Chapter 996 - Rise Of The Demon Clans

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Chapter 996: Rise Of The Demon Clans

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Fang Ning was not concerned over their enemies’ last clamor. It was just like what Sir System said, they were doing these things, not for the sake of others. Taking the opportunity to gain a reputation was just an attachment to their true goal, which was to gain experience…

System notification: [The System exhausted one Favor of Time and Space to attack the Blood Giant.

Blood Giant has been killed.

The System has received 5.7 billion experience points.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

The System killed a God-level incarnation and has now received a massive trans-boundary reputation.

The System received thirty thousand Heavenly Merit Points.

There was a long notification of praises that was continued from the words above.

These people will never be aware of the System’s existence, and they were unable to completely grasp the way Fang Ning thinks.

As for not getting the gratitude of humans, so what?

Fang Ning was never a hero who lived for the sake of the people. To be blunt, he was just a normal human being.

He was an occasionally soft-hearted man with normal perception of the three fundamental views [TN: The three fundamental views are the world outlook, outlook of life and values]. It would be impossible to expect him to make sacrifices like a hero. Under pressing circumstances, he would choose to escape with the people closest to him.

He finished reading the System notifications and excitedly said to Sir System, “You’re really rich this time. No wonder you were willing to exhaust your only chance.”

“Yup. Unfortunately, Monk Zhinan did not give me his few chances of Favor of Time and Space. Otherwise, I’d have earned even more,” Sir System said greedily.

Obviously, the curse of the Gold, Silver and Bronze-masked men did not affect Sir System at all.

Sir System has never cared for anyone’s gratitude, all it cared about was that no one owed it any money.

Fang Ning ignored its ravings and continued to ask, “Have you thought about how to use all these sudden earnings of experience points?”

“Of course, I’ll be… Get out of here, this is none of your business, stop thinking about it.” Sir System was about to answer when he suddenly burst out in hostility.

“Damn you, other Systems would be servicing their masters like dogs and getting their masters’ shoes and picking out matching socks. You’re really something, aren’t you? Giving your master occasional bites,” Fang Ning said unhappily.

“I’ve told you long ago to stop reading those novels. They’re unrealistic. Those useless Systems would never exist in reality. You should be content that I’m geared towards heroism, if I was an evil System, you’d be converted into a pervert sooner or later…” Sir System replied in delight.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless. Compared to Sir System’s omnipotent powers, he was but an ordinary man with ordinary thoughts, he lost out in every way.

It was already capable of destroying a God-level incarnation. If it was an ordinary cultivator, one would need to cultivate thousands and millions of years before achieving that.

Even if a cultivator had managed it, most would still be far from being a match for gods. They would probably not even be qualified enough to even stand in front of these gods.

Much like Chong Daqing, even if it had a long health bar but did not have the protection of the System Order, one would still not be able to defend themselves. The gods would destroy it with a lift of their fingers.

It was only under the System Order of Sir System that its health bar was able to appear and allow it to bear the wounds of reality. Unless the health bar was empty, it would not get hurt or die.

This was the power of the System, it could go against the normal order that one was familiar with, which made it so formidable.

It was a while before Fang Ning said, “In that case, you should give me the three vacation days you promised. As a hero, you should keep your promises.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely give them to you. But when would you use them?” Sir System replied readily.

It does not take much time to use up experience anyway.

“I want them now,” Fang Ning replied haughtily.

“What private matters would be using them for, it’s not like you have anything better to do… why would you waste the time? Why not just give it to me instead?” Sir System tried to coerce him.

“Get out of here. I have something important to do. You should start your cultivating in isolation and think about your path to System upgrading. Quit using Daqing to stand in for you all the time, if it’s unable to withstand it, it would die anytime,” Fang Ning said resentfully.

System notification: [System has suspended hosting mode.]

After Fang Ning took back control over his body, he looked down at the planet full of lava, which was now filled with steam.

Sir System had acted too fast. His opponent did not have time to defend itself which helped prevent the steam from spreading into space.

This had helped save some time. At least he did not waste any energy for the promise he had made before.

This situation was just like Earth billions of years ago. Lava was spread everywhere. When the temperature was finally lowered, rain would come, and the seas and lakes would appear. Life would follow soon after.

However, for the temperature to cool down naturally would take a few million years.

At this point, Zhinan appeared with his palms placed together. “The Venerable One is indeed invincible to finally destroy this fiend. As for this planet which is filled with misery and suffering, do let me deal with it. I’ll be sure to help it recover to its normal state.”

“Good, thank you for your help, master.” Fang Ning nodded. This was the world of the mysterious side. One of its benefits was its mysterious energy, one does not need to go through the torture of time for it to naturally tune itself.

Fang Ning thought of things and decided there was nothing else to instruct and drew a door to the Land of Sanguinity.

Zhinan watched as he left and gave a long sigh. He said in relief, “This Venerable One indeed has a strong heart. If it was someone else, he might have been tempted by the words of that Gold-masked man and become one of their evil cohorts.”

“Yes, this is the fortune of all living beings in this world. Unfortunately, much like what the Gold-masked man had said, not many would be grateful to this Venerable One.” Black Robe sighed.

“Hoho, as long as one’s conscience is clear, why would one care about the thoughts of others? This Venerable One’s heart and cultivation have long achieved the level of gods. That Gold-masked man’s had thought wrong about him,” Zhinan said lightly.

He then flew down to the ground and cast his spells on the lava to cool them down bit by bit. Cool showers started to grace this earth…

Fang Ning returned to Earth, feeling fully satisfied but for the fact that the battle happened in space and the only audience were two monks of pure heart and few desires, and the gods within the System Space.

This did not help with his need to show off.

“This must be what it means to be a good-hearted warrior who should have no need for merits.” he looked down at the peaceful Earth and sighed.

At this moment, a large eagle flew from afar towards where Fang Ning was.

Fang Ning looked towards it. The Khorium Ore Spirit Gaze was not given in vain; he immediately recognized the eagle as a subordinate of the Sky Eagle.

This subordinate was an important officer that he had not seen for quite a while. This eagle was different from Black Dog. It had its own clan and was a leader in its own right.

Much like the Duke of Cloud Fog City, they may both be the System’s subordinates, but they had their own responsibilities and duties. Fang Ning would not trouble them if there was nothing important.

“Greetings, Sir Dragon God. I have something to report.” the big eagle stopped around ten meters away from Fang Ning and spoke in the human language.

“You may stand up to talk. What do you have to report?” Fang Ning asked curiously.

“Oh, this could actually be a good thing. It is better to be a peaceful dog than to disturb the world. As long as their methods are not too much, I will not interfere.” Fang Ning gave the matter a thought and decided to remain neutral at the moment.

After experiencing the battle with the Blood Giant, Fang Ning had thought it over carefully. The Era of Mystery was all about power. Whoever was the strongest will get his place at the top and will have the power to control the biggest piece of resources.

Whoever it was might not enjoy carrying out his daily duties, but he will not have a penny less when it came to obtaining his need for resources.

Under the pretext of Vigilante A’s formidability of killing God-level incarnations, Fang Ning was not at all worried that the Warlord regime will happen like older times.

He may not interfere with much of anything but as long as Sir System is in control, he would have the strongest power. Whatever that belonged to him would still be his.

This was what was different from the technology era of old. During the technological era, even the throne of the mightiest of kings would be usurped once they stop conducting their daily duties.

Comparatively, these demons were like savages who had little care for casualties.

Under these circumstances, they would no doubt rise up to fight for control of Earth.

However, Fang Ning was not particularly worried about this at the moment as he had been instilled the strongest confidence.

Even the Spirit Lord’s incarnation was no threat to him, what more these powerful demons?