Chapter 974 - Can’t Laugh

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Chapter 974: Can’t Laugh

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When Fang Ning was leaving the Morality City, baby Heavenly Book wanted to follow him.

“Hey, you’re fine being separated from the computer?” Fang Ning looked at the computer arrays in the ring within a ring arrangement and could not help but be worried.

“No problem, master. Weak connection technology was used. I only need to make critical decisions and most of the peripheral data is stored in the computer array. Moreover, using spiritual communication technique, the upload and download speeds are thousands of times faster than the current 5G technology, even if the distance is far, it’s not a problem,” Heavenly Book assured.

“Sir System, is there a problem?” Fang Ning asked the expert.

“Hmph, there’s definitely no problem on Earth but you can’t take it with you on a mission in another world,” Sir System said darkly.

It seemed that it was still unhappy about their joint attack just now.

“What an ordinary system. In that case, your communication function is still too weak, you need to continue work hard to strengthen it,” Fang Ning immediately urged.

“It’s easy for you to say,” said Sir System in exasperation, “I can connect to the local network is already very good, and you want communication across different worlds, that’s impossible!”

“You’re wrong,” Fang Ning asserted. “Communication across different worlds is a major technology. If you can overcome it, your system platform will be extended to all worlds in the future. You can?harvest the leeks of the people?1?from the Upper Realm. Compared to these weak chickens on Earth, the limitless Upper Realm is the main battlefield.”

Sir System was unimpressed by what it heard, “The Upper Realm is about to die, what leeks can we harvest?”

“You’re wrong again,” Fang Ning sneered, revealing an inscrutable expression. “Everyone is saying that the Upper Realm is dying. Who said it? The people from the Upper Realm said so themselves, but they themselves, such as those mighty beings from the World of Spirit and Souls and even Death who had died, had been or are continuing to prolong the lifespan of their world. How do you know that they’re not pretending to advance along one path while secretly going along another?”

“Hey, Mr. Rich Man, you can actually see through such advanced plot, I’m amazed. It seems that I really have to find a way to upgrade this technology of communication across different worlds,” Sir System said in thought.

“That’s right,” Fang Ning struck while the iron was hot. “After all, you’re a game system. In a game system, the Communication Module is the most important thing. It’s fine if you don’t understand it, as long as you can upgrade it.”

After Sir System promised, it looked at the various system modules on it and suddenly became depressed.

It said grumpily, “Sigh, a good hands-off takeover martial arts system like me has almost become a Jack of all trades under all your suggestions and deceptions. I think I’m finished sooner or later.”

“No, others might die but you won’t. After all, it’s often said that fools live for a thousand years.” Fang Ning comforted.

“If it’s as you said, it seems that I have to be always stupid for safety…”

“That’s a fact, don’t you know? When the system is thinking, the host is laughing.”

[The System is thinking…]

[The System decided to cut off Internet and power to the Host for three days.]

“Can you still laugh?”

After a while, Fang Ning, who finally comforted Sir System, took the baby Heavenly Book, left the Morality City and returned to the farm villa.

Before he got home, Sir System took over him.

System Notification: [The System took over the Host’s body.]

“Hey, what’s the problem at home?” Fang Ning said as he skilfully retracted into the System Space and accompanied the baby game book.

“Oh, your habitual action has already become so skilled?” Sir System was very impressed.

“You flatter me, no matter if it’s dangerous, there’s nothing wrong with retracting into the System Space. Besides, you’ve taken over and if I’m still in my own body, it feels weird.” Fang Ning said brazenly.

“It’s indeed dangerous. The monitoring thread tells me that there are subtle changes in the positions of some things in the house, and no one else has noticed it,” Sir System said seriously.

Hence, Vigilante A did not land into the house immediately, but activated his Spirit Gaze and began to inspect.

However, nothing was found under careful inspection.

“It seems that nothing has come here before?” Fang Ning looked through the System View and found no clues as well.

“What do you know? If you don’t find anything, it’s even scarier, okay? Of course, that’s for you,” said Sir System. “It seems that the intruder’s level of power has well exceeded us.”

“Oh, what, what should we do? Why don’t we quickly move too,” Fang Ning stuttered.

For a long time, he had been used to the overpowering fighting style of Sir System. Suddenly, he had to face an enemy more powerful than himself, he was really scared.

This was not in the World of Spirit and Souls, where he could do things recklessly. If he could not defeat the opponent, he could run away. Here, his actions were restricted. Vigilante A could run but Old Man Zheng could not. This was the reason Fang Ning wanted to move.

“Er, our way of thinking is really different,” Fang Ning admitted defeat.

System Notification: [The System consumed 100 Heavenly Merit Points and activated the skill “Heavenly Fortune”. Effect: Within 30 minutes, “being assisted by Heavens and Earth”.]

Subsequently, Sir System scanned again and found something immediately.

“Found it. Something searched your underwear before. Although the traces are subtle, it left a trace of spirit-like presence after all,” Sir System said, pleasantly surprised.

“Crap, who has such weird preference?” Fang Ning was very speechless. “Also, why do you sound so happy?”

“You’re overthinking again. I’m joyful because I don’t have to spend money anymore to buy the useless service of Death. The price-performance ratio of the stuff exchanged from Heavenly Axiom’s IOU is still quite high, at least it can find out monsters with power levels that are much higher than ours,” Sir System justified.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about this. Just now, you mentioned something about a spirit-like presence? Could it be that a spirit entered our house?” Fang Ning held his chin as if he was a famous detective.

“This is very obvious. We just had a killing spree in the World of Spirit and Souls. Now, it’s very logical for them to look for us.” Sir System said matter-of-factly.

“In your opinion, what do they want to do, sneaking in here?” Fang Ning wondered.

“It’s simple. There are just those few attack methods. They definitely want to take your personal belongings and use them to put a curse on you. Perhaps your little voodoo doll is now ready,” Sir System gloated.

Fang Ning was both fearful and angry, “I get cursed, why are you so happy? If I’m dead, even if you won’t die, there’ll be no place for you to live and you can only become a stray system! Not to mention that I’ve activated the achievement, you can’t run away, you can only die with me!”

“Er, sorry, I was thinking that if you’re dead, can I change to an intelligent and powerful master?” Sir System imagined and said.

“Heh, you good-for-nothing, you’re really simple,” Fang Ning immediately reprimanded. “If you really change to an intelligent and powerful host, do you think you can still be so comfortable? That person will cut you up into eight pieces, dissect you to do research, analyze your construction, and completely integrate your functions as his own. It’ll be just like scientists encountering aliens. It’s a delusion if you still want to live well!”

“Oh, it sounds quite logical,” said Sir System, suddenly feeling fortunate. “It seems that it’s good to have a lazy host, at least you must be too lazy to research these things.”

“You’re wrong. It’s not because I’m lazy that I’m not doing it. It’s because I am a man with 99 affection points. Even if it’s a pig, after living together for a long time, I’ll not kill it for its meat…” Fang Ning said compassionately.

“You make it sound like I’m on the same level as a pig,” Sir System said gloomily.

“Stop talking nonsense. For our safety, let’s quickly find the guys who put the curse,” Fang Ning urged.

“You don’t have to find them. They can’t put a curse on you.”

“They can’t find a powerful medium. I’ll usually clean up your traces in this world thoroughly, not even a fingerprint is left behind, let alone other things. As for other karmic things, they can’t be used against you. In any case, you’re a person who has activated the ‘Biomechanical Fusion’ achievement. If you feel uncomfortable, I’ll use that achievement immediately and by then you’ll have my resistance,” Sir System said seriously.

“I see. Thank you for your concern, Sir System. I’m relieved,” Fang Ning let out a long breath.

He did not expect that this idiot had evolved the attributes of tsundere. Although it kept saying that it could not wait for him to die, it was actually very cautious lest he die… (TN: Tsundere is a Japanese term that describes someone who is awkward in showing his/her feelings. They hide their feelings and try to be rude or cold to someone they care for.)