Chapter 991 - Long Health Bar

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Chapter 991: Long Health Bar

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The five blood-red fingers returned without achieving anything. For a moment, they did not appear to be making their next move.

Suddenly, a single ray of red light began to form above each finger. They were obviously preparing for their Ultimate so that they could break Black Pot’s defense in a single move.

Fang Ning watched on worriedly, wondering if it would be able to hold on.

After all, this was a God-level opponent that had been alive for over millions of years. The depth of its foundation was not something those insignificant little creatures he encountered before could compare with!

The teleportation skill just now that destroyed the flying sword with one move was a clear proof of this.

“Please don’t be defeated…” Fang Ning could not help joining his palms together in prayer.

“Stop making ominous remarks,” Sir System scolded. “But truth be told, I’ve exhausted my abilities and it seems like this incarnation won’t be able to defeat it at all.”

“It’s really only when you’re in need of money that you wish you had more of it. Who told you to be so extravagant before? How many more experience points do you have? Try to create some lesser-known skills and see if we can stall our way through this,” Fang Ning suggested.

“Uh, I still have 663 billion experience points. It should be enough to upgrade 5 to 6 skills to Mythical-level so give me some suggestions.” Sir System recomposed itself.

“Our family property isn’t so bad after all. Indeed, sustaining war through war is the best way to go. When we fight more battles, we’ll be able to sustain ourselves. Otherwise, sooner or later, we’ll be done for.” Fang Ning felt relieved. Suddenly, an idea occurred to him. “I’ve got something. I remember you once activated a Heroic Achievement called One Heart and Mind, which allows you to share your follower’s health points…”

“Oh, Mr. Rich Boss, your suggestion sounds pretty good. My current defense has more or less reached its peak unless we perform reincarnation. Our health is the one that’s lacking.” Sir System became excited.

“There’s an issue, though. Among our followers, who has the most health?” Fang Ning asked curiously. “Old Yellow definitely won’t cut it. Black Dog?”

On the faraway Earth, Black Dog sneezed as if it had heard him…

“It has one more advantage in that it is closest to us,” Sir System added.

In the Draconic Arcane Realm, the great green insect, who was together with a little girl, sneezed a few times in a row in the midst of singing to an old ginseng.

“Who’s missing me now?” muttered Chong Daqing.

The little girl was squatting on the ground as she curiously watched the enchanted old ginseng. She wondered, ‘Can this old ginseng understand a song like this?’

Every time it listened to a part of the song, the old ginseng would toss out a small ginseng rootlet as a reward.

The great green insect that was leaning on a leaf would then immediately gulp it down.

Suddenly, Fang Ning appeared in the herb garden. As he expected, Chong Daqing was really here.

He put on a smile and walked up to it with a friendly expression.

“Daqing, it’s been a while. Have you been eating well?”

Such a greeting might sound odd to others, but to this glutton, it was most appropriate.

Chong Daqing raised its head and upon seeing him, sighed dejectedly. “I haven’t been eating much lately. I’ve been starving for almost a month. There aren’t any people outside, so the clinic can only be closed down. I can only come to your place first to get on for a few days.”

Fang Ning became puzzled. “That’s weird. In the Land of Heritage, there are so many people, and they’re all crowded together. You can continue running your clinic there, and your business might even improve drastically.”

“I see, but after the situation stabilizes, the restrictions will be lifted. Then, you no longer will need to worry about this problem,” Fang Ning soothed.

It seemed like these big changes in the situation really were affecting everyone. Even a simple-minded fellow like Chong Daqing was also losing its livelihood.

Especially since it was always eating too much, it usually did not have much savings. Were it not for its ability to withstand hunger, if it was someone else in its place, the person would have most likely died of starvation.

Nonetheless, this was a good thing as well. Fang Ning initially felt rather uncomfortable, since having someone else take his place in getting beaten up was not a proposal he could easily put forward.

With what he had just found out, proposing his idea would be much easier now because he would actually be providing timely help.

“Then, how much longer will I have to wait?” Chong Daqing said grumpily, touching its belly. “I’ve been starving for almost a month. I’m already having to sing for a living.”

Fang Ning broke into laughter. “If that’s the case, I do have a job to offer you. It’ll allow you to eat a lot of meals for many days.”

He had just finished speaking when a cold wind rose from the ground, sending waves of shivers through the great green insect.

“Although something just doesn’t feel right about this, eating is the most important thing in the world. Tell me then, what’s the job?” Chong Daqing braced itself.

“It’s very simple. I’m dealing with an evil god right now, and I need your help.”

“You just need to stay here and not move. Whatever happens outside, leave it to us. You may feel a bit of pain, but it won’t affect your safety.”

“Simple as that?” After hearing this, Chong Daqing immediately nodded. “Alright then, bring me the food quickly.”

Fang Ning told Sir System about this before replying, “This isn’t a place for eating. You can go over to that hill to eat.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a nearby hill was suddenly covered in layers upon layers of delicious food with tantalizing aromas!

Chong Daqing was dazed by the abundance of food before its eyes.

“Very good. I’ve promised to help, so you can go on about your business. Don’t worry about me.” Chong Daqing leaped and landed onto a plate of meat. Once it opened its mouth, it even swallowed the plate whole!

Fang Ning was dumbstruck at the sight of this but also felt extremely glad as well. With this, once they came under attack later, they just might be able to withstand it.

System Notification: [The System activated Unique Heroic Achievement: One Heart and Mind, the System designated follower Celestial Clan “Chong Daqing” as Health Bar sharing partner. Currently, the System’s Health Bar is at 62,033 points, Chong Daqing’s Health Bar is at 299,979 points, Natural Trait: The more it eats, the longer its Health Bar. Health Bar is growing rapidly, 300,000, 320,000, 330,000…]

At the same time, the five blood-red fingers seemed to have sensed something as they suddenly released their half-prepared Ultimate!

The five rays of red light connected before they transmitted to the center of the five fingers, eventually concentrating into a sturdy blood-red pillar that charged straight at Black Pot!

System Notification: [The System received a fatalistic strike from the avatar of the Spirit Lord, Blood Power Assault!

The System received pummel strike damage 330,000 points!

Achievement: One Heart and Mind activated.

The System’s follower “Chong Daqing” shared 320,000 damage points.

The System received 10,000 damage points!]

Once Fang Ning heard this series of System Notifications, he was instantly stupefied!

If they had not decisively activated this skill, Master Fang definitely would have been wiped out in this very spot!

Certainly, the System might not die, but Fang Ning himself would have to find a place for his resurrection…

‘The good indeed will be rewarded with good,’ Fang Ning thought in relief.

“Ouch…” As the great green insect was gulping down a roasted chicken, it suddenly touched its back. “Feels like someone’s beating me? I don’t care. Let’s just eat first.”

He nodded and said to Daqing, “It’s nothing. Quickly eat some more. Don’t worry about what’s happening outside.”

When Chong Daqing heard his words, it felt very moved. Two lines of tears cascaded down its face as it said earnestly, “Great Azure Dragon, you’re such a good person. Ever since I gained my memory, I always hear people telling me to eat slowly and eat less every time I eat. You’re the first person to say those words…”

“Uh…” Fang Ning had no idea how to reply, yet he felt sympathy for it. The life of a glutton was not easy too. For regular people, they had probably grown tired of listening to such words, yet this was the first time it had heard them.

However, given its appetite and its simplistic nature that knew nothing about common courtesy, it was understandable why no one would say such things to it. Even its father would not dare to do so.

“It’s okay. Just eat as much as you want,” Fang Ning consoled, and then secretly asked Sir System, “Sir System, how much food do we actually have in reserve?”

“You don’t have to worry about this. Even if the great green insect ate without holding back at all, it would take three to five months for it to finish the food. I had saved food that would last me a few hundred years,” Sir System said proudly.

“That’s good. What I said before turned out to be true, right? We have to build higher walls and store up grain reserves.” Fang Ning finally relaxed.

“Yes, I’ll admit it. Mr. Rich Boss, you have a pretty good grasp on the overall situation. No matter how powerful this Spirit Lord’s avatar is, its attacks will still have to follow the constraints of the System Order, so the amount of damage dealt would be as it should be. As long as I still have my Health Bar, I won’t die,” Sir System said confidently.

“Okay, then I’ll ask Daqing to eat faster.” Fang Ning decided to properly carry out all logistic work to handle this major crisis.

‘You have high attack abilities, but I have a long Health Bar. As long as my skin is thick, I’m just as invincible!’