Chapter 967 - Phony

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Vigilante A returned and, under the green frog’s guidance, located the camp of the Bodhisattva Spirit King and his men with ease.

“What a convenient function.” Fang Ning praised. “Lil Frog improves really quickly. Last time, in the World of Deadly Souls, it had to rely on the little grey ant to pinpoint the location. I wonder what kind of new abilities it can gain with each evolution?”

“Depends on how much Providence it has.” Sir System rambled and stopped in mid-air.

Fang Ning looked down via the System View.

There was a craggy mountain peak at the bottom. There was a particularly discreet refuge area on the mountain peak that was built with rocks.

Vigilante A would have missed it if not for his Khorium Ore Spirit Gaze.

There was not a trace of Yin Energy on the peak of the mountain. In the World of Spirits and Souls, this was a standard place of evil, just like the driest deserts on Earth.

Nonetheless, to these outsiders, it was the safest location.

No matter how strong or weak the spirits were, they would not approach this area unless they had specific motives.

Vigilante A had just descended to the ground when the Bodhisattva Spirit King welcomed him.

“Venerable One, what have you found out from your venture?” Bodhisattva inquired sincerely.

“Nothing, the mastermind is well hidden and I’m unable to determine where he is in a short span of time. I fear that there will be more delays.” Vigilante A replied and handed over a sack.

“Here are some provisions for you, Bodhisattva. Unlike last time, we might have to fight a long and continuous battle.” He continued.

“Such a thing occurred?” Vigilante A was slightly taken aback.

Bodhisattva nodded in acknowledgment.

“Apparently Lil Frog was right. We can return once enough people have died.” Fang Ning sighed. “The Heavenly Axiom is really brutal.”

“Hmph, I already knew that this idiot is useless.” Sir System, on the other hand, chuckled. “The Heavenly Axiom back at your home is cunning, vicious, ungrateful and has no sense of humanity. With this kind of master, they are going to have a really hard time.”

Fang Ning remained silent. He could not be responsible for the fate of others. In the end, he still had to rely on his own self, or else, he would only end up nurturing an insolent big baby like last time.

After pondering for a moment, he replied helplessly. “Sigh, there’s no other way. It wasn’t easy for me to arrive at this current state. I can’t take care of too many things and we can’t interfere with the Heavenly Axiom’s actions.”

“Eh, can you believe your own words? Let’s say that you had it the easiest and you can win just by lying down. Even a heartless fellow like Chong Daqing has to worry about where to get its next meal every day.” Sir System ridiculed him.

“Listen to yourself, I lost a lot of brain cells, alright?” Fang Ning retorted. “It was supposed to be a vicious and frightening world after the Era of Shenyuan, but due to our appearance, this scary vibe was largely reduced. However, with the gradual rise of opposing forces, we’re close to losing our governing power and this world will soon return to its original state. I’m the one who bears the brunt of this. Do you think it’s easy for me?! Do you?!”

“A wise man once said, if a person complains about his current situation, then offer to switch your position with him. If he’s willing to switch, the struggle is real, or else it’s phony.” Sir System said confidently. “Now, are you willing to exchange positions with me?”

“I’m not.” Fang Ning answered at once. Unless he had sh*t for brains, he would not switch his current position with the System.

It was revolting for him to look at those malevolent spirits and demons all day long. Only a heartless fellow like Sir System could ignore these things and kill mindlessly. A human would naturally feel terrified and exhausted.

Even if it was just a game, one would get bored after fighting creatures for a long time.

“Phony.” Sir System jeered.

“Thanks for your compliment. Who’s the wise man who made this philosophical remark?” Fang Ning asked curiously.

“I’m not sure either, but it’s probably Mr. Lu Xun.” Sir System muttered. (TN: Lu Xun is widely known as the father of modern Chinese literature. His famous works include “A Madman’s Diary” and “The True Story of Ah-Q”.)

At the same time, a few people came out from the refuge area and stared at the Venerable Dragon God with confused looks.

When they first entered the World of Spirits and Souls, they had a strutting and haughty air about them. They assumed they would have an easy time with Providence watching over them.

Now, Vigilante A could still roam freely around the World of Spirits and Souls but they could only return to Earth, dejected and crestfallen.

All of these people were intelligent and they already made sense of the reason they could return.

Their current situation was similar to soldiers who went to the battlefield. Not only did they fail to complete their combat mission, but they also suffered great losses and sacrificed more than half of their team.

Their strength plummeted and there was no chance of continuing the mission, so they decided to rest and regroup.

What they did not know was that they were lucky that the Heavenly Axiom absorbed real-life experiences from actual wars on Earth instead of unverified and superficial battle situations from web novels.

Else, with the introduction of a “King of the Gods Mode” where those who failed to complete their mission were to be killed, they were going to cry buckets of tears…

Naturally, they were the ones who bore the responsibility of failing to complete the mission instead of the Heavenly Axiom. The reason was simple, they were not brave enough and they were too weak…

Fang Ning took back control of the body from the System and asked, “What’s your opinion, Bodhisattva?”

“It’s better for those below the Sea level to leave this place. The World of Spirits and Souls is too brutal and unsuitable for them.” Bodhisattva said slowly.

There was no protest from the other people. In a matter of seconds, there were people helping up their injured teammates and all of them pleaded to return.

Just like last time in the World of Deadly Souls, a bright ray of light flashed across the ones who requested to leave and they disappeared.

Soon, there was no one in the refuge area, except for the Bodhisattva Spirit King, Tianjing Fawang and Vigilante A.

“What do you want to do next, Bodhisattva?” Fang Ning inquired with curiosity. Without those fellows slowing them down, he felt at ease.

From this perspective, the Heavenly Axiom still bore a high strategic value.

“I haven’t been to the World of Spirits and Souls in a long time. This time, I want to observe its changes. We’d better speak as we roam about this place and it depends on what we encounter.” Bodhisattva did not have a clear goal either. Although he betrayed the Buddhist clan, he still has the clan’s charisma.

Fang Ning asked again. “What about you, Tianjin Fawang?”

“Oh, I shall be a follower and follow Bodhisattva around.” Fawang pressed both of his palms together.

“Eh, what a sycophant.” Sir System sniggered.

“It’s normal.” Fang Ning comprehended this as he was sucking up to an even greater force.

“I have something to ask you, Bodhisattva.” Fang Ning continued. “Could you tell us where the Five Great Spirit Lords are hiding and what their abilities are?”

“Eh, are you going to stir up trouble with the Spirit Lords, Venerable One?” Bodhisattva frowned. “That’s not a wise move.”

Judging from his tone, it was apparent that Bodhisattva did not believe in Vigilante A’s abilities. Despite Vigilante A’s lack of worthy opponents on Earth, his level was far below that of the Spirit Lords. The latter were not simple figures.

“I’m not trying to stir up trouble with them, but they are going to stir up trouble with me and I need to defend myself beforehand.” Fang Ning explained.

“Oh, if so, why didn’t you return together with those people?” Bodhisattva was puzzled.

‘Hey, I also want to go back, but a certain greedy fellow doesn’t want to…”

System Notification: [The System has seized the Host’s body.]

“Damn you, you with your bag of tricks again!” Fang Ning yelled. “Are you afraid that I’ll return at once?”

“That’s the truth.” Sir System replied firmly.

Then, Vigilante A declared in a righteous manner. “Earlier, I’ve roamed many parts of this world and I’ve discovered lots of evil situations where the strong prey on the weak. It’s a place where the good ones die and the bad ones thrive. There’s no justice and righteousness here. Despite my limited strength, I still need to think of a way to rescue more benevolent spirits and prevent them from being stuck in this evil realm. Even if I offend the Spirit Lords and Spirit Generals because of this and my karma is affected, I’ll have no regrets!”

When he finished his speech, the group of old and sickly Heavenly Spirits Clan specters with dull looks reappeared…

“Nah, I’m still lacking as compared to you, Bodhisattva.” Vigilante A remarked courteously.

“Phony.” Fang Ning sniggered.

“Touché.” Sir System chuckled.