Chapter 966 - Let’s See Who Spends The Most

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Chapter 966: Let’s See Who Spends The Most

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“Three kills! The Soaring Dragon Sword is on a killing spree!”

“Four kills! The Soaring Dragon Sword owns the game!”

“Six kills! The Soaring Dragon Sword is unstoppable!”

“Ten kills! Eleven kills! The Soaring Dragon Sword is invincible!”

The malevolent spirits ran around haphazardly but the black sword’s roars resounded across the area. Apparently, the louder one yelled, the stronger the attack.

Sir System, however, was displeased and complained to Fang Ning. “Dammit! It’s so despicable and it took credit for my efforts!”

“It’s alright, no matter how loud it is, what it says doesn’t count. Only a System Notification can make the final judgment.” Fang Ning pacified the System.

System Notification: [The God-level skill “Bestowment Extrication” that was given to the Soaring Dragon Sword by Death has a five percent chance of killing an opponent of the same level instantly. Each attack is fatal and damage is increased by 300 percent. Defenses below God-level are ignored. Limitation: Attacks can only be targeted towards living entities. Lasts for one hour.

The Soaring Dragon Sword attacked a large headless spirit.

The instant kill effect has been activated!

The large headless spirit is dead.

The System has received 23 billion experience points.

The God-level skill “Death’s Touch” that was given to the Soaring Dragon Sword by Death. Effects: Destroys defenses below God level, ineffective towards mighty living entities. Lasts for ten seconds.

The Soaring Dragon Sword attacked the horde of malevolent spirits.

The Soaring Dragon Sword destroyed “Bloody Shield”!

The Soaring Dragon Sword killed fused malevolent spirit complete version 1, 2, 3… A total of 10 malevolent spirits.

The System has received 370 billion experience points.]

“No wonder you have nothing to say.” Fang Ning jeered. “Even the Maxim decided that the spirits weren’t killed by you, what else can you say? The Soaring Dragon Sword might be loud but it speaks the truth!”

“Get the f*ck out!” Sir System was furious. “When it returns. I’ll send it back to the foundry for a remake. No one listens to me!”

Fang Ning shook his head in disbelief. “It’s currently a legendary flying sword. You used to spend one hundred billion experience points to craft it. Now, you just earned some experience points. Are you really willing to part with your points?”

Meanwhile, there was a force in hiding on the battlefield that observed the battle from afar.

Two figures clad in black armor gazed coldly at the sight that unfolded before their eyes.

The female spirit with heavy makeup and the voluptuous spirit stood beside them.

The two female spirits stared at the battlefield in fright. The mysterious entity that transformed into a flying sword zigzagged across the area and plunged itself at the scattering malevolent spirits.

Although they did not witness the process where Vigilante A transformed himself into a flying sword, they knew it was him by sensing his aura!

There were more than twenty fused malevolent spirits and it was almost impossible to find a worthy opponent across the World of Spirits and Souls. Now, they were slaughtered like chickens by the flying sword!

Was that the best a malevolent spirit commander could offer?

“A True Dragon’s form indeed. He bears an extraordinary trump card and the attacks that he displayed were almost similar to a Spirit Lord’s. No wonder the Three Wise Men, Gold, Silver and Bronze, wouldn’t let us capture him. What do you think, Third Commander?” One of the figures clad in black armor pondered.

“Second Commander, the current situation is quite awful. The Spirit Lords have to maintain the realm and they can’t come out personally, or else the World of Spirits and Souls will immediately sink into nihility. The Three Wise Men don’t know about this either. Don’t tell me we can just let this fellow have his own way?” The other person in black armor spoke wanly.

When they heard this, expressions of horror flashed across the faces of the two female spirits.

They could imagine what would happen to them after they heard about this news!

However, they dared not make a move.

Second Commander nodded. “In that case, we’d better impose a rule and prohibit malevolent spirits from going out in case they get noticed by this fellow. These Lower Realm folks have other motives for coming here and they won’t stay here for long.”

“No.” Third Commander objected harshly. “If we can’t defeat this person, how can we absorb energy from the Lower Realm to maintain the World of Spirits and Souls?! The undercover agent at the Three Wise Men’s side returned a message that they’re about to build a Heaven Mending Cauldron. They can mend the Heavens by filling the cauldron with magical energy. Most probably, the magical energy can only come from the Lower Realm during the period of Vitality recovery and it’ll surely be collected via a Blood Tax Mode. With this invincible person up ahead, how could the tax be collected easily?!”

“What you mean is, first, we kill him while he’s still in the World of Spirits and Souls, then we talk?” Second Commander furrowed his brows. “But his attacks are too powerful. Even if we gather the spirit generals of the other four Spirit Lords and all fifty spirit generals attack him, someone will die. I observed just now, the malevolent spirits who were killed by him lost their souls. That wretched fellow! We malevolent spirits are the ones who swallow the souls of others and he dares to swallow our souls?”

Third Commander stayed silent. It was true, everyone knew that gathering all fifty spirit generals was enough to kill this person, but who was willing to be sacrificed?

In the World of Spirits and Souls, the appearance of victims of sacrifice was suppressed by mighty forces and the weaklings were the ones to be sacrificed. It was either backed by a powerful, combative force or controlled by a curse. At any rate, there were all kinds of methods.

In spite of this, the ten spirit generals under each Spirit Lord shared the same rank and no one had the power to control others, let alone letting someone else sacrifice himself to destroy the enemy.

Just like the three malevolent spirit commanders under the Vigorous Spirit Lord, three of the ten spirit generals bore the same rank. Their positions were only determined by their years of experience. The head commander was no mightier than them in terms of power.

“Fine, let’s impose a rule for the children and have them retreat to the camp for the time being.” Second Commander said. “After that, send someone to ask the Three Wise Men. They should know a way to tackle this person.”

“That’s the only thing we can do.” Third Commander nodded in agreement. Then, he waved his arm and the two female spirits who were shivering in fear turned into green smoke.

Second Commander did not comment anything about this. He simply vanished from his original location.

Third Commander did the same thing and disappeared.

Indeed, from their perspective, they could not let the two spirits, who came to inform them, live. No reason was required.

The moment the two spirits witnessed the massacre of the malevolent spirits was the moment that their fate was sealed.

The humiliation and weakness of the malevolent spirits could never be seen by other spirits!

At a remote mountain ridge.

Vigilante A sat on the ground and meditated.

Unlike others, he meditated and consumed pills simultaneously.

A white presence enveloped his entire body and shifted into the form of a dragon. It was obviously an extremely advanced type of cultivation.

“This god-level skill is great but it’s too expensive. With each use, I need to consume hundreds of bottles of pills. If I can learn this skill, I’ll be rich.” Sir System contemplated.

“In your dreams!” Fang Ning was lying in the lounge and reading a paperback novel.

It could not be helped. He was already incorrigible.

Regular web novels did not satisfy him anymore. He could only develop his interest through paperback novels. As long as he kept at it, he could then immerse himself in literary realism…

He felt tired these days. It was not every day that Sir System went on a business trip to the World of Spirits and Souls and did not need to take care of matters on Earth. He could take a break as well.

“No, Death mentioned earlier that staunch believers in him can learn those skills. Why don’t you become his believer?” Sir System was puzzled.

“Impossible, I’m an atheist and I can’t become his believer. Besides, if I get manipulated by some god, I might end up donating all of my property. A huge loss, isn’t it?” Fang Ning shook his head.

“Oh, right, I didn’t think properly. You’re the clever one, Mr. Rich Boss.” Sir System admitted sincerely.

“But you thoroughly enjoyed your killing spree earlier. Are you going to continue killing?”

“Absolutely, it’s a rare opportunity to come by, so I must definitely go on a rampage and slay all malevolent spirits. I’m not bound by any ethical code, thus there’s no worry about my Maxim breaking down.” Sir System replied excitedly.

“I’m afraid you won’t have this opportunity anymore.” Fang Ning said wanly.

“Why?” Sir System was in disbelief.

“Hmph, they aren’t fools. They’re often out and about and will definitely inform their kind about this incident. They can see your combat prowess via a battlefield replay. The malevolent spirits will certainly retreat to their camps instead of spreading out far and wide.” Fang Ning analyzed the situation.

“Dammit, then what should I do?” Sir System felt troubled.

“We should focus on important matters. According to the Maxim of the World of Spirits and Souls, if you focus too much on side missions, your performance will be affected negatively. They’ll surely think of a way to deal with us.” Fang Ning warned.

“How do we find them though? We don’t know where the Spirit Lords are hiding and we don’t have the little grey ant to lead the way. The World of Spirits and Souls is massive and I doubt we can find them.” Sir System remarked.

“We probably need it the next time, but we must be independent now.” Fang Ning’s head hurt as well and thought for a while before continuing. “Right now, we can only consult others. We shall look for the two gods first before asking Bodhisattva. Once we are done with the World Order, we can leave anytime. When we tackle those malevolent spirits with a strategic initiative, we don’t have to worry about getting stuck. This is the Righteous Path.”

“Listen to yourself, I mentioned this before in the World of Deadly Souls. We can leave at any time once we tell the green frog, so why are you worried about this?” Sir System scoffed.

“Eh, Lil Frog said that this time, either we need to use the Death Substitute Technique or look for the World Order before we can leave. Why do both of you speak two different things?” Fang Ning felt baffled.

“Hmph, it isn’t wrong, but it referred to others. When other people want to leave this place, they must obey these two conditions which are decided by the Heavenly Axiom. Who are we? I’m the mysterious entity that defeated it and you’re its master, thus we don’t face this restriction. However, that fellow didn’t tell you this because this method requires it to defy the will of Heaven and use up its own Providence.” Sir System replied.

“Oh, is that so? You aren’t pulling my leg, are you?” Fang Ning felt skeptical. “Lil Frog is an honest frog, will it really treat me that way?”

“It’s a treasure of the Heavenly Axiom. Apart from being controlled by you, it’s also affected by the Heavenly Axiom. The Heavenly Axiom probably forbade it from telling you, but I can sense that it does have this ability as that idiotic thing can’t control me.” Sir System grinned.

“I see, can’t blame it.” Fang Ning was understanding towards this. Multiple management resulted in this sort of problem. “In that case, what do you want to do?”

“I still want to farm some malevolent spirits since the provisions and pills in my preservation area can last us for a hundred years. We shall spend all of them here, and let’s see who spends the most! I don’t believe that they won’t come out to collect taxes for a hundred years!” Sir System announced confidently.

“Good idea, but I think we ought to return to Bodhisattva to have a look and share some provisions with him. We can’t let our allies starve to death, can we? Despite the indifference displayed by certain people earlier, we must be rational and treat others on a case-by-case basis.” Fang Ning made the final decision.

“As you wish. I won’t get angry anyway, the only person they can anger is you.” Sir System shrugged.

“Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.” Fang Ning spat. (TN: In the original text, the expression here is meant to be a joke and does not mean that Fang Ning is serious about ending his friendship with the System.)