Chapter 956 - Fatal Weakness

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Chapter 956: Fatal Weakness

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“Hmph, I’ll see how many skulls you can take on!”

“How dare a loach that crawled out from the pond cause a scene in the World of Spirits and Souls!”

The voice spoke mournfully with undisguised malice, and there was a sinister tone in the voice that pierced the soul.

Vigilante A was nonchalant, he was still drawing circles in the air while keeping a straight face to expel all the skulls that were dashing towards him.

[The System used up 300 million experience points. System Space is expanding…]

Fang Ning shook his head. “We don’t have a lot of things, but we’ll never run out of space.”

After a while, the storm of human skulls disappeared.

“You’ve reminded me that this place here is different from the World of Deadly Souls that was left in ruins. There’s quite an amount of goods here,” Vigilante A said flatly.

He walked along Human Skull Mound, and all the objects that gave off the slightest Yin energy were taken possession of.

The voice did not appear, no one knew what was turning over in its mind.

Just when Vigilante A scraped the whole Human Skull Mound clean and almost took away the Yin energy soil, the voice was heard again.

“Hmph, what a foolish fellow. All of your powers have been exposed! Just you wait, I’ll send the strongest general to annihilate you! I know everything about you, and I won’t send some soldiers over for you to level up!”

“It seems like it knows quite a lot. I see that it did quite well in intelligence work, without being affected by IQ strike at all…” Fang Ning was surprised.

“Nonsense. Unless you summon the book, but even if you did it’ll be useless. It’s more careless than you, it can’t even find it after half a day. It seems like it’s not in this place,” Sir System said pettily.

Fang Ning looked through System View and glanced around, all he saw was the greyish atmosphere surrounding Human Skull Mound. Although the air was thin, he could not see the view out there.

“You can try looking for it outside,” Fang Ning said.

“Alright. I won’t let any troubles come knocking on my door.” Sir System agreed.

Vigilante A walked to the edge of Human Skull Mound.

Then, he heard the sound of heavy footsteps.

With the sound of the footsteps, a huge figure that was looming in the blurry atmosphere eventually came into clear focus.

Fang Ning looked carefully and jumped out of his skin!

This was a gigantic skeleton monster that could cause an explosion to the huge broadcasting screen in close range. It was shiny like white jade and had two glow-in-the-dark green hollow eyes that could easily fit a person.

Of course, this alone was not enough to scare Fang Ning. After all, he was a veteran who had been fighting battles for a long time. Although he did not fight a lot of monsters, he had seen a lot of them.

He felt a familiar scent from the skeleton, it was a scent given out by Culinary God and Death who were currently in the hotel.

He ran to the hotel and played the live broadcast to the gods who were playing Gomoku against each other.

“I didn’t expect this kind of service, looks like the hotel is great value for money.” Black Water was impressed.

“Mr. Death, this skull monster out there has an uncommon aura. Where did it come from?” Fang Ning asked earnestly.

The black droplet quivered and then exclaimed. “The near-extinction of the Upper Realm and the passing of the gods have given an unprecedented opportunity for the Spirits and Souls Clan to develop. Culinary God, the skull belongs to you isn’t it…”

Black Pot did not respond, he seemed like he was in distress.

Fang Ning could empathize with him, it would be upsetting as well to anyone else if one’s skulls and bones were used as a weapon after death.

Even if it was back in the Common Era where ghosts and monsters did not exist, destroying a body was considered a crime, it was not misdemeanor that could be penalized with a few drinks.

“It seems like Culinary God’s bones are quite well built from a proper diet.” Death took the opportunity to vent, it seemed like he was on a losing streak in the game. “I’m guessing that the bones of the other upper-class gods are of this quality as well.”

“Alright, alright, please save me some dignity.” Black Pot finally responded. “Too bad my death came unexpectedly soon. I should’ve asked Incense God to release my soul from purgatory, to let my body rest in peace and to prevent the spirits from abusing it.”

Fang Ning said to Sir System after getting to the bottom of its origin, “That’s troublesome, these are the bones of a god that we’re talking about! You’re just an inner-sea level system, how can you contend with a true god? When they descended to earth back then, it was not their body doubles that descended, but it was them when their powers were receding. The bones are solid and real.”

“You don’t have to worry, you just need to stand aside.” Sir System was annoyed.

“You’re just taking my kindness for granted, you’ll be destroyed sooner or later!”

Sir System thwarted at the very beginning by casting his loyal servant aside.

Vigilante A transformed into a sword and smashed into the knee joint of the god skeleton!

It seemed like Sir System wanted to attack the skeleton knee-first to trigger the legendary BUFF(TN: Buff?is a term used in some video?games, especially MMORPGs and MUDs, to describe increases in the power of a?game?element. There are two main usages: The first describes a permanent (or at least indefinite) increase in power levels as a result of adjustments to?game?mechanics, usually in pursuit of?game?balance.)

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and clouds of dust were seen floating in the air. After the dust had settled, no marks could be seen on the knee joint of the skeleton!

The disparity was evident!

A true god skeleton was horrifying!

The gigantic god skeleton appeared in Human Skull Mound in its entirety. It stared coldly at the huge sword, its eyes filled with contempt.

“Hmph, a loach from the pond wanting to rage heavy storms here? You’re really heedless of the consequences.” The mournful voice that Fang Ning heard just now came out from the mouth of the skeleton.

Just when it finished its sentence, the huge sword suddenly split up into tens of thousands of swords. Bang, bang…, the swords were raining on the skeleton and smashing towards every single part of it.

Every dent, every joint, and every crack were pierced through.

Just like the first blow, not even a white spot was found.

“It’s useless. Don’t you get it? The disparity between us is just like the disparity between a god and an ant!”

After saying that, the gigantic god skeleton suddenly shuddered, and a huge rib flew out from its body.

After the rib flew out, it quickly grew larger, and a huge bone cage fell from the sky!

The next moment, countless swords were scattered all over.

The cage was just like the palm of Gautama Buddha, it automatically expanded and entrapped all the swords along with the gigantic god skeleton.

Fang Ning looked through System View frantically. He could only sense that the sky outside had abruptly turned gloomy!

Has it been captured?

An ominous thought flashed through his mind, he was unusually worried about Sir System.

‘What could it do? How could it escape when it was poor and had nothing?’

“Hahahaha! Loach, you can’t run away now!” gigantic god skeleton grinned grimly. “This will be the end of you!”

“Quick, let me use the Earthly Monument.” Sir System cried out.

Fang Ning dared not to fool around at this time, he quickly called out to macaw.

An earthen yellow light condensed on the giant sword and the sword suddenly turned into gold, it became a +12 weapon!

The giant sword slammed against the newly formed cage, which remained unfazed after a tremendous bang.

“That’s bad news. Please hurriedly seek Ol’ Culinary God and ask whether this bone cage has any flaws.” Sir System begged.

“Hmph, I’m doing this for the greater good. I’ll overlook this for now,” Fang Ning said sullenly, and went back to System Hotel and directed the question to Culinary God.

“Of course there are flaws, even gods are not perfect. Otherwise, it’ll be against nature. What about this?” Black Pot suddenly stretched out his human hand and rubbed his thumb on his index and middle finger.

“Six months of free hotel accommodation,” Fang Ning said directly.

“Well, actually, I had too much special tonic in my early years. I developed a symptom called bone hyperplasia on the eleventh rib from the left, it seemed like it’s stronger than the other bones but it can be easily broken because of its rigidness. Once it collapses, so will the body. That’s the law of Heavenly Axiom.” Black Pot exposed his flaws in a clear-cut manner after he was given a deal.

“Do you understand, Sir System?” asked Fang Ning.

“Yes, I do. I’ll stab this bastard to death,” Sir System said ruthlessly.

Just then, the gigantic god skeleton stretched its palm that was as huge as an enormous tree and grabbed the giant sword brutally.

Although it was just a simple grasp, seemingly slow, it contained the maxim of the Heaven Axiom. If it was any of the other practitioners, they would feel that they have nowhere to escape!

However, the giant sword managed to dodge the swing of the giant hand.

Then, six dragon heads were surrounding on top of the huge sword, it was shining interchangeably in six colors, namely blue, yellow, white, blue, purple and green.

Sir System was going to show his ult!

The gigantic god skeleton obviously felt a hint of danger. It did not speak again, but there was a trail of grey breath lingering on its white jade skeleton.

Fang Ning waited for a while, but he did not see Sir System launching any moves.

The gigantic god skeleton was stunned for a moment, it seemed to have realized something. Then, it suddenly looked up and roared.

The huge bone cage sprouted a thousand bone spurs and all of them thrusted towards the huge sword in the middle.

It was so dense that there were hardly any gaps.

However, the huge sword suddenly became very fine and thin. It could easily pierce into the small gaps with ease, just like a butcher dismembering an ox skilfully.

Fang Ning seemed to have understood something, and then he felt a great sense of admiration towards Sir System. Sir System was indeed the God of Combats! He was impressed that Sir System had quickly discovered another fatal weakness of the gigantic god skeleton!