Chapter 994 - Follow Up A Victory And Press Home The Attack

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Chapter 994: Follow Up A Victory And Press Home The Attack

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After discussing the question of who contributed what, Fang Ning looked at the quiet planet below and began to ponder.

Why not take advantage of its ailing condition and end its life right now?

Why should they delay their action for half a month?

Battle opportunities would always come and go randomly.

One might try to plan battle strategies and tactics, and then expect to win by executing and following the plan down to a tee.

However, when the Lords of the Song Dynasty had done so, they even ended up losing their emperor.

He went into the entertainment room to speak to the two gods.

“My dear seniors, why did this Spirit Lord’s avatar retract itself into the ground?” he humbly inquired.

He did not realize that these two gods were still in shock.

They had watched the battle from the beginning to the end, especially how that final attack by Black Sword forced the Spirit Lord that used to be on an equal footing as them to surrender. This caused them to raise their appraisal of the Venerable Dragon God.

This person was indeed a God of War!

Even if the True Dragon was here, it might not be able to defeat the avatar of the Vigorous Spirit Lord.

Although this blood giant was considered an avatar, it actually possessed half of the Spirit Lord’s power, so it was absolutely as impressive as it seemed to be.

Even though the opponent was not acclimatized to the difference in environment, which caused its strength to be inhibited, the battle should not have progressed as such too.

After all, even Death did not know how to deal with it!

They never expected that the System would play a Health Attribute card, especially by transferring the damage elsewhere.

What they least expected was the existence of someone surpassing the ancien?t taotie beast?1?to stand in as a blood bull.

Therefore, Death became more polite while answering the question.

“I’m not worthy to be addressed as such.” Black Water suddenly transformed into a human-shaped silhouette, its face indistinguishable, and then said, “The heaven is Yang while the earth is Yin. Since this avatar of the Spirit Lord was heavily wounded, it naturally had to find a Yin place to recuperate. If I’m not mistaken, those three masked men—Gold, Silver, and Bronze, should have visited this planet in advance to prepare a Yin place as a base camp. They wouldn’t have waged a war without making any preparations for they’ve always believed in giving their best even when dealing with a minor problem.”

“I see.” Fang Ning finally understood the situation and gave up the idea of chasing it down to kill it.

If he entered the ground, he would be entering the other party’s home turf that had been prepared beforehand, and the roles would be reversed. When the opponent had the home advantage, it just might deal damage exceeding Daqing’s Health Bar, which would be extremely unfortunate.

“What a pity it is for us to just sit and watch while it recovers its vitality,” Fang Ning said dejectedly to Sir System.

“Well, I suppose that’s true, but I don’t have any ideas as well. You know I’ve never been good at underground battles.” Sir System sounded just as frustrated.

Fang Ning agreed with this statement. Sir System’s fighting style was to use an extremely high attack power alongside an equally strong defense to farm efficiently. Combining this with its astounding battle techniques made it completely invincible in the battlefield.

The bigger the battlefield was, the greater the room it had to unleash its techniques.

However, with the enemy hiding underground, its ability to battle at full potential would be indirectly very restricted.

Fang Ning did not see this as a coincidence since he had previously engaged in battles back in the World of Spirits and Souls. He believed that Vigilante A’s combat methods had already been closely analyzed by the three Metal-masked Men.

However, they did not expect the System’s nature to be that of a horrible internet game, so their efforts failed and even backfired on them.

Despite this, Fang Ning did not feel like giving up so easily. Instead of wounding ten fingers, it was better to break one.

Only defeating the enemy and not killing it was an error in strategy.?Xiang Yu?1?was the best counterevidence of this.

Therefore, he said to Sir System, “If we’re talking in terms of familiarity with this planet, these three men definitely can’t compare with Monk Zhi Nan. Let’s go ask him for some information.”

Soon, Vigilante A found Zhi Nan and his apprentice, who were both hiding in the starry sky.

Zhi Nan had his palms joined together in devotion as he mumbled to himself, “At first, I thought I’ll have to sacrifice myself and serve the devils this time by using the ultimate move for the last time to save the situation. Then, I’ll be consumed by my devil heart forever. Who would’ve known…”

Black Robe felt his heart tremble. Since he retained his previous memories, he did not have a good impression of Vigilante A.

The other party used to bully him plenty of times, although it was what he deserved as well.

Nonetheless, the person’s bravery and skillfulness in battle this time made him utterly convinced of the other party’s superiority.

Before the battle scene intensified, twice he saw his Master wanting to use the prohibited move to expel the Spirit Lord’s avatar, and during both times, he tried his best to persuade him against it.

However, if Vigilante A had continued being passive in that situation, his Master would have had to use the prohibited move sooner or later.

He knew very well that this prohibited move had been used by his Master three times before.

The first time was when the Great Devil Saint still dominated his body, and it was used to deal with the God of Plagues.

The second time was when his Master manifested himself and then had used it to banish all the other incarnations sent down by the Great Devil Saint.

The third time was to complete the all-purpose bacteria as a strategic weapon.

Anything should not be done more than three times. This was predestined.

If it was used again, his Master would experience its rebound, and his devil heart would thrive again. This was likely the previous Great Devil Saint Zhi Nan’s plan, which was to make use of his Master to completely detach himself from the real body, so he could enjoy the benefits of it later.

To their surprise, Vigilante A turned out to be capable of turning the tables on his opponent, who was a powerful God-level avatar of a Spirit Lord, attacking it until it had to escape from the battle scene.

This indicated a complete victory in terms of strategy!

From this, Black Robe knew very well that the strongest opponent the Upper Realm could send to invade this time and space was merely at such a level!

If it was someone more powerful, it would be the avatar of a saint, but given the current situation of the saints, they would never send their avatars down into the realm of the mortals.

With this in mind, when Vigilante A came by, Black Robe treated him with the utmost respect, conducting himself in a meek and accommodating manner.

Soon, Zhi Nan joined them as well. With his palms placed together, he said, “The Venerable One is indeed brave and unrivaled, the reincarnation of the God of War among humankind. I express my good wishes to you, to myself, to all living beings…”

“Okay, don’t express any more good wishes for now.” Vigilante A clutched his hands into fists. “I wish to ask you, Master, about the spirit that had retreated into the ground of this planet. Is there any way to force it out of hiding?”

“The Venerable One is very brave. You’re planning to destroy it completely…” Black Robe complimented, but then realized his mistake, and quickly corrected himself. “I mean, eliminate evil. This is indeed the way of a hero.”

“This planet has a weak point. Compared to Earth, this planet isn’t as stable, and would frequently have volcanic eruptions. When the blood giant emerged just now, it resulted in a few explosions in the crust. I’ve marked and sealed these few areas where the outer crust is weak. If you’d like to force this Spirit Lord to come out, we only have to remove the seal…” Zhi Nan was very frank. “However, this would lead to the destruction of the newly-born lives on the entire planet…”

“It’s better to get the pain over with than to prolong the agony. I understand the Master’s concerns, but in order to eliminate evil, we have no other choice. I will take responsibility for all the consequences of this matter,” Vigilante A said gravely.

Sir System was never a soft-hearted and indecisive character. Fang Ning knew that very clearly.

On the very first day it seized him, it went ahead and killed a rapist in a very quick and clear-cut manner, never even giving the person a chance to change his ways.

This planet only possessed some unicellular life forms of the lowest level, and they were mostly dead or dying. Under such circumstances, getting Sir System to give up on this incredible strategic opportunity would be impossible.

If they were on Earth, this kind of move would be out of the question. On this newborn planet, however, it could be put to use.

“Very well then. I’ll tell you the locations of these five sealed places.”

Then, given that the blood giant was still hiding underground, Zhi Nan gave Vigilante A a tour of the entire planet.

The Great Flaming Valley, the Moon Volcano, the ocean trench of Mirror Sea…

These were all the weak points of the planet’s crust. Unlike on Earth, Fang Ning could faintly feel the turbulence of the magma underneath, as if it would burst out at any time, evaporating the ocean and flooding the ground…

At this point, Fang Ning recalled the geographic knowledge he had learned before.

He reminded, “Sir System, you can’t destroy this place yet.”

“Why?” Sir System became confused.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s something else, but if the magma here erupts, the seawater will evaporate until none is left. In the future, this planet will become a barren land,” Fang Ning said worriedly.

“Didn’t you learn physics?” Sir System said confidently, ” This planet has its own gravity. The vapor won’t be able to escape anyway. Eventually, it’ll turn into rainwater and return to the ground.”

Fang Ning looked frustrated. “You’re talking about an environment that follows the conventional geological cycle. According to Earth’s evolution, your reasoning isn’t wrong. But once this magma erupts, and when you engage in another huge battle with that blood giant, greater damage may occur in the process. The vapor may escape into outer space in the aftermath of the battle. The planet’s gravity can’t withstand the effects of our battle with a God-level powerhouse.”

“Ugh, why are you thinking so much? So what if it becomes a dead planet? If it comes to that, I can always bring it water from some other place,” Sir System said, taking it all upon itself.

System Notification: [The System took an oath of time and space, promising that the planet beneath its feet will not become a dead land, and this has been accepted by the Origin of Time and Space.]

“…” Sir System became speechless.

Fang Ning could perfectly imagine it gawking in shock right now.

“For the Origin to know everything, this would be its outcome.” Fang Ning said quietly.