Chapter 983 - The Boss’ Tragic Death

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Chapter 983: The Boss’ Tragic Death

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Killing the Shadow Ghost General made a huge scene, but the Heavenly Sword “Soaring Dragon” did not offer any commentary on the side.

Feeling a sense of foreboding, Fang Ning quickly checked the system notifications.

System notification: [The System has used the Mythical-level skill “Morality of the Realm”, sealing the Shadow Ghost General.

The System has used the True Bodhi Tactics and has activated the Mythical-level skill Underworld Ghost Exorcism on the true form of the Shadow Ghost General.

The System has used the Mythical-level skill “Body-sword unity” which has greatly increased the offensive power of the Heavenly Sword Soaring Dragon.

The system has used the special skill of the Heavenly Sword “Teleportation”, attacking the Shadow Ghost General!

Draconic Suppression!

The true form of the Shadow Ghost General in the World of Spirits has been killed!

The System has gained 550 billion experience points!

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

The System has transcended worlds and vanquished an Ocean-level powerhouse!

The System has gained a huge amount of inter-world reputation.

The System has vanquished the origin of terror and has gained astronomical amounts of morality.

The System has eradicated a fatal threat to the Heavenly Axiom and has gained ten thousand Heavenly Merit points.

The System has gained the artifact “Shadow Cape”. Uses: Obscures body. Can only be seen through by True Gods with their magic.”

The System has gained the treasure “Storage Bracelet”.]

Only after Fang Ning had finished reading the notifications did he understood why the Black Sword did not dare to speak; it was because the majority of the credit for the kill belonged to the System.

He said, rejoicing, “This Shadow Ghost General wasn’t stupid after all. He, same as the others, did not descend with his true form in this world. But hey, Sir System, what’s up with that Underworld Ghost Exorcism of yours? It really can locate targets inter-realm?”

“Look at you, slacking off on your cultivation and not understanding even this?” Sir System seized the opportunity to scold him. “If you had cultivated the True Bodhi Tactics devoutly every day, you would know that its contents are vast, and that exorcism is one of its strong suits. As long as I have visited the realm in question before and formed a cause-effect chain with the spirit, I can hone on it through the cause-effect chain.”

Fang Ning understood after Sir System’s explanation. He said as he admired, “Amazing. Common System, you’ve really impressed me again this time. It seems like you’re not far from upgrading into a Divine System.”

“Oh, how far is this step of yours, then?” Fang Ning asked while itching from all the possibilities. “How long do you need to achieve this?”

He had already played all the roles imaginable that a human could assume — a multi-millionaire, an emperor, the leader of the Alliance of Justice. Now, he was yearning for a taste of being a god.

“Uh…” Suddenly, Sir System started to stutter. “You don’t need to care about this. All in all, this is not something that you should concern yourself with. Go get busy and ready the support that I need.”

‘There was definitely a nefarious plan in play,’ Fang Ning thought with certainty.

He then drawled, “Let me guess. Does one of the criteria include leveling up the system to level 100?”

“Before all of that, we’ll have to achieve a maximum level, right? I can finally marry.” Fang Ning caught the main point astutely.

“As I said earlier, I suggest a break-up as the solution for all relationship problems. Why are you constantly hung up on marriage?”

“You’re stating the obvious,” Fang Ning said righteously. “I can only marry after you’re on level 100. The Fangs have a throne to pass on, so I gotta continue the family line somehow. On another topic, having a kid that calls me Papa every day will be so much fun.”

“What the hell, where did you find out about all this old history from?” Fang Ning was shocked terribly by the story. He said lamely, “Zeus got that prophecy because his family had that particular tradition of sons defeating their fathers. The Fang family won’t be like that.”

“Uh, you know how to think ahead, too? This is rare.” Fang Ning said with hesitation.

Sir System’s words weren’t devoid of wisdom. If he became a god, then the meaning of continuing the family line and searching for inheritors would become less significant.

“Of course. If you wind up dead, I won’t have anything to gain.” Sir System was serious.

After ruminating for a while, Fang Ning decided to put this in the backburner until he had finished thinking.

“Okay, we’ll talk about this later. Now, since the Shadow Ghost General was killed, we’ll have to inform Ren Ruofeng and the others to assemble a team to clean up the Earth and resume production. This is an important matter; we have to start now lest they become bankrupt,” Fang Ning said seriously.

“You can manage this by yourself. I want to focus on developing myself further for a while.” After manipulating its host, the System was in a good mood and so it gave him autonomy.

As told, Fang Ning sent a message to Ren Ruofeng asking him to assign someone here to clean up.

Now, there was no Shadow Ghost General controlling the fright of ghosts. Ghosts scattered like a pile of sand was no longer a dire threat.

Not long after, Ren Ruofeng sent a reply.

The message was filled with so many platitudes and words of praise that Fang Ning felt discomfited by it. He did not expect Old Ren to be so adept in the skill of sucking up…

He did not not know the significance of vanquishing the Shadow Ghost General, but it was made clear that he had greatly underestimated it after reading the reply.

This signified that the Earth had the ability to fight against the assault force under the Upper Realm with the pooling of resources and magnifying them.

This also meant that the path that Ren Ruofeng had drawn earlier was real and doable. The tactic of compiling resources to commit huge deeds was completely accurate.

If they did not lay out the plan earlier and instead, letting them run free, they definitely had no way to compile oceanic amounts of magic in such a short time and convert it to a momentum that defeated the Spirit General.

“Tsk, this man is quite generous. He’s getting ready to compile magic worth 100 million in Dan Units for me as compensation for today’s service. Nice, quite nice. You’re in charge of daily conversion of this 100 million of magic from now on,” Sir System said after reading the reply.

“In your dreams. I’m very busy. It’ll be better if you withdrew one of your threads to do it for you. I’ve helped you before because the situation was dire. Now that it’s diffused, I’m going to do something more important.”

“What thing? You aren’t going to find a wife, are you?” Sir System said disapprovingly.

“None of your business.” Fang Ning dove into the Dragon God Realm.

Underworld, The Cave of the Three Wise Men.

“The Shadow Ghost General really did die…” the Golden-masked Man said wistfully.

“It seems like the power behind that person is immensely formidable. We’ve already equipped the Shadow Spirit General with enough defense mechanisms, but he was still killed by a single strike. I’ll be damned, is he really that strong? If we don’t kill this guy off, how are we supposed to absorb vitality from the Lower World?” the bronze-masked Man said angrily.

“All of it came to an end just as we started with a bang. The Spirit Lords are supremely pissed,” the Silver-masked Man said painfully.

He had gone to see several of them just now and they had demanded them to devise a new idea immediately to solve this problem.

“What should we do then? The Shadow Spirit General is already the strongest among the Spirit Generals, and we hid his true form in the Underworld. How was he even killed with that? We’re not morons; we aren’t going to continue sending easy opponents to him and quicken his growth, are we? Or should the Spirit Lords descend themselves?” Bronze-masked Man was at his wits’ end.

Upon his words, the Golden-masked Man suddenly fished out a book.

The other two looked at him with curiosity.

The book was titled… The Boss’ Tragic Death.

“This is a book that the Shadow Ghost General sent me before he died. It’s from the guy’s laptop,” the Golden-masked Man said mildly.

“Uh, what trashy book is this? Only judging by the name it’s going to be a flop. What’s there to see?” the Bronze-masked Man said with disdain.

The Silver-masked Man had a milder disposition. He took the book into his hands and started flipping through the pages. Shock dawned on his face, and he said upon realizing, “I see. I understand now. Only with doing this we can solve the problem.”

“Yes. Before reading this book, I was still struggling to think of a solution. It’s until I heard Brother Bronze’s complaints that I realized that the book’s contents are the only way,” the Golden-masked Man said mildly.