Chapter 955 - Human Skulls Were Gifted

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Chapter 955: Human Skulls Were Gifted

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Fang Ning waited for a while and looked through System View, and then he retreated to the blacksmith’s forge.

Unfortunately, the golden sword that he used to embolden himself was given to Devil Vigilante Nan Feng. Now that he had nothing to rely on, he regretted giving it away.

“Don’t be afraid. I have the Divine Monument to protect me, and the Earthly Monument to back me up. I’m not scared of any demons or ghosts,” Fang Ning said while trembling.

“Do you even believe what you’ve just said?” Sir System said in a disdainful tone.

Fang Ning turned his head around and did not respond.

Vigilante A was roaming around in Human Skull Mound with ease. The place gave off an eerie and sinister vibe, but to him it was just like wandering in his back garden.

It was a wide cemetery, and the graves were not made of loess, but it was built from white skulls. The gravestones were not made of stones or wood, but of human skin nailed to the bones that were flapping along with the wind.

On the human skin, were black and white portraits sketched on it, with names and biographical notes written in simplified Chinese.

The skin varied in color and texture. Some were black as iron, some were bronze, some were silver, some were gold, and some were even transparent like a diamond!

One of the gold human skin was sketched with a portrait of Fang Ning.

Words were written beneath the portrait, “Fang Ning, died at the age of 33. Having descended by the spiritual sense form of Dragon God from the Upper Realm, he astoundingly conquered the earth in just four years. Those who attacked were defeated and those who struck were destroyed. He boasted himself as a chivalrous man and ascended to the position of the Supreme One Under Heaven. Fourth year and the thirtieth day of the sixth month of Shenyuan, he died in the World of Spirits and Souls and buried in Dragon’s Cave.”

Sir System exclaimed as if it had chartered an undiscovered territory. “Richie, your epitaph is here!”

“I’ll live for another ten thousand years, or even ten million years. I’ll never die in a place like this!” Fang Ning said furiously.

“You can see for yourself if you don’t believe me. Why would I lie to you?” Sir System said.

Then he looked through System View vigilantly and saw the gold human skin.

“Damn it. How did I die? That’s impossible!” he was burning with rage, and the fear he felt had dissipated a little.

“Although no one knew of my existence, they’re just like Zhi Nan who saw you for who you truly are clearly. It seems like you can’t use Vigilante A as a disguise anymore.” Sir System was taking pleasure in his misfortune.

“So what if I can’t?” Fang Ning was unconcerned. “I’ve already learned that humans can only earn money by being shameless. If one wants to earn money and uphold his reputation at the same time, one will fail to accomplish both. You taught me this.”

Sir System was astonished. “What should I do now that you’ve learned my ultimate wisdom?”

Fang Ning was dumbstruck by the buffooneries of the simple-minded system. However, his fear had receded, and he was finally able to evaluate the situation.

“Keep walking. I’ll ask Anderson to analyze the situation,” he said while wending his way into the office of Draconic Penitentiary.

The good thing about System Space was that he could save the scene whenever he encountered a terrifying one. He could also drag someone else to watch it with him.

It would be less scary if there was someone else watching a horror film with him. If one had to watch it alone at home, only a few would be dare to do so even if it was during the Common Era before the era of Shenyuan.

Fang Ning could never pluck up the courage to watch a horror film. He was scared of ghosts. Back in high school, there was once the whole class watched “Ring” together (TN: Ring is a Japanese horror film.), and it took him one month to recover from the shock.

Anderson was not afraid to watch the live broadcast on the big screen. Compared to his past experience, this scene was like child’s play.

“In my view, this Human Skull Mound is an act of provocation, and it’s only the beginning… ”

“They deliberately pointed out the origins to show that they have everything they need to know about the people who entered. This is to cause trepidation among the people who entered and to even evoke suspicions that someone sold them out.”

Fang Ning responded, “Do you think that we have already been betrayed?”

“I can’t be certain about that. They could have gotten the information from the earthlings, or even the ones who descended from the Upper Realm. Many of those who descended from the Upper Realm have the ability to communicate with the Upper Realm. Both scenarios are equally possible.” Anderson was perplexed.

“That’s true. Bodhisattva has the ability to communicate with Devil-Vanquishing Bodhisattva from the Upper Realm.” Fang Ning nodded.

“You’re talking about Bodhisattva Spirit King, his epitaph is here as well.” Sir System pointed to a human skin that was transparent like a diamond.

There was a black and white portrait of a young man on the human skin, with decent features and a benevolent face.

“Bodhisattva Spirit King whose last name is unknown, died at the age of 3.978 million. He was initially a Devil-Vanquishing Bodhisattva from the Upper Realm. When he was exorcising the demons, he had seen that while?those who kill and plunder wear belts of gold, those who repair bridges and mend roads die without their bodies ever being found. Hence, he had decided that he wanted to rebuild the world out of his compassion. He was pardoned by the ancestral god and got to descend with his spiritual body double in advance. Founded the Association of Spirit Kings and created Spiritual Insects Clan to forge a path of reincarnation for the benevolent beings.”

“Fourth year and the thirtieth day of the sixth month of Shenyuan, he died in the World of Spirits and Souls and buried in Buddha’s Den.”

“Why is his skin diamond and mine’s gold?” Fang Ning was curious.

“That’s because you’re an amateur.” the System interjected in an attempt to put Fang Ning down.

“Get out. You don’t even have an epitaph.” Fang Ning countered.

“…” Sir System was at a loss for words, then it suddenly said excitedly, “You’ve just reminded me about something, I’m sure that this diamond human skin is very valuable…”

Fang Ning suddenly pitied the perpetrators, he was certain that they did not expect that someone would think of making money out of the human skins instead of being afraid of them.

Vigilante A waved his hands while walking, and all the bronze-colored human skins entered the System Space.

Fang Ning quickly suggested. “You’d better store it somewhere else, don’t place everything in the Preservation Area. If I feel like eating some honey-flavored pills one day, I’ll feel very uncomfortable thinking about it.”

“Who cares? It’s great that you feel uncomfortable, that’ll prevent you from stealing my pills,” Sir System said plausibly.

“Very well. In that case, if you encounter any trouble with the Heavenly Axiom the next time, don’t come and seek my help. I can’t think of a solution if I feel disturbed,” Fang Ning said in a menacing tone.

“Look at you, I’m just kidding. How can I put something like human skins around as I please? I’ll treat them as raw materials and put them in the blacksmith’s forge. I’ll never place them together with the medicinal pills, you can be at ease and continue to steal my pill.” Sir System yielded.

It was not given any other choices. The Heavenly Axiom was adapting to the ways of founding emperors, the close relationship that it used to have with its subordinates had vanished. It would discard its helpers after their help was made use of. In this case, only the host had all kinds of tricks to deal with it. After all, he was a native.

At this moment, a voice was heard. Perhaps the behavior of Vigilante A was unbearable to the ones who were observing in secret.

“Hmph, you’ve got a lot of nerve to plunder the land of Spirit King. Instead of dying in the dragon’s den, this is where you’ll die…”

The sound that was ringing in Human Skull Mound was cold and remote. It was so gloomy and ghastly that it gave out an indescribable sense of terror.

Then, the innumerable human skulls suddenly floated out of the graves into the air and whirled around a void. Soon, there was a storm of a gigantic skull, and the countless hollow eyes on the skulls looked at Vigilante A at the same time.

Fang Ning was afraid to watch, but Anderson was there so he could only endure watching the broadcast in order to uphold his eminence.

After the storm of the formation of a gigantic skull, Yin energy lingered in the place, and Human Skull Mound was dark and bleak. Not long after, tens of thousands of skulls were hurtling towards Vigilante A.

“Well, just in time to make a new home for the evil spirits. The celadon jars are not beneficial in aiding their rapid development after all…,” Vigilante A said flatly.

After that, he waved his hands in a circular motion, all the terrifying human skulls disappeared while dashing against him.

Fang Ning was dazzled and fascinated. That was the advantage of being seized, he could just sit back while having someone else do the work for him.

It was just like how people only thought of the tastiness of chicken and pork, but when they needed to slaughter the chickens and pigs themselves, they would understand how cruel it was.

“Don’t you have any desires?” Sir System was lecturing Fang Ning while picking up the skulls. “Can’t you take the initiative to do something?”

“That’s the purpose of your existence,” Fang Ning said with conviction. “A wise man once said that those who labor with their minds were seen as the rulers, and those who perform manual labor were the ones being ruled. I’m the ruler, and you’re the one being ruled.”

“I’m a slave…” Sir System muttered.

“Anyone would wish to become a rich slave just like you. You should be grateful,” Fang Ning said in a consoling manner.

“You’re right.” Sir System was easily swayed….