatly, “Well, then, I’ll give you some pointers.”

Others stood idly by while watching the scene.

Everything he said seemed reasonable and just, but anyone with a discerning eye could see his real intentions. However, no one dared to say anything.

The human race did not say anything, the other races had no scruples about it as well. After all, they knew that Vigilante A would never put someone to death for what they said unless someone reprimanded him to his face.

“This young human is pretty brave. The ones who went up against Dragon God, I don’t think any of them survived,” a powerhouse from the demon race said discreetly.

“Hmph, he’s just talking big to impress the crowd. It’s not a disgrace to be defeated by Dragon God. However, if he can win just one move or a half out of all the moves they exchange, he would make a name for himself, or even be favored by the heavens more. He might even take away the rights to open the Divine Gate…” a huge ghost sneered.

“If he dares to strike, I believe there must be something extraordinary about him. If the Dragon God is careless…” said another before trailing off in the middle of their sentence.

If they went on, they might offend Vigilante A, and they were not that foolish.

At this time, He Li was already holding his breath and focusing his gaze. He covered his right fist with his left hand, and said in a respectful manner, “I’m going to make the first move, please forgive me if I have offended you.”

“Very well, very well,” Vigilante A said while keeping a straight face.

He Li moved his right arm backward, and just when he wanted to strike, he saw a ray of bright light flash across Vigilante A’s eyes. He was caught off guard and immediately fell flat on his face!

Vigilante A did not bother to look at him. Instead, he turned around and said to the crowd, “Alright, let’s not waste any time. Let’s go.”

Then, he took the lead and walked through the golden gate.

The crowd looked at each other in astonishment. No one knew how this courageous young man fell down.

“Great Azure Dragon’s combat skill has already advanced to that level? He can just knock someone down with a gaze?” Chong Daqing widened its eyes and asked the question that everyone was curious about.

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“If I’m not mistaken, the Venerable One used some kind of psychic deterrent force. Although his cultivation base is not weak and he practiced celestial arts, his mental cultivation base was feeble so he can’t even take a minor blow. He needs to cut out his rashness and arrogance, he can only progress if he maintains a modest and prudent attitude,” Bodhisattva Spirit King said before he stretched his hands out to draw a beam of green light which hovered over He Li’s head.

He Li, who was collapsed on the floor just before, could finally move his body after being surrounded by the green light. His face was an expression of fear. It was apparent that he was not fit to enter the Divine Gate since he could not even pass the first hurdle, which was the test of his mental cultivation base.

The crowd was glad that they were not the ones who had taken the lead.

“A loss can sometimes be a blessing in disguise,” said Tianjing Fawang after witnessing the situation before he followed the crowd into the Stairway to Heaven.

After a majority of the crowd had walked through the Divine Gate, a few young people were the only ones left. They had different skin colors; it seemed like they came from different parts of the world.

Some of them went to help He Li up, while the rest were shaking their heads and talking about what had just occurred.

“It seems like the distance between you and the strongest being is still unimaginably far apart. Da Li, miracles didn’t happen this time around after all,” someone said with a sigh.

“Hmph, if it were you, you would’ve ended up the same. Just like what the bodhisattva said, our mental cultivation base needs to be on par with him to be able to fight against him. Otherwise, we won’t stand a chance no matter how many people we have on our side,” He Li said furiously.

“Don’t worry. We’re favored by the heavens, our cultivation base will advance at a tremendous pace. I believe that we’ll be able to catch up to him in a few years’ time. It’s a bit too soon to test his strength now. He’s a lone ranger, while we have all the resources of the world in our hands, so who’s to say we won’t catch up to him?” someone said in extreme confidence.

“You have a point. We shall wait and see,” a few people said to each other while walking towards the Divine Gate.

“I won’t walk through the gate this time, but please return with my share,” He Li said.

“Rest assured that we’ll earn until our buckets are full.”

“That’s right. We’re men that are favored by the heavens after all.”

The group of people laughed as they walked past the Divine Gate and into the black fog.

He Li looked at them with envious eyes, then he walked to the side and started meditating.

He could not believe that he was defeated by a gaze. He swore to catch up to Dragon God’s level so that he could turn the tables in his favor…