Chapter 957 - A Major Loss

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Chapter 957: A Major Loss

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Another fatal weakness of it was that this gigantic god skeleton was not fit for protracted wars!

This can be apprehended at a glance and there was no way for it to pretend.

In the bigger picture, the vitality of the Upper Realm was declining and it was facing extinction, just like some rich countries where the struvite was washed away by the Pacific Ocean.

The Realm of Spirits and Souls was a part of the Upper Realm, they would face the same crisis as well. It might even be more severe since they were not the main world.

Looking at this in detail from the outside of Human Skull Mound, that thin layer of the grey atmosphere, it could be seen that this place was very different compared to Fang Ning’s Morality City.

Before the transformation of Yin energy and Yang energy, when this place was still a Yin-energy arcane realm, clouds of concentrated Yin energy was all over the place.

Human Skull Mound was the battlefield chosen by the opponent, but it could only concentrate a small amount of diluted Yin energy. This indicated that the World of Spirits and Souls was naturally deficient.

In comparison, although Vigilante A was weak, he had prepared sufficiently for logistics reserves. Fang Ning believed that even if Sir System fought in a battle with full force, it could only persist for three to five months. However, it can go on for ten years without feeling hungry if the battle was in the form of guerrilla warfare.

Not to mention that there was a think tank team behind Vigilante A, and he even had two real gods to help him out. The right timing, the proper location, and favorable human resources, his opponent lacked all of these elements. Even if it was powerful, it would be doomed to failure!

Fang Ning understood that and felt a sense of relief. He laid back on the couch of the office with his legs crossed and could finally watch the match with ease.

Just like what he had expected, the giant sword continued to dodge the attacks of its opponents with a variety of attack enhancement effects.

In this case, the Yin energy that acted as a protective shield on the opponent could never be removed. Otherwise, it would be likely to be taken advantage of.

In this way, the energy consumption of the gigantic god skeleton itself was multiplied!

On top of it, its body size was an issue. To be in control of such an enormous bone was not something that general powerhouses could do.

The larger the body, the greater the expenditure. This was general knowledge, unless it was in an illusory form. As long as it was of a solid substance, it was a rule that was hard to disobey.

The bones of a true god were, of course, as solid as they could be.

Ten minutes passed, and the gigantic god skeleton ran out of moves.

The giant sword even managed to strike a few moves. Every time it was hit on the bones, a white spot would appear, it was no longer impenetrable like just now.

“Damn it, you’re a loach indeed! So slimy and slithery. What kind of hero are you if you can’t fight a battle head-on!” gigantic god skeleton howled.

“Sir System, isn’t he too foolish to provoke you like this?” Fang Ning asked contemptuously.

“I’m not sure about that, but I know that he’s going to make an escape anytime soon…” Sir System muttered.

“It’s not a non-player character, of course it’s going to run away now that he’s of no match to you. It can’t be giving us a god’s skeleton for nothing, that’ll be a huge loss,” Fang Ning said assertively.

After a while, the white bone cage suddenly disappeared. The gigantic god skeleton shone brightly all over, then it turned around and ran off.

Compared to its slow-motion entrance, it ran as fast as thunder to make its exit.

However, it was still useless. The huge sword swelled up and aimed a sharp thrust at the eleventh rib on the left side of its body, just like what the Culinary God said.

After a short while, the huge sword penetrated the rib!

“That’s…impossible!” the gigantic god skeleton was astonished, then its whole body fell apart! The white jade bones protruded from the skeleton and scattered all over the ground. Vigilante A waved his hand and picked up each and every single piece of bone. That mournful voice was heard once again.

“I can’t believe it lost! You’re just an insignificant powerhouse on Earth, your power doesn’t even surpass the level of Old Devil’s, how did you defeat the gigantic monster skeleton? It seems like I’ve underestimated you, but there’s nothing to be proud of, most of the others who came in are already dead!”

“The next time you’re here it would be the revitalization of the World of Spirits and Souls, that’ll be the end of you!”

The sound echoed through the empty Human Skull Mound, and the thin gray fog surrounding the place had receded.

Fang Ning saw the view from afar and felt a chill.

From the sky to the grounds, it was foggy and the sun could not be seen, there were no moon and stars either.

The ground was barren with no life form. There were a few shrubs, and a few pale white flowers hanging on it that gave out an eerie ambiance.

“Sir System, can you contact the others in real-time and ask them about the current situation?” Fang Ning quickly asked, the last words of the voice still lingering in his head.

“What do you think? In this hell of a place, only the frog that can teleport everyone at the same time can do that. Even if it couldn’t do it back in World of Deadly Souls, I’m pretty sure it could now. Axiom Daddy gave it quite a lot of benefits during the last few deals. It has gotten a lot stronger, and that’s all because it took away something that’s supposedly mine,” Sir System said sulkily.

Fang Ning was skeptical, then he called out to green-skinned frog with his inner voice, “Lil Frog, how’s everyone over there?”

Green-skinned frog responded. “Master, all of them are either dead or wounded. After the teleportation, there was a space interference. These people were scattered throughout the World of Spirits and Souls, in which they encountered different crises.”

“Bodhisattva’s safe and well. The spirits are gone now. He’s roaming around the World of Spirits and Souls to assess the situation.”

“Fawang has lost his golden body that he obtained after undergoing a long process of tempering in the Lower Realm. He has escaped from a group of Yang-siphoning Yin spirits and is now resting in a secluded place.”

“Monastery Master Ma lost most of his magical energy, his power level has gone down from Sea-level to Lake-level. He has escaped to a mountain cave somewhere, and he’s currently on the verge of death.”

“Qiao Anping died in the battle, the young people left behind fled to a village from the spectral grounds. They were fortunate to have a kind-hearted Spirit King offering them shelter and protection.”

“The Spirit and Souls Clan have deserted to Vigorous Spirit Lord.”

“None of the demons survived, but the ones who came in were the young demons who were not that competent.”

Green-skinned frog explained everything in great detail.

“What? A ruthless man like Qiao Anping died in the battle?” Fang Ning could not believe what he heard. “Also, I thought Old Monastery Ma was just pretending to be a Sea-level powerhouse all along?”

Fang Ning was taken aback by the information that was thrown to him in succession.

Sure enough, on the ever-changing battlefield, life and death could only be a moment apart.

Who would have expected that the brave and vigorous Qiao Anping, who cultivated the path of Sanguinity and all along a powerhouse representative of the mainland died in a battle.

“He’s soft-hearted after all. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have died as long as he was willing to abandon those who were of no help and was holding him back. That’s just unfortunate. What is going to happen to Qiao Zishan and the rest of his siblings now?” Fang Ning shook his head and sighed.

“I’m as helpless as you are now that my comrade’s gone,” Sir System said sullenly, “Too bad the Spirit Lord sent the god-damn bones to stall me. If it wasn’t for Culinary God, I would’ve fled in an instant …Let alone them.”

Fang Ning nodded in silence. They had been attacked successively after they entered Human Skull Mound. He and Sir System were so occupied and as a result, there were lot of casualties.

Apparently, the danger in the Upper Realm was not something that the powerhouse on Earth could contend with. Only an irrational existence like Sir System could take on a great challenge like this.

Sir System might seem like it was only Inland-sea level, but all the main aspects of combat power like mobility, defense, and attack, were enhanced by the bonus skills of the system.

Its attack powers could go up to multiples of hundred, its mobility reached the level of teleportation, its defense was Heavenly Axiom Treasure, and there was a soul of a true god in his think tank team. Many of these off-site factors allowed it to fight a being stronger than it and destroyed the monster that was formed from the skeleton of a true god.

However, it only defeated a puppet in the end.

The real BOSS Spirit Lord who was really behind all these did not show up, nor did he interfere. This was a doubtful point.

Why didn’t the Spirit Lords gather their forces and strike?

Otherwise, even if the many factors above were taken into account, Fang Ning believed Sir System could only escape as a last resort. After all, all these Spirit Lords had powers equivalent to a true god.

They were at least Planet-level and above, Starshatter was not a figment of imagination.

Other powerhouses did not have these favorable factors. Their current power level was just like the level 30 players who just got rid of their rookie title, but they were suddenly thrown into the huge stumbling block of level 60. Heavy casualties were normal, it would be abnormal if it was the opposite.

Fang Ning thought of this and let out a long sigh. Then, he asked green-skinned frog about the current location of everyone and let Sir System deal with the aftermath.

Vigilante A pointed his sword into the sky, then he started looking for the people according to the locations given by green-skinned frog.

“If the frog had been so powerful the last time, we wouldn’t have wasted time trying to locate using the little grey ants.” Fang Ning looked at the scene in front of him and sighed.

Sir System found Monastery Master Ma who had a faint breath of life left

in a hidden mountain cave, then it fed him a pill to save his life. Then it found Tianjing Fawang who was wearing a cassock recuperating in a shrub…