Chapter 982 - Death with A Strike

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Chapter 982: Death with A Strike

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Time went by slowly for a month.

Sir System had managed to fill up the thirteen magic bubbles in which the Grim Reaper exhaled. This was quite a strenuous work.

Fang Ning collapsed on the floor of the System Space, looking relieved to be finally freed of it all.

“Only a small amount of work and you’re exhausted to the brim. Don’t you feel embarrassed?” Sir System mocked.

“Listen to what you’re saying! A man with smarts like mine wouldn’t stoop so low if I didn’t have to chase that spirit general away for justice,” Fang Ning said.

“Cut it out. I think that it’s meaningful, you doing such jobs. Definitely a hundred times better than reading novels,” Sir System said greedily. “Next time, I’ll loan some magic from the Magical Energy Bank for you to purify them, and then I’ll sell the product to them for a high price as another way to earn money.”

“…” Fang Ning’s forehead started to sweat. “Sir, you really are becoming stingier by the day, even for formulating plans like this. Aren’t you tired of it?”

“Why, you don’t agree with me?” Sir System questioned.

“F*ck if I agree, I’m very busy, you know.” Fang Ning summoned the Heavenly Book and started to flip it, putting up a front…

“Quit it and go negotiate with Black Water. Ask him to search for the Shadow Ghost General and give me the additional four combos while you’re at it,” Sir System nagged him.

“You can do it yourself. Why do you always make me talk to them?” Fang Ning did not want to move.

“Look at you. I’m a mysterious presence in their eyes. If I interact with them too frequently, how can I keep up the suspense?” Sir System snapped. “I talk too much with you. You saw through me, and look where I am now.”

Fang Ning was speechless. So, he later went to the entertainment room and relayed Sir System’s demands to Death.

Death provided his thorough service and a question lined with concern at the side. “That Shadow Spirit General is extraordinarily strong. As the lead general of the Heavenly Oracle Spirit Lord and a mirror double of sorts, he has an array of life-saving skills at his disposal. You really don’t need me to deal with him in person?”

Fang Ning hesitated. He did not want to do another month of menial work, and so he said to Sir System, “Mr. Death was right. We have met people that were impossible to kill in the past. Ling Yunzi, for instance, had doppelgangers to take the brunt of the hit for him. This spirit general is going to be a lot more formidable than Ling Yunzi. Are you sure you can do this?”

“I certainly couldn’t in the past, but I procured quite a lot of gold just now, did I not? I’m going to spend them now,” Sir System said confidently. “If I let Death have him, wouldn’t I waste my efforts for the past month? Do you think I’ll agree?”

Fang Ning showed his understanding. With Sir System’s personality, he would not be content if he did not kill the general himself.

System Notification: [The System has used 100 billion experience points, leveling up Atmospheric Morality Technique to Mythical-level.

The System has used 100 billion experience points, leveling up True Bodhi Tactics to Mythical-level.

The System has used 100 billion experience points, leveling up Dragonization Ability to Mythical-level.

The System has used 100 billion experience points, leveling up Heavensward Sword Technique to Mythical-level.]

“Now, do you think I can kill it?” Sir System gloated.

“Uh, you should be at Ocean-level now, shouldn’t you?” Fang Ning asked carefully.

It was impossible for him to not be uncareful. The sheer exorbitance of spending thirty thousand gold in seconds was simply too awe-inspiring.

“Uh, of course. My current strength should be equal to that of the Shadow Spirit General’s.” Sir System was confident in himself.

“Fine then. Let them know our true abilities.” Fang Ning had made up his mind.

Then he said to Death, “Mr. Death, please do a spell and determine the whereabouts of the Shadow Spirit General. Also, do supplement the Heavenly Sword with the extra features like the last time.”

“Sure. The client’s needs are always my first priority,” Death said decisively.

Black Pot, who was standing nearby, suddenly sighed. “You’re really getting accustomed to that. A supreme deity like you, Lord Death, who once stood in the highest ranks has really turned into a common merchant.”

Black Pot had no response to that. It was evident that his state of mind was far from the other’s.

If not, how else could the other rule an entire world and become a supreme deity while he was only a common culinary god?

Fang Ning was filled with admiration after listening to his words.

He was a god after all; this open-minded mentality of his was definitely extraordinary.

Mortals who could retain their composure even when there were highs and lows were few and far between. It could even be said that they did not exist. The state of mind of every person would always change, no matter the magnitude.

Famous people in history were not exempted from that as well.

This God of Death, who stood highest among all, was flexible enough. He could bargain with Sir System, squeeze every last drop of magic out of it with the cleverness of a vendor on the streets.

“This man has far thicker skin than you and me both. It’s no wonder I lost so much from the past few bargains,” Sir System commented resentfully. “This Culinary God is a better client, with his high horses and pure heart.”

“Okay, let’s get back to business. Who knows how many lives would suffer from your dallying.” Fang Ning pushed.

“Don’t you guilt trip me. I know what I’m doing,” Sir System said angrily.

Next, Death started to work his magic.

Sir System had opened a tunnel that connected the system space to the outside world, of course, or the other could not cast the spell at all.

Fang Ning looked at his surroundings attentively through the System View.

A real deity, casting in his true form, was quite a rare sight.

The few gods he had encountered before were all handicapped incarnations with limited magical energy and numerous limits. They could not compare to the current Death at all when he had absorbed enough pure magical energy.

Then, a huge eye appeared between Heaven and Earth, rotating towards all directions.

Countless creatures curled in on themselves in terror of the feeling — what they sensed was truly a presence from the Upper Realm.

The strong presence they felt was akin to what a human would experience when facing the sea, or an ant facing the skies.

Luckily, the eye disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. Then, all creatures breathed in relief and went back to their own business.

“I found it,” Death said mildly.

A 3D image appeared in front of Fang Ning, only for him to see an extremely familiar city, an equally familiar building block, and finally his room.

A laptop, with wear and tear at a few places, sat on a dusty computer table.

“Uh, isn’t this the rented apartment that I lived in before?” Fang Ning said angrily. “I remember clearly that I had taken this laptop when I moved, so why is it still there? There’s really something wrong.”

“You’re stating the obvious. There is a spirit here,” Sir System mocked. “This guy really knows his tactics, hiding down here right before us.”

After locating the target, Death bestowed the skill combos onto the black sword floating in front of him.

Bestowment Extrication!

The next moment, the black sword flew out from the system space and appeared instantly on top of the house Fang Ning once lived in.

As the combination of four skills attacked, the shadow hiding in Fang Ning’s laptop instantly felt that trouble was coming.

When it sensed trouble, everything was already coming to an end.

The computer turned into ashes, and the house was destroyed with it.

“Uh, my memories and youth have disappeared forever…” Fang Ning sighed.

“We should’ve done that earlier. This guy nearly discovered my true identity…” Sir System said.