Chapter 964 - Bestowment Extrication

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Chapter 964: Bestowment Extrication

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Therefore, Sir System instructed Fang Ning to negotiate with the two gods.

Fang Ning arrived at the System Hotel and conveyed his purpose of visit.

The two gods immediately ceased their game of Gomoku after listening to him.

The black water droplet was the first to speak. “I have Death’s Eye. I can destroy all life forms with one stare. Whoever I stare at will die.”

“A magical black pot like me can also fry all life forms. Literally.” Black Pot quipped.

“I also have Death’s Secret, where those who don’t become gods will never decipher. Furthermore, I possess other skills such as Death’s Touch, Death’s Kiss and Bestowment Extrication… All of them are mysterious and unpredictable.” Black Water continued speaking.

“…” Black Pot was speechless.

“Apparently, Lord Death is more familiar with combat.” Fang Ning was slightly stunned. Death was heavily influenced by the culture on Earth due to his stay in the System Space. Still, Fang Ning said in admiration, “I wonder whether these godly skills can be imparted on others?”

“Mm, naturally, I can impart my skills on others, but they must either be staunch believers in me or God-level entities.” Black Water explained.

“I see, then what’s the requirement to bless someone else with these skills’ effects?” Fang Ning pressed on.

“Oh, this requirement is low.” Black Water replied. “As long as the person to be blessed has a consciousness that’s strong enough in order to control the effects of the skills, that person can be blessed. However, it’ll require much energy. With my current state, I can’t do it.”

“How much energy will you require?” Fang Ning was not concerned. Sir System’s Preservation Area was stocked with pills so he was not worried about this matter.

Black Water did not answer him at once but spat out nine water bubbles.

“Fill this in with pure magical energy. Once you have filled one of these, I can bless one person in return.” Black Water spoke wanly.

“Eh, don’t try to pull a fast one, your Excellency.” Fang Ning reminded.

“I won’t, this isn’t a one-time deal. I’m not an unreasonable god, it’s just that I don’t know whether your magical powers are pure enough… Magical energy that is gained through regular cultivation isn’t enough to sustain a God-level feat like this.” Black Water sounded sincere.

“Sir, why don’t you fill it in…” Fang Ning told the System. “You have the purest magical energy.”

Thus, a stream of white air appeared in front of the bubble and entered it.

“Is that fine?” Fang Ning inquired.

Black Water was shocked. “I haven’t seen such purity. There’s not an ounce of impurities in it and it’s no weaker than a True God’s. Yes, it fulfills the requirement completely.”

“Perfect.” Fang Ning felt satisfied.

However, half a minute had passed and no changes could be seen in the bubble.

Fang Ning was alarmed. “Why isn’t there a sign of the bubble filling up?”

“It’s not enough. Skills and abilities used by a True God require magical energy that isn’t just extremely pure, but a high amount is needed, too. So, it’s not something that can be fulfilled easily.” Black Water sighed.

“Damn, Mr. Rich Boss, my intuition tells me that this bubble is bottomless… I’m gonna suffer a major loss. If I continue to inject the bubble with my energy, I’ll end up swallowing lots of pills.” Sir System expressed his worry.

“What kind of loss?” Fang Ning lectured the System. “You’re using your Sea-level magical energy in exchange for a True-God-level blessing, which is a huge profit. So what if you lose some pills? You can earn ten billion experience points or above by slaying a Sea-level malevolent spirit! Other people won’t be able to do this. Unlike us, they can’t fulfill the required conditions.”

“Fine, we shall see once we fill up one bubble.” Sir System gritted his teeth.

“Hey, easy, you’re gritting MY teeth.” Fang Ning winced.

After some time, the stream of white air expanded suddenly. Initially, it had the thickness of a toddler’s arm. It expanded as wide as a water tank, then as large as a house.

At last, with such an immense stream of air, the bubble showed a sign of being filled.

A swirling vortex materialized at the bottom of the water bubble. It looked like the galaxy.

The black water bubble was like a bottomless pit and was injected continuously with a huge stream of air. Half an hour passed before it was completely filled.

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Meanwhile, the situation on the outside had changed.

Without warning, more than twenty malevolent spirits had gathered behind the fire dragon.

Furthermore, each of them was the final result of a fusion between three malevolent spirits. Unlike the headless malevolent spirit, they were humongous beings and instilled fear in the hearts of those who saw them.

One could say that their true powers had far surpassed that of a regular Sea-level powerhouse and they had reached the peak of the Sea level’s peak.

Even a God of Combats as powerful as Sir System had to retreat from two fusions of malevolent spirits, let alone twenty or so stronger, complete versions of them.

If not for Fang Ning’s quick thinking, Vigilante A could only flee and there was zero possibility of skipping over a level to kill the enemies.

There were tens of thousands of these types of malevolent spirits, and this was under the circumstance where they had only a thousand years to live due to the massive loss of Vitality in the World of Spirits and Souls.

In contrast, there were only eleven Sea-level experts on Earth and half of them were Descended Ones from the Upper Realm.

The spirit generals and the spirit lords above were not included yet. The major distinction between the two of them could be observed.

Obviously, the fused malevolent spirits were aware of the differences in abilities of the two and knew that they had them in their palms.

Therefore, instead of putting things to action when they gathered here, they fought over how to ration the fire dragon.

A True Dragon was hard to come by for tens of thousands of years. If they came across an adult Dragon, they would not have an idea on who would be eating who…

Now, they were lucky enough to encounter a young, growing dragon and of course, they could not let it escape.

“We found this first. The dragon’s head belongs to us and we don’t want the remaining parts.” The huge, headless spirit demanded.

“Hmph, so what if you all discovered it first? Your leader is dead and it’s good enough that you get the dragon’s penis! How dare you demand to have the dragon’s head.” The largest fused malevolent spirit laughed.

“Hehe, Mr. Rich Boss, they want to eat your dick…” Sir System sniggered.

Fang Ning went ballistic and screamed. “Kill all of them! I want every single one of them to taste the fury of a True Dragon! Oh, there will be blood alright!”

System Notification: [The Host is in “Fury Mode” and the Aggro Bar is filling up.]

“Excellent, very powerful, maintain this and you’ll boost your attacks significantly.” Sir System was pleased.

Then, Fang Ning asked immediately. “Your Excellency, which skill do you recommend that I use?”

“Judging from what’s going on outside, I suggest you use Bestowment Extrication. There’s a small chance for you to kill your opponent within seconds and it deals a fatal damage every time. Opponents that are below God-level can’t defend themselves against this and it lasts for a long time. I’ve used it once and it lasts for an hour. Although Death’s Eye is much more powerful, you can only kill single units within seconds.” Black Water proposed.

“Let’s not wait any longer then. I’ll take the ‘Bestowment Extrication’ blessing.” Fang Ning decided swiftly, despite his suspicion that it was a localized translation made by Black Water…

“Hold on, who’s the subject of this blessing? I need to confirm this.” Black Water declined.

Another problem just had to come up in a desperate moment.

“Eh, Sir, what should we do? It definitely can’t see you. As for me, my small physique can’t handle it.” Fang Ning was stumped.

“That’s easy.” As soon as the System finished speaking, the legendary Soaring Dragon Sword appeared in front of Black Water. “Just bless it.” Fang Ning instructed the god.

At the next moment, Black Water swallowed the water bubble and a gust of inky black air wrapped itself around the golden flying sword…

In the blink of an eye, the entire sword became pitch black and looked like an intimidating, evil artifact.

The sword might have lost its grandeur, but it gained a threatening and murderous aura.

“Very well. I shall use this sword to slay every last one of those malevolent spirits. I want them to regret being born in this very realm!” Fang Ning cried savagely.