Chapter 992 - Countermeasure

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Chapter 992: Countermeasure

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The two gods in the System’s entertainment room were now watching in shock and disbelief.

“That’s weird. The attack just now should have been a skill belonging to the Vigorous Spirit Lord where it erupts its entire body’s power and blood to activate an extremely powerful strike. Why does it seem like this Venerable One wasn’t the slightest bit affected by it?” Death said in bewilderment.

“You’re right. Although that Black Pot of mine has great defense, it can’t completely block such a vigorous pummel strike from the Spirit Lord. Now that we look at it, this Venerable One must have an extraordinary card in his hand,” marveled Culinary God.

“Well, that makes sense, especially with the existence of a mysterious space like this one. This isn’t something we can easily figure out,” Death suddenly said.

After using such a quick and violent attack, the owner of those five fingers appeared to be somewhat drained of its strength.

Black Sword trembled slightly before breaking through the previous injunction from the blood-red light, thus regaining its teleportation ability.

In the next moment, it reorganized its forces, called in Black Pot, and then aimed at the little finger before teleporting over to give it a mighty stab!

“Puff…” Fang Ning barely heard this Spiritual Fluctuation. A noticeable gash appeared on the little finger, and from it out seeped a few drops of blood.

In the blink of an eye, those bloodstains then vanished.

Fang Ning knew this was not due to the opponent’s strong healing ability since the bloody gash was still there.

Instead, those blood beads had all been collected by Sir System.

Death was speechless for a moment before he said, “How is it hard to come by? If you ever need it, can’t you just use a knife on yourself?”

“How painful would that be? I can’t cut myself and use my blood just to make myself a good meal,” Culinary God replied, dumbfounded.

At that moment, an idea occurred to Fang Ning. “Sir System, hurry up and have one of your threads make a meal using those blood beads.”

“Oh, you’re right,” Sir System quickly agreed.

Not long after, inside the Alchemy Lab, the fire upon the stove burned brightly as the mouth-watering smell of a freshly cooked dish wafted out.

System Notification: [The System consumed Blood Beads of a Spirit Lord, matched it with other rare food ingredients, used Legendary-level cooking skills, and created Mythical-level dish “Divine Spirit Blood Dish”. Effects include increasing maximum Health by 3,000 points and slightly enhancing Cultivation Proficiency.]

After Fang Ning saw it, he jeered, “The effects are quite good, but the name seems too unoriginal. Did you randomly make it up?”

“It’s good that you realized that. I’m in a battle right now. Where would I find the extra effort to think of a high-end dish name?” Sir System spat irritably.

“Where’s the rice? We can’t just keep it all for ourselves to eat. If there’s more, we should give a portion to Daqing,” suggested Fang Ning.

“Since it’s playing a vital role in this battle, I’ll let it have one bite,” Sir System said happily.

Following that, Fang Ning ran over to the System Preservation Area and found a pot of glistening, blood-red grains that resembled cooked rice.

“Looks pretty tasty.” Fang Ning filled a bowl with whatever was in the pot and brought it to the Draconic Arcane Realm.

Chong Daqing was chewing on mouthfuls of food on the hill but when that bowl of rice appeared, its gaze was immediately glued to it, momentarily making it forget about eating…

“Uh, this is also yours. Hurry up and eat it.” Fang Ning did not dare to delay the matter…

After all, this was their blood shield.

“Oh, Great Azure Dragon, you’re too kind. Since you’re still single, I have quite a few sisters. I can introduce one to you and let her be your wife…” Chong Daqing was exhilarated.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless for a moment. “There’s no need for that. I’m already married.”

“Aww, what a pity then.” Chong Daqing shook its head before swallowing the rice in one gulp.

“That’s delicious. I feel like there’s a familiar taste to it,” Chong Daqing said thoughtfully.

“Let’s not comment on it first. Eating is more important,” Fang Ning urged.

“You’re right. Eating comes first.” Chong Daqing flung the budding thought to the back of its mind and continued to eat as much as it could…

System Notification: [Follower Chong Daqing’s maximum Health was increased by 3,000 points, Cultivation Proficiency enhanced.]

“I feel like I can still eat faster…:” Chong Daqing muttered, and then devoured a roasted suckling pig entirely, making Fang Ning very envious.

“So its Cultivation Proficiency is eating…” Fang Ning said quietly to Sir System.

“Yes. If you had such an ability as well, that’ll be great. We won’t have to waste anything.” Sir System was still rather stingy.

Meanwhile, the five fingers outside were not accomplishing much. Instead, due to having their energy drained from the Ult, they received a heavy blow.

The owner of the fingers seemed to have noticed the change in the situation. The fingers did not attempt any further attacks and returned directly to the hand instead.

“We’ve finally beaten the first wave,” Fang Ning said in relief.

“Since that’s the case, we have to work harder. If we can manage to kill this guy, then I’m going to be rich. Won’t we be able to get 10 trillion experience points in one go then? We can immediately perform system reincarnation,” said Sir System animatedly.

“Calm down, calm down. Your issue right now is that the prosperity points you farmed isn’t enough to defeat our opponent,” Fang Ning tried to pacify this agitated child.

After the five fingers returned to the giant blood-red hand, the giant hand grabbed hold of the ground and forcefully climbed upward.

A while later, the shoulder began to show.

Just then, Black Sword gathered all of its power again before unleashing a surprise attack!

With a slash of the sword, it hit the area below the armpit of the shoulder!

Another string of blood beads was drawn out once again.

“Uh, now we can only do things in bits and pieces. This isn’t that bad anyway. We can collect quite a lot of True-God-level materials,” Fang Ning said, propping his chin.

After some time, half of the giant’s body finally emerged from the ground.

Looking at the size of its body, Fang Ning could not help recalling the mythology movies he had watched before. It was like those gigantic Buddhas that could fill the entire sky.

It looked ferocious and was ten times scarier than the fiercest malevolent spirit.

If this giant was able to destroy this planet, Fang Ning would not be surprised at all.

This was truly a Planet-level powerhouse!

Compared to the Lake-level, Sea-level, and even Ocean-level powerhouses from before, it was at a completely different level.

As half of the giant’s body came into view, its blood-red eyes zeroed in on Black Sword, which was floating in midair.

A moment later, right after it opened its giant bloody mouth, a boundless blood hole materialized.

“Time to hide!” Fang Ning immediately retreated into the entertainment room.

Black Sword instantly teleported some distance away!

Suddenly, a pitch-black ripple appeared from within the bloody mouth and rushed towards the direction Black Sword had headed!

As it swept by, the space began to shatter due to the turbulence that followed.

In the end, the pitch-black ripple caught up to the faraway Black Sword at an incredible speed!

“Bang!” Fang Ning felt a moment of dizziness and almost fell over.

Fortunately, Black Water gave him a hand, steadying him.

“Oh no!” Fang Ning suddenly seemed frightened, and hurried into the Draconic Arcane Realm!

Sure enough, as he had expected, the Draconic Arcane Realm was in a terrible mess!

All the Whitestone people, who had been working diligently in the herb garden, had all collapsed to the floor and were shattered into pieces as if they were already dead!

The grass and trees in the herb garden were also in ruins as if a strong wind had swept past the area.

Only that old ginseng was safely protected by Chong Daqing, which was leaning over it. Although the stem of the ginseng was broken, its roots were still intact.

The little girl named Hong Hu, who was Oldman Ren’s daughter, was huddled into a trembling ball of fear as if she had just experienced a great horror.

With his terror-stricken gaze, Fang Ning looked toward the group of villas by the river in the realm…

“Don’t worry. I’ve kept them safe,” Sir System said faintly. “However, there were too many of these stone people and I couldn’t protect them all. We can only bring their souls back to the hotel to get them settled down first before letting them go through reincarnation when we return.”

Fang Ning sighed in relief, but soon that relief turned into rage!

Sure enough, this was the foundation of a God-level powerhouse!

Even if he could think of a way to restrain his opponent, the other party would also have a timely countermeasure!

This was because they had too many tricks up their sleeves and had seen too many battle scenes. They had many battle techniques at hand and could easily identify the weaknesses of their enemies at a glance.

If it was not for the almighty System that had all kinds of different skills and abilities to assist him and the protection from the supreme System Order, he would have already been defeated right now!

Even if another cultivator at the peak of Ocean-level were in his shoes, it would still be impossible for that cultivator to stand against an avatar of a Spirit Lord like this one!