Chapter 975 - Shadow King

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Chapter 975: Shadow King

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In a small town in the southeast of China, the town was doing propaganda work, mobilizing everyone to the Land of Heritage to seek refuge.

“Everyone, listen up. These are the instructions from above. If you enter the arcane realm, your safety is guaranteed; if you remain outside, nobody will take care of you… If you enter the arcane realm, you’ll have a job; if you stay outside, you’ll lose your job,” the mobile propaganda car went back and forth on a short main street of the town.

There was a coal mine nearby. Owing to the exhaustion of the coal mine and the collapse of the ground, most of the people had moved to a housing estate in the town where the development was concentrated. They had abandoned their farming work and changed to other occupations such as opening restaurants and involving in logistics, while young people went to school and worked part-time outside the town, etc…

This also made propaganda work easier. It no longer had to be like before, where it could only be done on the way to the village most of the time from day to night.

The former village and land had collapsed due to coal mining and became a large swamp.

A part of it had been converted into fish ponds and contracted to fishermen. The other part became a local tourist attraction for the townspeople and citizens to enjoy on weekends.

Although the townspeople lived a hard life, they were still comfortable.

Even if the Shenyuan era had started and there was a Dragon God in the sky, the place was remote and there were no demons, devils, spirits or monsters. The townspeople’s understanding of the demons and devils was entirely from the Internet and some TV programs on exploration.

The propaganda car’s effort was not in vain. Now, most of the townspeople had chosen to follow the long relocation team and go to the provincial capital where there were specialized members of the organization who would organize them to go to the north by car to enter the arcane realm.

All real estates that could not be moved would be estimated and converted into a living fund for them as a basis of survival in the arcane realm.

As for bank deposits, it would also be counted and superimposed on the living funds.

If this was not the case, it would be very difficult for many people to abandon the houses and properties that they had accumulated for six generations.

According to the propaganda car, the prices in the arcane realm were the same as that outside.

The food was still the original price, a pound of rice for $1 and a pound of pork for $10. Of course, the price fluctuation would happen. This was just a rough description.

For the people of China, as long as there was still food, most people would be able to settle down.

However, there were still some people in the town who would not leave. They were mainly old people and their children who did not want to abandon the elderly.

They did not want to live in the arcane realm. They just wanted to die on familiar land.

These people would not move until their very last moment.

In a fish pond outside the town, an old man was looking at the fish pond. His name was no longer remembered by others unless they went to see his identity card or household register.

Everyone only knew that his surname was Wang and they all called him Uncle Wang.

Uncle Wang was more than 70 years old and was a lonely old man.

It was not that he did not want to go to the arcane realm but he wanted to collect this year’s fish before going.

After all, this pond of fish could sell for a few $10,000. He was reluctant to leave it like this. Many old people were not willing to throw away even a bowl of leftover rice, let alone a few $10,000 worth fishes that were about to be collected.

‘Anyway, I haven’t encountered anything in the past few years. Delaying for another ten days to half a month should be fine.’

With such wishful thinking, he still guarded the fish pond every day to prevent the fish from being eaten by some demons who grew sapience, such as that clever crow.

This guy had learned fishing and netting, could you believe it? A crow that could actually fish.

As for big demons who dared to eat people, of course, it did not exist. If it did, it would have been taken away by the Dragon God in the sky.

For this, Uncle Wang was still very grateful. During every festival and New Year, he would lit incense to the Sir Dragon God…

‘It would be nice if the crow was taken away too.’

Today, Uncle Wang looked at the few simple fishing nets that appeared in the center of the fish pond and thought gloomily.

This fishing net was obviously not made by a human. The guys who stole fish would not use this kind of low efficient fishing net.

“Caw caw… Old Man Wang, you still won’t go away? Everyone is gone. Be careful, you might be dragged away and eaten by some monster today!”

At this moment, a black crow flew from the sky and landed on the tattered fishing net. It picked up a small fish hanging on the net and swallowed it. After that, it flew above Uncle Wang’s head and shouted wantonly.

“Awful guy, sooner or later, you’ll be taken away by the Dragon God.” Uncle Wang’s body was weak and the folks were forbidden from having weapons to harm birds so he could not do anything to this newborn demon. He could only scold angrily.

“Caw caw caw, he won’t look at a little monster like me. I don’t eat people anyway. I just eat some fish and shrimp. What should I be afraid of? Moreover, although the fishes are contracted to you, the water is not yours. Do you think only you can raise fish? I can also raise fish,” the crow said with confidence.

While they were arguing, big bubbles suddenly appeared in the fish pond.

“Caw caw caw, the monster is coming!” The crow was brave and was a weirdo that even dared to peck a cat’s ass. When it saw this, it just flew higher and then gloated.

Uncle Wang immediately stepped back and picked up the harpoon next to him.

He wanted to run away, but he could not. He could only hope that it would be like last time where a dragon flew across the sky and the monster who ate people was taken away.

However, this time, the dragon came a little slow.

In the pond, a long monster suddenly emerged. Its body was very long, the small part that was out of the water was already four or five meters long. It had a pointed and thin head but there was no face, looking a little strange.

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Uncle Wang was so scared that his legs turned to jelly. He had seen a monster before, but last time he passed out…

When he woke up, he saw the Dragon God descended from the sky and killed the monster.

He was not sure if he had such luck this time.

After the monster came out, it did not attack him immediately.

A voice came from the long worm that had no face.

“Submit to the great Shadow King and you shall be pardon!”

Old Man Wang subconsciously looked at the sky but he did not see any signs of the Dragon God flying over.

He slowly moved backward.

“Stupid human, the Shadow Earth Dragon has given you a chance but you don’t cherish it.” The long worm shot out of the water and slammed into the faltering old man.

Old Man Wang only saw how to avoid monster attacks on TV, how could he use it?

He had an experience before but it did not help too.

At this moment, the crow suddenly shot down.

It peaked somewhere on the worm and flew away quickly.

The worm seemed to have taken a fatal blow and returned to the water at a faster speed.

“A mere mutated earthworm, you think I’ll be afraid of you?” The crow said proudly and then wondered in puzzlement, “But it’s weird. I thought earthworms can’t live in the water?”

Old Man Wang took this opportunity and quickly fled the pond and rode his motorized tricycle.

“Thank you, crow. Next time I’ll give you a big fish to eat,” he said as he turned the ignition.

“If you really want to thank me, just get out of here quickly and let me contract the fish pond!” The crow did not appreciate his thanks but shouted imprudently.

This time, Old Man Wang did not argue with the other party. He was just about to ride the tricycle and leave.

At this moment, a person suddenly fell from the sky.

“It’s Sir Dragon God!” When Old Man Wang saw that, he quickly stopped the motorized car and went over to salute him.

“There was a monster that appeared just now, what did it say?” Vigilante A asked.

Old Man Wang hurriedly told everything that happened earlier respectfully.

He knew that Dragon God had sharp eyes and it was said that he could see what was happening on the ground clearly across thousands of miles.

“Shadow King?” Vigilante A nodded and then looked at the crow in the sky. “Why did you save him just now?”

“Saving people need a reason? This old man has been raising fish for me for four years. I can’t just watch him die, right? Anyway, that earthworm monster is a paper tiger. It might seem big but except hitting people, it could not do anything to me because I can fly,” the crow waved his wings and said proudly.

“That’s rare, you’re really a kind-hearted bird. This is a letter of recommendation. You can become Sky Eagle’s disciple and learn some cultivation ability for birds,” Vigilante A said and threw a handwritten letter to that crow.

The crow held the handwritten letter with its mouth and hurriedly thanked him, “Thank you, Sir Dragon God.”

This was a rare opportunity. Although it was very arrogant, it knew that if it can be a disciple of the boss of the bird clan, it would have a smooth future. It might even earn himself the title of “King of Crow”.

Now that human beings had withdrawn from Earth, it was conceivable that this land would be filled with demons, spirits, insects, and devils. There would be many opportunities. As the most intelligent crow, it must seize this opportunity.