Chapter 968 - Dangerous

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Chapter 968: Dangerous

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After that, the Bodhisattva Spirit King conveyed everything he knew to Vigilante A.

“In my opinion, as long as you don’t threaten their existence, Venerable One, they can’t do anything against you based on the World of Spirits and Souls current condition. After all, you still have the True Dragon Clan behind you in the main realm. If the Spirit Lords harm you, they’ll face many problems in the future.”

Fang Ning felt a bit relieved when he heard this and quickly took credit for it. “You see, I told you earlier that we’re no small fry. As long as we make more friends, we have people to back us up.”

“Unfortunately, those are fake.” Sir System snorted.

“What do you know? It’s hard to tell.” Fang Ning mused.

“I really have no idea. An honest and naive System like me can never follow Mr. Rich Boss’s thoughts.” Sir System admitted earnestly.

Fang Ning pointed at the specters shivering in the cold…

“…” Sir System fell speechless.

Meanwhile, Bodhisattva spoke again. “Thing is, the leader of our enemies might be easy to tackle, but it’s challenging to deal with their lackeys. The Spirit Lords might not make a move in the future. Their subordinates, on the other hand, won’t think too much and they pose a significant threat too.”

“Not a problem. It’s just some malevolent spirit generals and I don’t care about them.” Vigilante A was sure of himself.

With a True God’s blessing, as long as God-level entities like the Spirit Lords did not make a move, Sir System was convinced that it could slaughter anything in its path.

“That’s good. The Five Great Spirit Lords comprise of Vigorous Spirit Lord, Spectral Saint, Tongtian Fawang… Each one of them has his own distinct powers and their personalities are enigmatic…” Following that, Bodhisattva explained the background of the Spirit Lords in detail.

These secrets could only be known by high-ranking figures like Bodhisattva and the Devil Saint. Small Devils like Anderson did not reach that kind of level, just like how regular humans viewed the leader of a country.

Bodhisattva’s words fell on deaf ears. Anyway, Sir System could record everything, so Fang Ning was not worried about forgetting the details.

Half a day had passed and Vigilante A had departed from the refuge area. He headed for the cove he discovered earlier, where the malevolent spirits’ base camp was located.

He arrived at his destination in a short while.

As expected by Fang Ning, security was tight here. Several formations were established which enclosed the base camp securely.

There were no longer any malevolent spirits playing in the river.

Vigilante A looked at the camp with its multitude of defenses from afar but he did not approach it.

“Hmph, I doubt they’ll stay hidden like this forever.” Sir System scoffed.

“Rubbish, they aren’t fools. This sort of passive defense must be combined with a proactive attack. A wise man once said that only active defenses can break attacks. They might not understand these words, but the World of Spirits and Souls has a long history and it can’t be treated as a mere background to be gazed at.” Fang Ning sneered.

“Eh, proactive attack?” Sir System immediately investigated the area as soon as it heard this and gasped. “Hold on, I sense a dangerous aura nearby. I wonder where it came from?”

The riverbank was quiet and there was not the slightest gust of wind.

“I don’t have the faintest idea, perhaps you can take a look with the Spirit Gaze?” Fang Ning suggested.

Sir System retorted. “You fool, I would have used it if I could detect the source with it. It didn’t work, that’s why I asked you.”

“Can’t help it, the only way is to pay to win again.” Fang Ning shrugged.

Fang Ning returned to the System Hotel and found Death sitting there.

“This is easy. In order to solve the present problem, I recommend Death’s Counter Kill Package.” Black Water proposed proudly.

“Damn, he’s going to cheat me again…” Sir System grumbled.

“No choice. He’s the one with all the skills.” Fang Ning pacified it.

Fang Ning allowed Death to continue speaking.

“How do you know about the spirit generals hiding outside?” Fang Ning asked hastily.

“Easy, spirit generals rank above the malevolent spirits. After you massacred the malevolent spirits, they won’t simply send more of their kind to venture outside. Moreover, with the World of Spirits and Souls’ current state, the Spirit Lords can hardly do a thing to deal with intruders. Just like me in the past, they’re busy maintaining order in their own realm and preventing it from falling apart.” Black Water recounted.

“I see. Have you heard that, Sir?” Fang Ning asked.

He was not the one to pay the bill.

“Understood. No wonder this assh*le spat out nine bubbles last time. We used up two and now, I’m required to buy another four. All of my hard-earned pills are handed over to him easily!” Sir System whined and filled the bubbles simultaneously.

“There, there, this is actually almost the same as spending pills to raise malevolent spirits and this is more worthwhile. We’re harvesting malevolent spirits that are nurtured by someone else, anyway…” Fang Ning consoled the System.

“Fair enough. In that case, I didn’t lose anything…” Sir System’s anger turned to joy.

“Of course, you’re winning big here. If it were someone else, he can hardly defeat a malevolent spirit, let alone a spirit general. Look at Qiao Anping and his gang, they either died or fled. Who would be willing to stay here and fight? After all, the Heavenly Axiom has limited experience in raids. This time, it has miscalculated and not everyone is as powerful as us.” Fang Ning asserted.

“Hmph, you aren’t wrong. Earlier, that idiot was so demanding. It definitely assumed that just because someone else came here via his own efforts, he can replace me. What does it know about my true power? And regular folks are no match for me! I’m not a System that can be used and manipulated easily!” Sir System said proudly.

“Excellent, keep up this morale and show it to those fellows. We shall slaughter everyone, including Ocean-level and Galaxy-level spirit generals!” Fang Ning encouraged the System.

“Hmph, you do have a way with words.” Sir System came to its senses. “Why don’t you sponsor a bit?”

“I don’t have any money left.” Fang Ning moaned. “And how do I sponsor you?”

“I don’t want your money. A Lake-level soul like you can inject a large amount of magical energy too.” Sir System replied.

“Hey, this is just a small amount. If I output too much, I’ll become dizzy and I can’t think straight.” Fang Ning declined at once.

“Oh, really? I always feel that you’re trying to bullsh*t me.”

“No, I swear I’m not. I’m going back.” Fang Ning left the System Hotel hastily.

A few hours had passed and Death’s Package was finally activated.

Due to time limitations, Sir System did not activate all blessings at the same time, but it used them separately.

The first blessing of the God-level skill “Death’s Eye” was activated.

It lasted for 24 hours.

Fang Ning used the True God-level blessing, “Death’s Eye” and managed to see the lurking danger sensed by the System earlier.

He noticed the presence of fifteen unusual entities encroaching around the perimeter of the camp.

They were all clad in black armor and each of them were linked by a crimson stroke. They were very silent.

They seemed to have set up some type of formation, and the entire camp was the center of the formation.

Fortunately, Sir System and Fang Ning were slow and steady and did not attack the camp head-on, or they would have been ambushed.

In the System Hotel, the two gods’ comments proved this fact.

“These spirit generals are vicious indeed.” Culinary God gazed at the huge screen on the wall.

The scene as observed by Vigilante A was shown on the screen.

“Yeah, all fifteen of these malevolent spirit commanders use a malevolent spirit from the camp as a sacrificial object to begin their attacks. With such force, unless one is a True God, it’s almost impossible for a regular cultivator to resist and avoid the attacks.” Death agreed.

“Their attack methods remind me of those fellows.” Culinary God mused.

“Are you referring to the Three Wise Men who are bumming around in Heaven? They’ve always wanted to find the Heaven Mending Technique. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them in time and the World of Spirits and Souls took advantage of this.” Death said regretfully.

“With Lord Death’s blessing, no matter how strong these malevolent spirit commanders are, their attacks will be useless.” Culinary God commented.

“Not exactly, it depends on whether that fellow can use the skills I’ve given him rationally.” Death was a bit skeptical.

“Hmm, what should we do if he fails?” Black Pot asked anxiously.

“Don’t worry, this hotel that we are in right now is located in a special space. Saints and spirit generals might not break through this place.” Death assured his companion. “At most, the one who’ll die is the carrier on the outside.”

Fang Ning was still resting in the lounge when Sir System passed the words spoken by Death to him.

“What? We’ve been doing stuff for half a day and I’m the most dangerous one?” Fang Ning’s jaw dropped.

“Of course.” Sir System grinned.

“Eh, then you’d better be careful in case you damage my body.” Fang Ning no longer had the mood to rest. He quickly climbed out of bed and focused on the upcoming battle.