Chapter 971 - Fortifying Defence and Clearing the Field

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Chapter 971: Fortifying Defence and Clearing the Field

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Now that he knew that the enemy was about to nip them in the bud, Fang Ning was in no mood to fool around anymore and quickly informed his allies.

The Devil Clan, Humans, Insect Clan… Having too many allies was also a little troublesome and he could not use mass text messaging too…

However, on second thought, Fang Ning wondered why he had to personally notify them and so he called Zheng Dao and let him inform them.

“As the saying goes, those who work with their brains rule.” After the call, Fang Ning felt relaxed.

“Ah…” Fang Ning had nothing to say and could only walk into the Alchemy Lab. He muttered, “A last-minute stand-in like me will do?”

Fang Ning had no choice but to pick up a book on alchemy and start from scratch.

‘Sh*t, karma really hurts…’

The news that the World of Spirits and Souls was going to invade had quickly spread around the world.

Previously, the Underworld suddenly invaded through Space Control and was finally transferred to the Land of Sanguinity to slow it down.

Their vanguards were killed by the Venerable Dragon God and they had become meek now but God knew what conspiracy they were planning.

However, the World of Spirits and Souls this time would not necessarily follow the old path of the Underworld. The other party was likely to appear anywhere on Earth.

The uncertainty of this invasion immediately evoked panic.

The economy plummeted and people lived in fear, losing the motivation to work. For a while, the crime rate soared.

However, under that panic, it had brought about a favorable result and that was, the process of integration of the human race had once again greatly accelerated.

The entrances of China’s Land of Heritage on all continents were reopened, allowing people of all ethnic groups to move in.

For a while, at the entrance of each place, people brought their families and belongings, lining up in a long queue for days and nights.

If it was not for the unified management of Red Queen, such a large relocation project would definitely have numerous loopholes. It was obviously impossible to expect the human organization to manage this perfectly.

When Sir System was sorting out their properties, it saw this scene and could not help but said in disdain, “You people are returning good for evil again. If you ask me, I would say to not allow those who had conflicts with China in your history to enter and let them all be eliminated. That would be sweet!”

“What can I do? I can’t be the master of others. The scene from your idea will only appear in unrealistic novels. This is the real world. Even if you hold a grudge, you have to abide by humanitarianism and the universal values and accept other people in. After all, there’s only one Land of Heritage and now, there’s the capacity to accept a large population,” Fang Ning said.

“Fortunately, they did not dare to scheme against us and tie us down with morality, since we’ve several arcane realms,” Sir System was relieved.

“Well, they’re afraid of you to death. How would they dare to ask you to manage the refugees?” Fang Ning understood very well.

“Hmph, it has to be so. As the saying goes, using the carrot and stick approach can make people submit. People are ignorant, they fear us but don’t appreciate us. I was too kind!” Sir System said.

“Hey, where did you learn that from?” Fang Ning was curious.

“Oh, this is what I read from the book.”

“Don’t you always hate reading?”

“Oh, if it’s useful to me, of course, I won’t hate it.”

Fang Ning’s own properties were also busy in the process of moving. For example, some herb bases near Qi City and his father-in-law’s herbs company, all had to move into the Morality City.

In addition, located as far as Guifang, an allied city—Cloud Fog City that had even bigger industries and a lot of manpower, also needed to relocate into the Morality City to take refuge. This task was even more arduous.

The herbs plantation base, processing industry, supporting industries… It was numerous and so complex that most people could not imagine it. The size and complexity of modern industry had far exceeded laymen’s imagination.

Earth would soon become a battlefield. This was a fact that everyone knew well. No matter how difficult or troublesome, it was necessary to move into the arcane realm. This was the only way to seek refuge.

The invasion of the Underworld previously had already alerted everyone to the fact that Earth was definitely not a safe place.

At this moment, the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom’s excellence and foresight can be fully demonstrated.

Although it was ruthless and was good at casting people aside after they had served their purpose… It was definitely a wise king.

Long ago, Land of Heritage was the first arcane realm to appear.

Subsequently, other arcane realm had emerged.

The source of these arcane realms came from the legacies of the Upper Realm’s mighty beings accepted by the Heavenly Axiom.

From this point of view, Heavenly Axiom had long anticipated today’s result and prepared a sanctuary in advance for its people.

On this day, when Fang Ning was busy sorting out the documents of industries relocation and re-arranging the production until he was on the verge of a mental breakdown, Yellow Dog suddenly ran home.

“Master, there’s good news!” It was very excited.

Looking at its tail wagging joyful look, it did not look like a dog that was responsible for a large unit but a pure watchdog.

Fang Ning understood. Having the opportunity to find their sense of existence in front of him was extremely important for these followers.

This was especially true for the two dogs, Yellow Dog and Black Dog. They did not have the self-centered independent Three Views of those modern people on Earth. The core of their?Three Views was that they must find a good master so that they can live in peace, otherwise, they would be uncomfortable and felt that their dog lives had no hope.?1

“What good news?” Fang Ning asked gently.

“The artificial intelligence project that you handed over to me a long time ago, using the Heavenly Book as the core together with modern computer technology, the supercomputer intelligence ‘Heavenly Book System’ has been successfully completed!” Yellow Dog exclaimed in a strong tone. It could be seen that its excitement was inside out.

“It’s indeed good news,” Fang Ning said, standing up and praising, “Very good. Now that we have more and more properties and manpower, we need an intelligent system like Heavenly book to manage it. Yellow Dog, you really have made a great achievement this time. I’ll reward you well.”

“Do you mean that I’m not intelligent enough?” Sir System said, suddenly dissatisfied.

“It’s the truth. Can you manage these industries? Do you understand the upstream and downstream of the production line? Do you know the economic index?” Fang Ning asked in disdain.

“Isn’t that all the things you should do?” Sir System argued.

“…” Fang Ning was too lazy to talk to this idiot. He then continued to talk to Yellow Dog. “Tell me about the function of this Heavenly Book System.”

“Now, the ‘Heavenly Book’ intelligent system version 1.0 has very strong calculation capacity, a thousand times more than the current most powerful supercomputer. The key is it has the high intelligence that the latter doesn’t. That Heavenly Book has the consciousness of a human so it can manage various decision-making flexibly, coupled with the powerful computing power of computer arrays. Although it’s still inferior compared to Black Robe’s Red Queen Soul Array Computer, Heavenly Book is, after all, an artifact, a talisman that can evolve continuously. Its future potential will far exceed the Red Queen,” Yellow Dog said incessantly.

“Not bad, these ten bottles of pills will be your reward,” Fang Ning said and at the same time, reached out to take the pills but none appeared for a long time.

“What is going on, what are you doing?” Fang Ning said unhappily.

“It’s almost finished and you want ten bottles? You should give Little Yellow an IOU first,” Sir System justified boldly.

“Damn, you’re really stingy. Is this still the style of a heroic System? You can’t let me be humiliated in front of my subordinates. Quickly squeeze out a little more. Worst comes to worst, I’ll make a few bottles and replenish it myself,” Fang Ning had no choice but to say so.

After a while, ten bottles of pills appeared in Fang Ning’s hands.

“Xue Ba, this time you’ve made a great contribution. The successful development of the Heavenly Book computer system has proven that under your leadership, the Scientific Academy of Vitality is an excellent team that can fight hard and overcome difficulties,” Fang Ning handed the ten bottles of pills to Yellow Dog, and greatly praised the other party with beautiful words that did not require money.

Yellow Dog quickly raised his legs and hugged the pills, smiling widely.

The only fly in the ointment was that it did not know where Black Dog went so it could not show off in front of the other party. It was really regrettable.

“Since it has been developed, let’s go and see it today. Study how to make the Heavenly Book System take up the responsibility of the management center as soon as possible,” Fang Ning continued to say.

“Yes, master. I’ll work harder to ensure that the Heavenly Book System can successfully complete the task,” Yellow Dog said confidently.

Sir System, on the other hand, was a little dissatisfied, “You guys kept saying Heavenly Book System. You’re simply looking down on a true System like me.”

“You’re just a dull normal System. How can you compare with my baby, Heavenly Book?” Fang Ning took the chance to goad it.

“Damn, I’ll let you know who’s the more powerful System,” Sir System fell into the trap as expected.