Chapter 995 - For Experience

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Chapter 995: For Experience

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Was it worth it to sacrifice a gigantic, habitable planet just to kill a mere god-level incarnation?

Fang Ning explained that, after all, the universe had many similar planets such as this. Furthermore, humans now mainly lived on Earth and they had no pressing need for the planet.

This planet had just started development, which meant that it was still in a state of ancient wilderness. Using this as a price for getting rid of a descended one who was a god-level incarnation and being able to show the strength of this time and space’s power, was a hugely meaningful battle strategy.

It was just like the appearance of nuclear weapons, which guaranteed that there was no World War 3.

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Similarly, Fang Ning believed that getting rid of a god-level incarnation such as the Spirit Lord would scare those gods into hiding. Those gods who were once high above humans, forcing them to sign so-called contracts with the gods.

This will force them to get out of their thrones high up there and no longer treat humans like ants or insects, bullying and oppressing them. They would now need to use a more gentle and caring method to deal with humans.

Fang Ning waved his hand as he stood in the System Space after making a decision in his mind and with the manner of a commander, he said, “Let’s go, mortal System! Let’s go and fight for the bright future of humans! Let’s fight for love and justice!”

“For experience…” Sir System said resentfully.

The moment both system and human finished their sentence, the Black Sword circling the air of the Devil Planet started humming!

“The wheels of history are moving forward, all counter-revolutionary forces will be buried!” The Soaring Dragon Black Sword howled.

“Urm, I didn’t expect our treasured magical sword to have so much vigor. Nope, this won’t do. The location we are standing in doesn’t work. Rice Bucket [TN: Sounds like mortal System], build me a war command center after this battle. I’m going to gather a few advisors here for every fight we have in the future. It would save us so much trouble rather than running around looking for them,” Fang Ning looked around and said quietly.

“Judging by your tone, are you trying to turn me into a human-shaped robot?” Sir System complained as he removed the seal on the crater.

“Why not? This time, it’s all thanks to my battle strategies that you were able to turn the tables on this guy. This has proven that my brain is important in difficult battles… You are no longer able to claim your place at the top with just a few canons. You’re going to face many more brilliant opponents and it would not be easy for you to claim victory with just your fighting skills. You’d have to combine it with my brains in order to defeat them and maintain the legend of the God of War.” Fang Ning asserted.

Sir System was left with no comeback and could only set out silently to work.

Not long after, the seals on five locations of the earth’s crust placed by Monk Zhinan were removed.

“Down here. I would need the Venerable One to aim accurately at this crack on the earth’s crust and give it a hard hit. The whole planet will become a sea of fire and the Spirit Lord’s incarnation would have to reveal itself.” Zhinan pointed to a crater and could hardly bear to say the words.

“This is good,” Vigilante A nodded and proceeded to turn Black Sword into a giant, long sword, which rushed toward the crater and gave it a direct stab!

There was a thunderous noise as the earth shook and the volcano erupted!

A flash of fiery light blew up towards the skies. It was a few thousand meters high and its contents splashed around.

This was only just the beginning.

The earth’s crust everywhere started to crack as huge amounts of boiling lava flowed over rapidly like a pot of boiling water.

It was as if the whole planet was on fire. The seas started to steam because of the heat.

“Luckily the battleground is this wild and uninhabited planet. If this battle was on Earth, how would we even be able to use this strategy?” Fang Ning said gratefully.

The last time when they had to compromise with the God of Plagues, Vigilante A was unable to fight back with full power as the battle was on Earth and the population was not completely evacuated. The people were like hostages.

Even with humans being placed into realms, Earth was still indispensable. Resources were needed from the outer worlds.

Once the battle had started, all sorts of formidable battles will still implicate Earth.

Fang Ning had read numerous novels where the stories had solved this problem by the Heavenly Axiom setting down the rules for powerhouse battles to be conducted in the skies. No one should create havoc for the survival of the mortal world, or they would need to face the wrath of the heavens.

However, the Heavenly Axiom has yet to set this rule for powerhouse battles.

It would probably be after the ‘alignment of the five planets’ that it would be able to have the ability to decide the battlefield location.

He was not sure how long he had been deep in thought but as Monk Zhinan had said, the incarnation of the Spirit Lord could no longer hide.

Previously when it had appeared, it crawled out onto the ground and was able to create a volcanic eruption.

This time, the situation was so dire that it was unable to continue hiding beneath the grounds to heal.

The Blood Giant had once again appeared alongside the borderless lava.

However, this time, it did not have the vigor from its first appearance.

It was even bigger now though. Its whole body climbed out from the bottom and its height had immediately surpassed the ozone layer. It was a wonder that it was able to stand on both its feet.

This was the power of the mysterious side. Before this, in the world of high technology, something as giant as this would not have been able to stand on the face of the earth. The fragile crust was not equipped to withstand the weight.

Each tall mountain on every planet had a limit to its growth, it was not possible for them to continue growing without limitations.

Vigilante A could not even compare to an ant in front of it.

This time, however, there were three men in metal masks standing on its shoulder.

“Hmph, they’ve finally been beaten out of hiding. They must be aware that violence is not solving their problem, so they’re attempting to be civil this time around.” Fang Ning gave a cold sneer.

Just as Fang Ning predicted, Gold-masked Man suddenly spoke, and a spiritual force could be sensed from afar.

“Venerable Dragon God, you are indeed formidable and well-deserving of being known as the Dragon-shielded God of War, you are our equal.” the Gold-masked Man flattered him immediately.

“What exactly are you trying to say?” Vigilante A asked lightly.

“It’s simple. You’ve already achieved such a high level, why stand on the same side with those ignorant ants? In reality, those of us who have achieved a level in life such as this, we are actually the heaven, we are the axiom!” the Gold-masked man pointed towards the skies as he said.

“Look at these unlimited resources, why would we give them to the mortals? As long as you don’t stop us from demanding blood tax offerings from the entire Earth and the entire population of humans. I’ve already suggested to the Spirit Lord to give you 10% of the tax!”

The tone of the Gold-masked man indicated his huge confidence.

“You should know how big a profit you would be able to make from this! With it, you would be able to cultivate faster into a god-level and might even continue moving forward and cultivate into a god, a deity or a saint, we’ll always need to accumulate resources. Once we’ve reached this level, mortals would be nothing to us. All we need is a wave of a hand and we’d be able to create millions upon millions of them. They are but one breath or one thought from us.”

“Have you said enough?” Vigilante A asked casually.

“What? Don’t you agree with me? Why?” The Gold-masked Man was surprised.

He could never understand this. On one side, were the weak and unseemly mortals who were only fit for oppression like the ants they were; on the other side, was the strong and great Spirit Lord who had the backing of all the gods.

Why would this man, who had grown up among the mortals, insist to uphold the meaningless feat of justice? Why would he not choose the path that was truly beneficial to him?

If he was bound by an oath, there would still be a roundabout way for it once he’s achieved the level.

“What you’ve said is correct and sounds really good, unfortunately, I don’t like it.” Vigilante A’s sword flew towards the Blood Giant’s heart the moment he finished his words.

“Hmph, you’ll regret this in the future? You think that protecting these humans would earn you their eternal gratitude?”

“Nope, they will never be grateful to anybody!”

“Humans will never be thankful to Vigilante A!”

“Humans will just treat you as a threat, just like those other gods! It’d be for no other reason but for the fact that you have the power of a god!”

The long sword did not waver at the words.

“Hmph, men’s virtue is something that I understand better than you do! I’m just fulfilling my own path; I don’t need anyone’s gratitude and I won’t be influenced to change because of the thoughts of an alien entity!” Vigilante A said righteously.

He disappeared following his words and became as one with his sword, enhancing its power further. With a majestic momentum, the sword sped forward at the Blood Giant without hesitation.

The Blood Giant held out his large hands to block the oncoming attack.

However, this time, the sword did not even bat an eye and went straight through them.

It continued moving forward.

At last, it struck the heart.

The Blood Giant fell dejectedly and transformed into a tall mountain.

The three men in the metal masks were still standing at the peak and looked at one another.

“Damn it, even the Spirit Lord’s incarnation is no match for him! This Vigorous Spirit Lord is nothing but an empty namesake!” The Bronze-masked Man spluttered in desperation.

“Third Brother let’s not act this way. The Vigorous Spirit Lord is not necessarily an empty namesake. Someone as ordinary as Fang Ning might have gotten support from this time and space to have won the battle. The time and space here have only just awoken, it might not be able to provide much more energy. It is unfortunate that the Spirit Lord’s house no longer has sustenance, it would not be able to provide a second incarnation for us to waste this way…” The Silver-masked man shook his head and sighed.

“Let’s forget about it and think of another plan. I don’t believe this man is impenetrable. I don’t think other men would be as morally upright as he is,” the Gold-masked man said coldly.

“Yes, that’s right, Big Brother. We’ve seen too many of those stupid and greedy mortals. Let’s just start with them.” the Bronzed-masked man agreed.

“It’s now your turn!”

The sword made a circle and came back towards the three of them!

However, this time, the sword stabbed through three soap bubbles. The three men in the metal masks had turned into three shadows that were slowly dissipating.

“Hahaha, we’ll be back! You’re destined to fail!”

“Because humans have never been a clan who had been brave enough to crash and burn!”