Chapter 960 - Malevolent Spirits Were Hard To Find

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Chapter 960: Malevolent Spirits Were Hard To Find

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The vastness of the World of Spirits and Souls was much larger compared to the previously moribund World of Deadly Souls. After all, many places in the latter had become non-existent whereas the World of Spirits and Souls still had a slight opportunity of surviving and some accumulation of Yin Energy.

Otherwise, the Spirit Lords would not need to resort to such schemes and plots and could have gone ahead following Death’s example instead.

The river valleys, mountains and rivers, forests as well as grasslands had everything that was needed readily available. However, none of these were living things, and occasionally some spirits, corpses and skeletons could be found.

“This won’t work.” Sir System had been flying for a long time, but could not find even a single malevolent spirit. It said to Fang Ning irritatedly, “Our efficiency is too poor. We should’ve asked Black Cat to come with us. That little ant is pretty useful for finding things. You might as well ask the green-skinned frog to teleport them here.”

“No,” Fang Ning said shaking his head, “this place is too dangerous. We may not have encountered any powerful monsters for a while now, but the moment they’re teleported into this place, they’ll surely be messed about by the Spirit Lords, and teleported straight into the midst of a mass of monsters to be killed.”

“Then what should we do? I can’t just keep flying around like a headless fly, right?” Sir System said discontentedly.

“I have an idea. Let’s find and ask a guide.” Fang Ning suggested.

“If they lie to us, what do we do then?” Sir System suddenly became shrewd.

“Uh, that is a problem. Then how about this? You do as I say, look for such a target, and we’ll definitely not be tricked…” Fang Ning then proceeded to explain his idea.

Sir System heard him out, agreed to it immediately, and then began to find their new target.

This time, not long after, Vigilante A stopped at a remote valley to observe everything that was happening below.

In this valley, there was a faint greyish air slowly flowing through it.

The valley only had one entrance. At the entrance, there was a row of pitch-black bone fences, and these bones were carved with many decorative patterns.

At that moment, outside the valley, there was a crowd of ghouls with greenish bodies that exuded poisonous gas charging at the fences.

Their leader was a giant ghoul with a ferocious appearance, looking just like the fatty among the zombies. It pushed at the back of the array, driving the ghouls to attack the fences.

However, with every strike, spikes would emerge on the fences, stabbing and killing some of the ghouls until they fell to the ground.

Nonetheless, whenever the ghouls attempted to back away, they would be berated by this giant ghoul to move forward again.

A few of them tried to escape, but were torn in half by it, and smashed against the bone fences.

Meanwhile, in the valley, there was a group of specters. There were men and women, old and young, and most of them were trembling while looking outside.

Thanks to Anderson, who managed to translate the language of the World of Spirits and Souls, Fang Ning could understand the conversations taking place below.

One of the younger specters timidly asked an old specter, “Grandfather, will we be able to survive through this round?”

The old specter held the young specter tightly in his arms as he stared out in a daze.

“Don’t be afraid. It’ll soon be over.”

When the ghouls saw the fearful specters inside, their attacks became more vigorous.

The bone fences were on the verge of collapse, but every time they were about to give way, one of the adult specters would come forward, rushing into the bone fences to keep them from falling.

As Fang Ning was watching this scene, he could not help but sigh. “I never imagined that, in the face of such extreme adversity, they would still sacrifice themselves for their people. This clan was originally full of hope, but unfortunately, time was not on their side. Even if Zhuge (Liang) was still alive, it would be impossible to turn around this hopeless situation.”

“Stop talking nonsense. Should I save them or not?” Sir System asked.

“Yes, this shouldn’t be fake. After all, we made this selection by random, so it’s impossible for them to fake something like this in advance. If we knew about this earlier, we could’ve brought Xie Dong along with us. Then, we wouldn’t have to worry about being tricked,” Fang Ning said shaking his head.

“As if that would work. He can’t even understand what the spirits say…” Sir System scorned. “If we had to help him translate, would it still work?”

“Stop talking nonsense. Hurry and join the battle.” Fang Ning became upset out of humiliation.

Just then, the leading giant ghoul suddenly began to speak.

“Humph, why would you put yourselves through so much trouble? As long as you give us a specter to eat every day, we’ll let you live a day more. Why should you stubbornly resist like this? You’re wasting the little remaining Yin Energy for nothing. Give us one of those who are old, weak, ill, or disabled every day, and it’ll be enough for you to survive a few years.”

When the specters heard this, although they were afraid, none of them was tempted.

One specter who was biggest in size glared at these ghouls in front of them, and said in disdain, “In your dreams. Even if we, the Heavenly Spirits Clan, have to fight to our very last breath, we’ll never sacrifice our own people to stay alive!”

“The Heavenly Spirits Clan? Could they be related to Daqing’s Celestial Clan?” Fang Ning suddenly wondered.

“All the better if they’re related. We can go back and extort a sum from Daqing,” Sir System said, rejoicing in their misfortune.

The negotiation between both parties broke down. The giant ghoul’s humiliation turned into anger, and it drove the ghouls ahead with greater force.

One by one, the specters threw themselves into the fences to maintain a line of defense.

“You’re all going to be annihilated soon. I will catch you all and make you suffer in my stomach before you die!” the giant ghoul ruthlessly said.

The specters did not speak, but fixed their eyes on their line of defense.

At this moment, Vigilante A suddenly descended from the sky and stood before the fences.

This uninvited guest evidently unsettled both parties.

Of course, the side that was more unnerved were the ghouls, for they were having the upper hand and would, therefore, hate variables.

As for the specters, while they remained alert, there was also a sense of expectancy among them.

This was because, given the current situation, they would not be able to persist any longer. Therefore, if there were any variables, the situation would not become any worse.

“I have a question for all of you. Whoever can help me answer this question will receive my help,” Vigilante A said calmly.

“Huh, you’re a living human.” As the giant ghoul studied Vigilante A closely, it suddenly became very surprised. Following that, his eyes showed unconcealable greed. “If I ate you, I could live another hundred years! This is way better than eating these useless specters!”

“Venerable One, please be careful. These ghouls have eaten countless spirits of this world to survive until today. They have no sense of humanity at all.” warned the leader of the specters.

“It seems like eating too many different things can easily lower one’s IQ indeed. I suppose there’s no need for me to pick a side for questioning. That saves me some effort.” Vigilante A looked back at those ghouls and waved a hand.

A fire dragon came forth out of the blue and collided into those ghouls.

Fang Ning did not need to check the system notification to know that the damage totaled up to at least 3000 percent and above.

The aura of a True Dragon was supremely Yang and unyielding. Whether it was its flames or its morality, these were all natural nemeses of such evil Yin beings.

Placed within a game, those would be weakness attacks and even life-threatening attacks.

As expected, when the fire dragon appeared, the ghouls scattered in an instance with the giant ghoul running the fastest.

Nonetheless, it was all in vain. After the fire dragon rolled over the place, only dust was left everywhere…

System Notification: [The system used ‘Flame Dragon Comes into Being’ to attack a group of ghouls in the World of Spirits and Souls.

True Dragon intimidation!

The group of ghouls had been eliminated.

[The system gained 3,000,000 experience points.]

“Uh, only so little?” Fang Ning was at a loss for words.

“There’s nothing we can do. The world has always been poor, so it only makes sense that they were all poor spirits. This is already considered pretty good.” Sir System sulked. “When we previously fought that gigantic god skeleton, it didn’t give us any experience points at all. We were only left with a ground full of bones to be collected.”

“You poor thing. You must be thinking of coming here to kill all you can, but now you can only find some trashy monsters to make up the numbers.” Fang Ning shook his head.

“Reality is such. What can I do? I’m also in despair…” Sir System said gloomily.

Then, the specter leader’s expression brightened as it said respectfully, “Thank you, dear Venerable One, for lending us a helping hand. Please ask whatever question you have in mind. If I know anything about it, I’ll definitely tell you everything in my knowledge.”

“Oh, it’s simple. Do you know if any place nearby — no, within this world — where there are any malevolent spirits with extremely high endowment?” Vigilante A asked frankly.

The leader of the specters was slightly surprised by the question, but soon replied, “Venerable One, I do know of some, although I’m not sure whether or not they meet your standards.”

“Oh, let’s hear it then.”