Chapter 973 - Clues

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When the local guide left, the humanoid creature completely shrouded in black cloth began to command, “Big A, while that guy hasn’t come back yet, sneak in and steal some of his belongings. It must be something stained with blood or covered with hair…”

“Yes, master.” Below the feet of the black cloth silhouette, a shadow squirmed and moved quickly towards the villa.

“Hmph, even if this guy’s combat power is strong, he is still of flesh and blood. As long as he hasn’t ascended to the God-level and his life form didn’t change completely, he won’t be able to withstand our curse. With his flesh and blood as a guide, there’s no way he can defend against it,” the humanoid creature was talking to the air beside him.

“Master is wise. According to our intelligence, this Fang Ning’s power is only that of a ten-thousand-year Spirit Cultivator. Describing in local terms, it’s only Sea-level Magical Energy Cultivation Base. He could never withstand the curse that has the nature of the Order,” a sound responded out of thin air.

“Mm, we just need to get rid of this guy and then follow the instructions of the Three Wise Men, turning this world into a place of terror and let all the living beings here tremble in our shadow!” The silhouette under the black cloth suddenly became excited.

“Yes, Master, you’ll be the Shadow King of this world!”

A group of voices said in flattery.

At this moment, the shadow successfully sneaked into the villa of Vigilante A.

In the villa, the person with the highest cultivation base was Zheng Dao, who cultivated the “Atmospheric Morality Technique”.

Now, he had just reached Lake-level. His cultivation progress had been quite fast. After all, morality technique was a difficult ability to cultivate. It was extremely demanding in terms of the cultivator’s temperament, self-cultivation, and behavior.

It was very rare to have someone who could be as pure as Sir System.

Therefore, although this ability held great power and could restrain many evils, only a few cultivators managed to practice it.

Zheng Dao, who was busy working in the study, did not detect it, let alone other people. The others were just some beginner level cultivators. Vigilante A himself was the strongest on Earth and naturally, no bodyguards were hired.

Earth’s foundation was still too shallow. The various combat-related technologies were very much lacking.

Concealment and investigation were originally very advanced war techniques. Revolving around this, God knew how many “ways to improve it” and “ways to prevent it” were invented by humans.

Obviously, the Earth in the era of Shenyuan still lacked “ways to prevent it”.

Even the land where the Dragon God lived was intruded by evil creatures, not to mention other places.

The shadow moved quickly along the flowers and bushes. When it was exposed to the sunlight, it would retract under the ground. Its concealment was ingenious.

It did not even miss searching an inch of land, from the vast farm to the villa itself.

From Fang Ning’s bedroom to the dining hall, washroom, bathroom, swimming pool, wherever the other party had been before, it swept by one by one.

The guide was obviously very responsible, they caught the news of Vigilante A going to the Morality City and had enough time to search the other party’s residence.

At this moment, Fang Ning was watching the launching of baby Heavenly Book’s functions with great interest. How would he think that his home had been turned over by someone else?

Finally, the shadow had completed the search but from its tottering figure when it was leaving, it seemed that the task this time was unsuccessful.

After returning to the woods in the distance, it reported to the black cloth figure.

“Master, I couldn’t find any items that meet the requirements. Fang Ning’s home is too clean, not even a strand of hair or a piece of scurf can be found. As for bloodstains, it’s even more impossible to find.”

“What?” The black cloth figure was shocked and angry. “This is impossible! We rely on the Heavenly Oracle Spirit Lord to obscure the Heavenly Oracle before coming here. He certainly will not know and hence, will not clean up in advance.”

“Master, please calm down. That’s the way it is and not because of my slacking. It’s really unbelievable. Even if it’s a god, if it’s a human that ascended, it’ll often leave behind a few strands of hair or some scurf in the residence because of its habit as a human in the past…” The shadow said while shaking.

“Damn, could it be that he’s not a human? That’s impossible. Could it be that guy lied to us and this is not the house of Fang Ning? That’s impossible too, he doesn’t have that courage, and I can smell that this place is full of his scent,” the figure under the black cloth was puzzled.

After a while, he suddenly exploded with rage!

“Impossible! As long as he’s still a human being, there will always be traces. Who won’t leave behind a single trace in this world! Even if he proclaims himself as a hero and avoids women, even if he’s skilled in celestial arts and has an invincible body, he had no slips when he was still a mortal?” The black cloth figure sunk into madness.

His shadows were all trembling lest he got angry at them too. This Shadow Spirit General was even moodier than malevolent spirits, its mood unpredictable.

“Go, search his previous residence, all his past before he is possessed by the Upper Realm’s Dragon Spirit. I don’t believe that I can’t find a single clue!” The black cloth figure shouted.

After hearing that, countless shadows beside him were relieved and quickly dispersed around.

Of course, he did not know that when Fang Ning had just got the System and produced this “big vest”, Vigilante A, he deliberately had Sir System not leak any of his DNA in order to prevent people from seeing through his identity. Therefore, his saliva, blood, hair, scurf, and so on naturally would not be leaked out.

Even his previous remnant traces were cleaned up by Sir System during the daily inspections.

Safety came first. A curse was useless against Sir System but to Fang Ning, it was rather effective. After all, he was always taken over by Sir System, his state of mind had never been carefully refined and his soul could not withstand a curse that was too powerful at all.

Encountering such opponent, one could not say that black cloth figure was too incompetent, one could only blame the enemy for being too cunning.

In Morality City, completely ignorant of his home being searched, Fang Ning was eagerly discussing the application prospects of the systems with baby Heavenly Book, making Sir System jealous.

For the sake of discussion, he told Yellow Dog to leave and work on other projects.

Following that, he took the baby Heavenly Book directly into the System Space. It was safer to discuss things here…

“Oh right, beloved Heavenly Book, I remember that you have a Mission Module before and it’s personally built by your System Daddy. This type of fine module shouldn’t be wasted. Now I’m quite busy and had no time to do those tasks, but other people are different. Now, there are quite a few cultivators who have some power on Earth and it can be released to them. With the monopolized resources of your System Daddy, those cultivators will definitely fight for it,” Fang Ning had a great idea.

“Master is right, I’ll immediately prepared tasks suitable for other people. It can definitely make a lot of money,” Heavenly Book flipped through the pages and soon found the previous Mission Module.

It was what Sir System used to fool Fang Ning into working in the earliest period of time but unexpectedly, the host was too lazy. After only doing the tasks for a while, he then left these tasks at the back of his mind.

Sir System was not the King of Gods and it had long exposed its true self. It could not scare Fang Ning anymore. Thus, a good Mission Module was left unsettled.

Fang Ning remembered it now and it was considered making good use of unwanted material.

“Very good, deposit the money earned directly into master’s account. Be careful not to let your System Daddy find out. Master is very poor now,” Fang Ning said blatantly.

“Okay, master,” baby Heavenly Book immediately promised.

“…” Sir System heard it and was instantly stupefied.

“The two of you are too blatant. Using my monopolized resources to earn money and furthermore, you won’t let me know?” Sir System said indignantly. “Is there still any justice? Any law?”

“What are you talking about? The money I made in the end, isn’t it for you? How much have I spent on myself? It’s all for the big picture,” Fang Ning asserted boldly.

“That’s right. System Daddy always spends a lot of money. If you don’t let master manage it, you’ll bankrupt easily,” baby Heavenly Book immediately assisted.

“Is that the case?” Sir System was confused by their roundabout way of talking and could not make heads or tails of it.

“Yes, that’s the case. Sir System, you should sponsor some start-up funds. You can theorize a few perfect-level common auxiliary skills first, and then make some pills for breakthrough, making sure that they’re rare and precious. Only by doing this, we can attract enough cultivators to work for us,” Fang Ning quickly said while Sir System was still in confusion.

“Oh, I used to say that I want to build a platform of my own and replace Heavenly Axiom, is it starting now?” Sir System suddenly got excited and said.

“Yes, yes. Also, we can integrate the Justice Points exchange system that we asked the Alliance of Justice and Order to make and let baby Heavenly Book manage it, saving us the trouble. Let’s start promoting from the Alliance of Justice and Order, that’s our territory, and give the staffs a portable Task Log each. This is a win-win situation.” Fang Ning imagined and said.

“Fine, for the sake of money, I’ll handle the initial investment,” Sir System was successfully fooled…