Chapter 970 - : The Alignment Of The Five Planets

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Chapter 970: The Alignment Of The Five Planets

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At Vigilante A’s farm villa.

Fang Ning ensconced himself on the sofa in his bedroom. He was eating fruits, drinking coffee and watching a movie.

“So many problems outside… There’s no place like home.” He sighed in relief.

“A wise man once said, a civilization that refuses to open its doors is doomed to destruction.” Sir System nagged.

“Could you please stop bothering me? It wasn’t easy getting back home. Let me have a good rest.” Fang Ning groaned.

“Eh, I remember you said that you wanted to push yourself by working hard. Why are you slowing down now?” Sir System was displeased with his behavior.

Fang Ning defended himself. “There’s no contradiction here. Big shots also need to take a break, no matter how busy they are.”

At the same time, Zheng Dao knocked on the door.

Fang Ning quickly tidied his things and put on a cultivation posture.

“Act all you want. Do you really think he isn’t aware of your true self?” Sir System ridiculed him.

“Get lost and stop bothering me!” Fang Ning dismissed the System.

“Come in.” Fang Ning said coolly.

Zheng Dao entered the room and saw Vigilante A who was cultivating and enveloped in a white aura.

He did not expect Vigilante A, who had just returned from another realm, to start cultivating without having a moment’s rest.

His diligent behavior was incomparable!

Based on what he heard from the Truth Department, it was no wonder that Venerable One was unharmed in the World of Spirits and Souls while the others suffered serious injuries.

By working out and training regularly, he could reduce the number of sustained injuries in fights.

Zheng Dao was full of admiration. He then said, “Master Black Robe is here. He said that he has some ideas about the Vitality Transformation Project and he wants to discuss this with Dr. Madson who moved into the Draconic Arcane Realm.”

“Oh, what a coincidence.” Fang Ning muttered. “Alright, I’ll meet him.”

He walked out of his bedroom and arrived in the living room on the first floor. Black Robe was sitting on the sofa.

Black Robe stood up when he saw Fang Ning.

“I already know about your purpose of visit. Go in, then.”

Fang Ning waved his arm and Black Robe vanished at once. The efficiency was astonishing.

“Ok, you can leave now, Butler Zheng. If you need anything, just look for me.” Fang Ning instructed.

“Oh, there’s one more thing. I’ve heard of an important piece of news.” Zheng Dao did not leave immediately but spoke. “During the days when you were in the World of Spirits and Souls, Venerable One, there have been various astronomical changes every night. The five planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, have shown various changes in their respective positions and they are about to align. I fear that the astronomical phenomenon, the alignment of the five planets, will take place.”

“Oh, that’s really happening?” Fang Ning was perplexed.

“Absolutely. As for why, I don’t know yet, but I heard that it has something to do with the Azure Mountain. Someone noticed that Gu Buwei has been getting around lately and traveling back and forth between the five planets.” Zheng Dao told him in a serious tone.

“Oh, I appreciate you informing me about this. I shall take note of this issue. Anything else?”

“Nothing. Take care, Venerable One. I shall leave now.” Zheng Dao nodded and walked away.

After Zheng Dao left, Fang Ning sank into deep thought.

“What are you doing?” It was not long before Sir System interrupted him.

“Then give me the body. I’ll go patrol the area.” Sir System offered.

Fang Ning returned to the System Space and waited there.

Vigilante A flew outside.

Zheng Dao, who was in the study, noticed this and sighed in admiration again.

Could anyone else compare to Venerable One’s efficiency?

Fang Ning laid in the lounge and read a novel.

“Aren’t you supposed to take note of the alignment of the five planets? Is this how you take note of things?” Sir System was not amused.

“Sigh, so inconvenient.” Fang Ning hauled himself up reluctantly and sent a Wechat message to Gu Buwei.

“Lil Gu, what sort of trouble is the Azure Mountain up to now? Did you all start this issue of the alignment of the five planets?”

“Venerable One, this issue is related to us, but we’re doing so to obey the will of Heaven and to respect the intention of the Heavenly Axiom.”

“I see. Fine, I get it now.”

When they finished chatting, Fang Ning laid on the bed again…

“I seriously suspect the actual reason you pestered me to leave the World of Spirits and Souls,” Sir System remarked, “is that you’re afraid of that place and you don’t want to play there anymore.”

“Eh, why do you have to be so obvious?” Fang Ning snapped back at the System. “I didn’t trick you, it’s safer back home. Self-development is the way to go. Those forces that wanted to change fate through brute force in the early 20th century died really quickly. On the contrary, lying low and developing oneself is the way to achieve a breakthrough.”

“Enough of your crap. What’s the deal with this alignment of the five planets?”

“Lemme ask Lil Frog.” Fang Ning knew that the System would not let him go that easily after he interrupted the latter’s adventure of farming monsters.

Therefore, he climbed out of bed and began to work.

The green frog was summoned.

When it was done listening to its master, it blinked its pair of huge, round eyes and responded. “Oh, about this, I’ve gotta ask Axiom Daddy.”

A while later, the green frog exclaimed. “No, master, this is Axiom Daddy’s contingency plan.”

“Due to the World of Spirits and Souls’ Instance Dungeon, Axiom Daddy realized that Earth’s current powers can’t withstand any Upper Realm force at all and it’s beefing up security. It wants to use the powers of the five planets to set up an even greater force to lock the Order, preventing it from being altered by some mighty forces.” The green frog summarized.

“Hiss…” Fang Ning was taken aback and told the System, “Looks like the Heavenly Axiom has gone overboard this time. We’ve been played. It’s a newly-formed planet consciousness after all and not a mighty being like a main god.”

“Hahahaha!” Sir System laughed. “Hehe, let it bask in its own ego…”

“Hey, come to think of it, you’re the culprit, Sir…” Fang Ning mused.

“What are you talking about? How could you blame me?” Sir System was dumbfounded.

“Nonsense, that time, we spent 300 Heavenly Merits to make it change the destination to the World of Spirits and Souls with the whole purpose for you to find some malevolent spirits. Its original destination was probably not the World of Spirits and Souls.” Fang Ning rebutted.

“Eh, I see…” Sir System replied, feeling embarassed.

“Lil Frog, what was the teleportation world that the Heavenly Axiom had decided on earlier?” Fang Ning asked curiously.

“The world that was previously decided on is also a world on the brink of destruction. However, it’s much more dangerous to Transmigrators as compared to the World of Spirits and Souls. As a result, earlier, I reminded Master to use the Death Substitute Technique, just that there’s no risk of being found.” The green frog was very honest and revealed all that is to know about the Heavenly Axiom.

“Fortunately, or else we would have suffered a huge loss in that world.” Fang Ning heaved a sigh of relief.

“True, with this, others will have to thank us. Or else, they would have zero chance of resurrecting if not for the deaths of more than half of their teammates. Luckily, in the?World of Spirits and Souls, they might be dead, but with the Nine Transformation Soul Restoration Orb, they’ll get another chance.” Sir System expressed its agreement.

The two initiators of evil immediately sought a moral high ground for themselves.

They had to do so. The Chivalry Rules could not be ignored.

After a while, Fang Ning announced seriously. “Judging from the actions of the Heavenly Axiom, it certainly knows that the World of Spirits and Souls wants to have its revenge. Thus, when we were raiding the Instance Dungeon, it added more security locks to its home. In that case, we’d better tidy up as well and fortify our defenses.”

“Ok, understood, I’ll go tidy up our properties.” Sir System agreed wholeheartedly.

“Mm, I shall inform the others and let them be prepared too.” Fang Ning felt pleased.