Chapter 979 - Magical Energy Loan

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Chapter 979: Magical Energy Loan

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In the Land of Heritage, inside the headquarters of the Truth Department.

After listening to Qiao Zijiang’s report, Ren Ruofeng was considerably shaken.

He could not help but let out a sigh, “Sure enough, the Venerable Dragon God had not come up with a rare skill like the “Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique” out of the kindness in his heart, but because he has an impeccably profound foresight.”

Qiao Zijiang nodded, “According to the information obtained from the Red Queen, among the 470million entry-level cultivators, more than 90% of them cultivates this skill. Only most of them do not know the true power and strategic value that this deceivingly common skill holds.”

“Yes, ordinary people always think that only the rare is most precious, but they don’t know that the most common items are often the most valuable. No one knows the weight of the things they possess, only when they lose it, do they realize its true worth. Such as air, water, land, and time…” Ren Ruofeng exclaimed somewhat woefully.

“Grandfather Ren is also very powerful, haven’t you also created the “Cultivation of the Spirit”? Different paths lead to the same destination, they say that great minds think alike, and it is truly so.” With her uncle’s resurrection on the line, Qiao Zijiang hedged in a few words of praise.

She knew too well that if it were not because of Elder Ren’s respect for her uncle, in this time of crisis, resurrecting her uncle was definitely nowhere near the top of their list of priorities. There many other important things that needed to be done, such as training young people who had the potential.

However, unlike those youngsters that have received God’s Missionary, her uncle had something that none of did; that was his unwavering stance.

This was something that should never be underestimated. In the organization, capabilities were definitely not the foremost important evaluation factor; if one’s position was not steadfast, even if they had strong capabilities, it would only do more harm.

That was exactly why her uncle had been regarded highly by the rest of the Elders.

He had the power and capability, and an immovable stance with an honorable character and was willing to sacrifice himself for the better good. A talent like him was so hard to come by.

Hearing this Ren Ruofeng found himself inadvertently swayed as he waved his hand, “Oh, it’s not the same. The difficulty level between the two is poles apart. Spiritual cultivation requires one to only share the same belief system and it easy to accumulate, just like those who believe in Gods; cultivating magical energy, on the other hand, varies according to the person. With our potential and cultivation, we’ve still a long way to go before we’re able to produce a skill that can be practiced by all and allow such magical energy to be intertwined and interoperate among one another.”

“Even the Upper Realm does not have such a skill. Although many devils and even Gods from the Upper Realm have the power to consume other’s cultivation, those powerhouses are rare and few. The Venerable One must have used the Dragon Clan’s secret technique to create such a powerful, universal skill.”

Qiao Zijiang secretly agreed with him, but thought it would be unwise to follow along with the other’s words, she could not possibly say that he was not as good as the Venerable One, could she?

“There’s no other way left. I may just have to bring out my brass neck again and ask that old woman to distribute some more magical energy…” Ren Ruofeng said with reluctance.

Then, Qiao Zijiang offered a suggestion, The “Magical Provenance”, along with another Magical Energy Bank, all have close ties to the Venerable One. Could we directly take out a loan from them?

“Well, the Venerable One is indeed a fair and honest man. Even though both these commercial organizations belong to him, he has never been misappropriately taken out the magical energy deposits,” Ren Ruofeng fell into deep thought for a moment before he finally grit his teeth and said, “Alright, we’ll put down the revenue of next year’s pill sales from our assets outside as mortgage and take out another loan from these two organizations for another billion Dan unit worth of magical energy.”

At Vigilante A’s farm villa.

As Fang Ning was making himself tea he could not help but remember the good old days of the past where he had never had to do these things by himself.

Damn those evil spirits!

At that moment, a message arrived from Ren Ruofeng stating his request to take a large sum loan from the two magical energy deposit organizations…

“That’s so complicated, but at least the establishment of these two organizations finally have some use,” Sir System said begrudgingly, “I didn’t expect for the Big Billionaire Host to have such profound foresight, even I have to admit that I’m not as good as you.”

“Hehe, now you understand while my plotting capabilities may not be as good as those intelligent ones, but it’s more than enough to utterly crush you.” Fang Ning exclaimed proudly.

“Yes, yes, I’m just an ordinary System.”

Ignoring the second-rate System, Fang Ning quickly called up the heads of the two organizations to have them discuss the terms and details regarding the magical energy loan with the people from the Truth Department.

Whilst the Venerable Dragon God was in the midst of preparations for his crusade; one by one, a group of Greater Rat Demons were moving into a building in the eastern part of the Land of Culinary.

Unlike the arrangement scheme for the humans, they were arranged according to a hierarchy system.

Different from the Earth, there was no magma or large areas of groundwater underneath the ground, neither was there any geological movements, making the underground more stable. Compared to the Earth, it was more suited and easier for construction work to proceed, as long as the basic groundwork was done.

Their source of water supply depended on regular rainfall and it must be stored accordingly.

Without the recycling properties of the all-purpose bacteria, the supply of water would not be able to supply this many mouths.

Greater Rats could only live underground whilst the Greater Demon Rats occupied the surface.

As for the Greater Rats, they were regarded as slaves and tools to be driven; they possessed no civil rights, and neither did they have any political power.

Unless they were intelligent enough and cultivated into demons under the nourishment of vitality, what awaited them was only a lifespan of fewer than twenty years where they would be worked till death.

Although Greater Rats were dull creatures and could not carry out many of the more modern and complex tasks, they could handle a lot of simple heavy labor menial work.

Tasks such as planting crops, excavating, cleaning and courier handling were all, in fact, simple, repetitive processes. So long there was supervision and training, these Greater Rats could be put to work.

Due to the suppression of the bloodlines and Demonic Energy, they have become incredibly submissive to the Greater Rat Demons, and cases of riots such as those among the human slaves were never heard of.

Founded upon the wealth of the hard work of hundreds of millions of Greater Rats, the basic standard of living for the Greater Rat Demons was considerably well-off, to a point where the average person would be envious.

After several years of development, the number of Greater Rat Demons had grown to millions. Now all of them were to be evacuated into the Land of Culinary, with the exception of a group that had entered inside to work, the majority of them were still working outside, enduring the risks and dangers of being attacked by the evil spirits.

Similar to Ren Ruofeng’s plan for spirtually-controlled mechs, Bai Shixin needed to do the same. Otherwise, it would be impossible to maintain the regular production of their daily necessities.

Bai Shixin and his ministers stood on top of a building, watching their subjects move into the arcane realm in an orderly manner.

“My King, we are most fortunate that those Shadow Spirits did not make us their main targets. They’ve only sent a few insignificant earthworm monsters to intimidate us, but that is not enough to interfere with our relocation process. Now the core Greater Rats have?been safely evacuated.” Kong Liang gleefully tried to flatter.

“That is due to His Majesty’s great foresight, how could you say that it was only luck?” An opposing voice came immediately.

“That’s enough. Evacuating is our last resort. After the evacuation, the production outside the realm still needs to be continued, but the venture now carries risks. Those spirits hate the living by nature, and the ones that are exposed outside bear the risk of being transformed or getting attacked by them at any given moment, which one of you is willing to take up this task?” Bai Shixin asked calmly.

Silence filled the room.

Talk was easy, but not many were actually willing to walk the talk.

Everyone knew the risks and dangers were not something to be taken lightly.

Demons and spirits share the same roots, and demons were most prone to attract evil spirits.

Before, there were humans on the surface, but now the humans have evacuated and so have the majority of the Greater Rat Demons. Under these circumstances, those who went out were bound to be the light in the darkest night, the most obvious target.

The only ones left on Earth right now were either fools or the ones powerful enough to ignore those evil spirits, like a certain Pharos of the East.