Chapter 965 - The Louder You Yell, The More Powerful The Attack

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Chapter 965: The Louder You Yell, The More Powerful The Attack

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While Vigilante A was readying himself for the upcoming battle, the malevolent spirits outside clamored louder and louder.

Suddenly, the fire dragon disappeared and was replaced by a flying sword as black as the devil with a haunting and lethal vibe!

The malevolent spirits saw this and stopped arguing instantly. They glanced at each other and spread out to form a circle on the ground.

“I heard that dragons can shapeshift at will. Seeing is believing, indeed!” The largest fused malevolent spirit gasped as it ran towards the other spirits.

“Hmph, a young dragon that was born in the Lower Realm has limited tactics. Even if it can shapeshift, how can it escape our capture? Its resistance is futile!” A fused malevolent spirit opposite it laughed sarcastically.

“Alright, enough nonsense. Let’s do it!” Still, the largest fused malevolent spirit sensed the threat of the black flying sword and issued a command.

When it finished speaking, it opened its mouth and emitted numerous sound waves towards the sky!

The other malevolent spirits followed suit.

In a matter of seconds, the circle was filled with sound waves that overlapped and vibrated incessantly. It seemed like the surrounding space could be shattered at any moment!

In a split second, even the tiniest dust particle would be disintegrated as a result of the intense vibration!

Despite their violent and bloodthirsty nature, they were adept at combat and were as skilled as the War Devils in the Underworld. They represented the main force in the battle between the two realms and had a highly cooperative nature.

Since this dragon was capable of shapeshifting, it could make itself bigger or smaller at will and could avoid attacks with ease. Obviously, melee attacks were ineffective, but attacking it using sound waves was the perfect method to stun the dragon.

The fused malevolent spirit who took the lead did not bring up this point, yet the other malevolent spirits understood and launched the same attack!

However, the black sword vanished and had dodged the countless sound waves. It then appeared right behind the headless malevolent spirit!

“There exists only pain in living. Life is ephemeral, only eternal death can relieve you of this world!”

Suddenly, a voice bellowed from the black sword as it stabbed the headless malevolent spirit right in the heart.

“No, this can’t be!” The headless malevolent spirit exclaimed. It tried to turn its head around to look before realizing it did not have a head.

After that, the spirit’s entire body disintegrated. A powerhouse with a level close to the peak of the Sea level could not even endure a single blow!

The black flying sword’s attack was immensely powerful!

This incident shocked the other malevolent spirits that formed the circle.

They quickly broke the circle apart and huddled together to raise a crimson tent!

The rapid switch from attack to defense was an expected move from the malevolent spirit guards and a well-known tactic in the World of Spirits and Souls.

“Hey, Sir, your words sounded a little embarrassing, but that attack sure was powerful… I’m in awe.” Fang Ning expressed his admiration.

“Why do you assume that I said those embarrassing words?” Sir System refused to admit it.

“Eh, who else could it be? I haven’t met someone as thick-skinned as you.” Fang Ning was appalled.

“It’s this broken sword… After Death imbued magical energy into it, it developed a consciousness. I nudged it for a long time but there was no sign of movement from it. I even leveled it up to mythical grade, but nothing worked. Death only blessed it with a godly skill, and it formed its own consciousness. It doesn’t respect me at all.” Sir System rambled.

“Oh, indeed, a god is a god. There are always areas that we can’t compare ourselves to.” Fang Ning commented.

“Whose side are you on? To think you dare criticize me too.” Sir System complained.

“Cut the crap and continue fighting while I’m still in a rage.” Fang Ning did not expect the System to be so sensitive and hastily changed the subject.

“Weren’t you the one who distracted me first?” Sir System grumbled, then it focused its threads and confronted the malevolent spirits in front of it.

The black sword aimed at the crimson tent and plunged itself towards its target. Then, a voice boomed from the sword.

“Lifeless objects can’t satiate Sir System’s thirst for blood…”

As the voice faded away, the crimson tent shifted slightly but showed no signs of damage.

Unlike the previous action of stabbing the headless spirit to death, the current situation was akin to throwing a stone into the sea.

At the same time, the fused malevolent spirits who were hiding in the crimson tent began to quarrel among themselves again.

“No, how could it become so powerful instantly? The power of the flying sword transformed from the dragon is only equivalent to that of a spirit cultivator who has cultivated for ten thousand years, yet it can slay a fused malevolent spirit with a cultivation base of more than twenty thousand years.”

“Hmph, it’s simple, that sword is an artifact! It can even speak like a human.” A smarter fused malevolent spirit spoke.

“Hey, that’s normal. It’s a dragon after all and it’s common for it to bring an artifact along. Indeed, we were too careless. We haven’t battled for a long time and our combat instincts have regressed.” Another malevolent spirit felt depressed.

“What should we do? We can still defend ourselves, but the ball is no longer in our court. Whether or not it wants to leave, or fight is up to it.”

“Persevere. This is the World of Spirits and Souls. Vitality is scarce here and it can’t source energy from the outer realm even if it carries a large supply of pills with it. Using artifacts exhausts a large amount of magical energy and it can’t be used endlessly.” The largest fused malevolent spirit made the final decision.

The rest of the spirits listened and quietened down without objection. After all, they could hardly accept the fact that a dragon had escaped from their clutches!

As malevolent spirit guards, they were also aware of the news from top management.

The World of Spirits and Souls was facing destruction and had less than a thousand years of existence left. It all depended on who was powerful enough to continue living.

Similarly, the World of Deadly Souls next door was fully controlled by Death. He had gathered all the energy into his body and survived until the end. The rest of the undead were eventually destroyed in the process.

As they discussed, the black sword kept stabbing every inch of the crimson tent.

However, these stabs did nothing to damage the tent.

The voice that issued from the black sword sounded more and more dejected.

“Boring, what’s the point of attacking this lifeless object?”

“Let’s head to the city for a killing spree and take the lives of those fools. Let them understand the real meaning of death!”

“No matter how much force you exert, it’s pointless. This crimson tent is not alive. I can only become excited when I see blood, Sir!” The black sword rambled on.

Sir System was furious and yelled at Fang Ning. “Dammit, I want a refund! Death cheated us! The Bestowment Extrication blessing is useless now!”

“Calm down, calm down, I’ll look into it. The malevolent spirits are in defense mode anyway. We still have almost an hour to take care of them.” Fang Ning consoled the System.

Meanwhile, in the entertainment room on the second floor of the System Hotel, Black Water and Black Pot were no longer playing Gomoku, but were watching the big screen on the wall.

There was a live stream of the ongoing battle outside. Naturally, they were curious about the outcome of the deal.

When they saw what transpired, the two gods began a discussion without the need for Fang Ning’s questioning.

“Your Excellency, it looks like the effect of your Bestowment Extrication blessing isn’t that effective. Those spirits only created a defensive formation and they were able to defend the sword’s attacks. This blessing has limits and won’t work unless the black sword comes into contact with flesh. You didn’t mention this earlier…” Black Pot remarked.

Unlike Fang Ning, the Culinary God was a god as well and he knew about the huge amount of benefits Death had received from that previous deal. At the very least, he had regained some of his powers.

“Sigh, even though I’m a god, I can’t always make the blessing work perfectly. I didn’t reduce the power of this skill. Wasn’t that malevolent spirit slain in an instant? The remaining malevolent spirits switched their tactics and they can only defend themselves instead of attacking.” Black Water retorted.

Fang Ning never left the entertainment room. When he heard this, he asked immediately, “Then, do you have a method to rectify this situation, Lord Death?”

“Of course I do, as long as you purchase a death package again…” Black Water replied calmly.

“Dammit, I knew it was a bottomless pit! He was right, it wasn’t a one-time deal!” Sir System heard this and ranted.

“Chill, your current problem is that you don’t reload enough money.” Fang Ning comforted the System. “Let’s hear what he had to say.”

“Death’s Touch; everything you touch will crumble to nothingness as long as your target doesn’t have a God-level defense. This is the best skill to use along with the Bestowment Extrication package.” Black Water suggested.

“Hmm, I wonder whether this has any limitations?” Fang Ning had learned his lesson well and would not let Sir System pay the price again.

“Mm, it only lasts for ten seconds and it can destroy any defense method which is below God level. Its only limitation is that it’s useless against mighty living entities.” Black Water explained earnestly.

“Sir, do you want to buy it? Do note that you don’t have much time to think about it. Bestowment Extrication only lasts for an hour.” Fang Ning inquired cautiously.

“Well, fine, since ten seconds is enough for me to kill ten malevolent spirits!” Sir System clenched its teeth.

The stream of white air that was as big as a house appeared once again and injected itself into one of the eight remaining black bubbles.

Half an hour passed before the black bubble was filled up.

Fang Ning understood the System’s limits in its output of magical energy. This was the fastest it could go.

Bestowment Extrication had a time limit and Sir System would not waste a precious second.

Next, the black sword reappeared in the entertainment room. Black Water swallowed the bubble that was filled with pure magical energy and a gust of inky black air wrapped itself around the black sword.

The sword became even blacker…

Meanwhile, the malevolent spirits huddled under the crimson tent and braced themselves against their enemy until the latter exhausted all of its magical energy.

Some covered their bodies with white bones and scales while others swelled their bodies and grew larger.

Some turned themselves into nothingness and were invisible to the naked eye.

Whereas, some split themselves apart and turned into three separate malevolent spirits again. Then, they continued to transform and turned into puddles of watery blood.

They did everything they could to protect themselves.

When the black sword disappeared from their very eyes again, their level of alertness was raised to the very top!

They learned from the previous attack that this sword was capable of teleportation!

As they had predicted, when the black sword showed up, it became even more bloodthirsty and eyed its prey like a venomous snake.

In a split second, it lunged for the spot with the highest concentration of malevolent spirits!

“Boom!” The initially impenetrable crimson tent burst like a bubble.

Following that, four or five huge malevolent spirits got stabbed by the black sword.

Their defenses were useless now!

The malevolent spirits that were stabbed disintegrated and disappeared into the void!

“Run!” The largest fused malevolent spirit screamed at the top of its lungs and was the first to run towards the exterior!

The rest of the malevolent spirits were frozen with fear. Finally, they understood that the True Dragon was sacred and not to be messed with!

At that point, they did not wish to be faster than the black sword, but they hoped that they could run quicker than the other spirits.

The remaining seventeen or eighteen malevolent spirits ran helter-skelter!

Their combat instincts were powerful enough. Sir System did not manage to kill all of the fleeing malevolent spirits. It only stabbed eleven of them to death which was slightly more than half of them.