Chapter 972 - Portable System

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Chapter 972: Portable System

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One of the arcane realms of Vigilante A — the Morality City.

Fang Ning had not come for a while and found that it had really changed.

The city had expanded a lot. New buildings rose and new wheat, rice, and vegetable fields were opened outside the city.

Nevertheless, in the end, it did not follow the Land of Heritage’s crazily, highly packed arrangement.

Fang Ning always felt that the people living in such densely packed buildings would change sooner or later.

After all, people were animals that need space. Those who could adapt well to the life of living in such buildings were probably only a few homebody types of creatures. It might even turn into the norm…

Fang Ning suddenly thought of the China Nets Above Snares Below and the spiritually-controlled mech, he had some vague speculation.

Perhaps for today’s scenario, Ren Ruofeng and the others had already plotted it a long time ago!

At least it was long before he got the System.

With Yellow Dog leading the way, they arrived at the Scientific Academy of Vitality building and rode the elevator to the 36th floor, where the Heavenly Book System was located.

It was an open hall with rows of computer arrays arranged in a ring shape, forming a structure of a ring within a ring.

From the shape itself, it was completely different from the Red Queen.

At the center of the ring, a thick golden book was floating. It was definitely a piece of legendary golden equipment.

Yellow Dog ran in front and unlocked all kinds of access control throughout the way.

Before reaching the ring-shaped computer array, it started to explain, “Master, we’ve introduced the spiritual related technology of China into this Heavenly Book System. The data channel connecting the computer and the Heavenly Book is done through the spiritual local area network.”

“Not bad, always pay attention to the advanced technology of others and do not blindly shut yourself off from the world, this is the right path,” Fang Ning praised thoughtlessly, and then carefully observed.

At this moment, the golden book in the center of the ring suddenly floated out.

“Master, you’re finally here…”

Fang Ning saw and became slightly stunned. He secretly told Sir System, “Hey, my baby gamebook is really intelligent, how did it know that you are not taking over now?”

“Hmph, it can smell your homebody stench from as far as three Li away. Of course, it recognizes you,” Sir System said, full of disdain.”Scram, you good-for-nothing without a speck of humanness!” Fang Ning said angrily.

Fang Ning made Sir System left in bitterness, and then gently said to the golden book, “Sorry, I was very busy recently. I just went on a long journey and when I came back, there are so many things to do…”

“Who will believe you?” Sir System quickly took its revenge.

“At least my baby will believe me.”

“You’ll just fool a few-year-old idiot.”

“Are you not one of them?”

Fang Ning was distracted in riling Sir System while chatting with baby Heavenly Book.

“Master will have spare time in the future. I have a lot of functions now, and I had them made a lot of decision-making systems such as Resource Information Management System, Personnel Information Management System, Intelligence Management System, War System… All kinds of systems invented in human society had been added by me,” baby Heavenly Book said proudly.

“Very good, green comes from blue and is better than blue,” Fang Ning said a sentence that made Old Yellow feel puzzled. (TN: The phrase literally means that Green is extracted from the blue dye, but it is even bluer than blue. Now, it is used as an analogy to describe students surpassing their teachers.)

The Heavenly Book was very happy after hearing that and said, “Of course, I study hard just to help master.”

“Very good, give me a demonstration of your existing features.”

The golden book immediately began to flip open and demonstrated.

Not long after that, a three-dimensional picture appeared in front of Fang Ning.

An azure dragon was shrouded in the clouds and on its dragon body, there was a huge title.

“Dragon God’s Personal Portable System.”

Below were some menu items. For a born programmer who cheated in games, this was simply all too familiar.

Fang Ning reached out and pressed “Personnel Management”. The menu icon was very beautiful and vivid. There was a person’s head on it, and it was Old Man Zheng wearing gold-rimmed glasses…

Subsequently, the three-dimensional picture changed again.

One person appeared after another

The first person that appeared was Old Man Zheng, with his personal information and experiences, his current job assignments, his emotions, his movements, etc… It was very detailed, even how many times he frequented the toilet in a day was recorded.

“Sir System, can you do that?” Fang Ning smirked.

“I can’t, I don’t have such weird preferences,” Sir System admitted its complete defeat.

Next was the Black and Yellow Dogs. The title was almost the same as Old Man Zheng, but the content was much less. For example, the Black Dog now did not need to use the toilet…

Recently, the orientation of Black Dog’s emotions was ‘when could I get married and walk into the wedding hall as a successful dog’.

The emotional orientation of Yellow Dog was ‘I just got praised by master. I’m so happy.’

“The Black Dog’s request is impossible to satisfy. It wants to get married. Its turn has to be after you,” Sir System said decisively.

Fang Ning saw these and was very surprised. He said to Yellow Dog, “How did this Heavenly Book find out your emotional orientation in real-time?”

“Hey, this feature is much more powerful than your shabby Ally Module and Follower Module,” Fang Ning took the opportunity to beat Sir System down.

“My function is a bit crude but it’s sturdy and long-lasting, it won’t go wrong. This broken book is detailed but it’s all superficial,” Sir System argued.

Fang Ning ignored the stubborn Sir System and looked at the menu items one by one. He found out that these menu functions were really powerful and practical.

For example, the “Resource Information Management System” covered the Venerable Dragon God’s existing industrial chain, fixed assets, and current assets, all categorized and recorded well. It was well-organized and very comfortable to look at.

Fang Ning no longer had to worry about various reports every time. He could not even ignore them. It would really become someone who didn’t know how much money he had.

Of course, he certainly could not become “I don’t know how many wives I have”. After all, he was carrying around a heroic System and not a Harem Aura. (TN: Harem Aura is a term normally used in web novels to describe the main male lead. When a guy is said to have a Harem Aura, almost every girl he meets will like him and willingly enter his harem.)

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From this, he could not compare with some of the wealthy people and those of high status in reality.

“From today onwards, we don’t have to hide anymore. We’ll just be one of those who has a portable system,” Fang Ning said proudly to Sir System.

“Oh, do you mean that I can come out publicly in the future?” Sir System said excitedly.

“In your dreams… Are you not afraid that people will always think about getting their hands on you?” Fang Ning’s words had Sir System wallowing in sadness at one corner.

At this moment, outside Vigilante A’s farm villa.

In the low woods, there were several people hiding. They were observing the manor in the distance.

“Sir, this is the place where Vigilante A lives on Earth. Every time after touring the world, he’ll return here,” a flattering voice said.

“Mm, I’ve smelled his disgusting presence,” a humanoid creature completely covered in black cloth responded.

“There’s no strong Defense Formation here. It’ll be easy to break with Sirs’ power.”

“It’s still a bit difficult to catch him alive. After all, this is his home field.”

“Sir, you might not know. I heard that Vigilante A is recently on bad terms with the Heavenly Axiom. In the recent big changes, there was no benefit for him. This Earth is no longer his home field.”

“Is that so? You can also find out something so confidential, not bad. After accomplishing the task, we’ll give you whatever you want. After all, this is not a one-off deal. We’re different from those devils, we still need agents.”

“Thank you for the support, Sir. I’ll complete the task given even if I had to risk this life of mine.”

“That’s enough, go back. Pay attention to the lurking eyes. Don’t come out before we master this place. On the contrary, you must always show a firm humanity standpoint.”

“Yes, thank you for caring.”