Chapter 997 - Forsaking The Darkness For Light

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Chapter 997: Forsaking The Darkness For Light

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Fang Ning gifted the Sky Eagle with a pill after it had finished its report. The Sky Eagle professed its gratitude before taking leave.

Fang Ning looked around and saw an empty land with no sign of human life. Different little demons and spirits were moving around freely with swagger, fighting each other for their glory. Only the Iron Forest stood quietly, hinting at the fact that this land once had civilization.

As for those once fertile wildernesses, they were now filled with different kinds of wild weeds. There were also many bushes that were growing wildly. It looked like the land would once again return to the era of forests.

This would have been great news for environmentalists.

Earth at the moment could be said to be at its cleanest since the start of the Industrial Era.

It was no wonder that the stronger demons were getting active. Land as fertile as these would be tempting to anyone who sees them.

“What’s the important matter you mentioned?” Sir System was suddenly curious.

“Farming,” Fang Ning replied casually.

“Hmm, yes, this is indeed an important matter,” Sir System said dumbfoundedly.

“Stop spouting nonsense. Have you no idea how much food you’ve been consuming for the past two days? Humans are currently relying on the organic material provided by the all-purpose bacteria to create different nutrient pastes for sustenance. Would that be something you’d want to eat?” Fang Ning asked condescendingly.

“No, I don’t. But I’m not the one eating them anyway… I don’t actually care much for taste,” Sir System said happily.

“Damn you. If the taste isn’t great, Chong Daqing would eat slower. It will take longer to heal and someone might kill it in a heartbeat. Would you still care then?” Fang Ning said resentfully.

“Urm, this does sound like a problem. No wonder you said it was a matter of importance. I thought you were going to secretly play your online games again,” Sir System said embarrassedly.

“Do I look like someone who isn’t aware of the situation?”

Fang Ning ignored the second-hand good and took out his phone to send a message to Black Cat.

The phone, however, displayed the words ‘not within operating zone’.

“Hmm, looks like even telecommunications services have been left to waste since humans retreated in the realms. This shouldn’t be happening. At the very least, I can still see the satellites working as usual.” Fang Ning looked up into sky gloomily.

“Well, as you know, I can’t really help with this. I can only connect to the existing internet,” Sir System said bitterly.

“That’s right, don’t you have a tiger saddle connected to the System? Can you send it a message with the tiger saddle?” Fang Ning suddenly had a brainwave.

“All it can do is to hurt it. The ability for messaging hasn’t been developed. It can detect its location though.” Sir System explained.

“That would be enough. You know Morse code, right? A short period of pain can represent one sign, a longer period of pain can represent another sign. Help me convey the message this way. It would save a lot of time for me to look for it. How degrading would it be for me to do that?” Fang Ning had a better idea.

“Wow, that’s a really great idea. Let me try…” Sir System was interested in it.

At a corner within the herb garden, Black Tiger Tom was instructing a group of small yet cute spiritually-controlled mech to work when he suddenly felt a pang of pain on his wait and fell to the ground.

“What’s happening to you, Sir Spiritual Tiger?” A group of red robots jumped over quickly to take a look and helped him up.

“I’m okay, Rice, you can continue working. I must be overworked. My body probably couldn’t take it for a moment there,” Black Tiger Tom said bitterly.

It was very clear about what really happened, but it could not let outsiders know about it.

The pain came from the tiger saddle tied to its waist. It was very clear about who was the one responsible for it.

It walked slowly towards the end of the field and laid on the ground while it continued watching over the mechs.

The one called ‘Rice’ went back to its post immediately.

The pain later continued rhythmically.

It was puzzled. What was Vigilante A trying to do?

Even though there was pain, it did not actually hurt that much. The pain came in a long period, then a short one, two long periods and one short period. The pattern repeated itself…

“Damn it, this idiot can really think up of ways to torture Sir Tom. Did someone tip him off about me being lazy at work?” Black Cat Tom asked resentfully as he turned to watch those mechs.

After a while, it suddenly had a thought. ‘Was it a secret code?’

It quickly remembered what kind of secret code it was.

“So, it’s Morse code.” it suddenly understood the meaning of the pain after realizing what the code was.

“He wants me to go look for him at the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains of the USA. He really is full of himself, treating me, Sir Tom, as a slave.”

Tom thought gloomily to himself but got up in the end anyway. It gave instructions to the mechs that it had something to work on and told them to continue learning how to plan those Yin Attribute Herbs based on the teaching materials given before.

The mechs bowed to it as they walked it out.

There was an operating expert behind each mech.

Work was hard to come by recently. Those who managed to obtain jobs were mostly elites that were picked out of thousands of candidates.

The way most people lived, to put it nicely, were like being kept as pigs. They were used as batteries for spiritual senses and magical energy.

Modern people were not stupid, it was easy to see through this situation.

Only a few tens of millions of people were given the authority to operate these spiritually-controlled mechs. Their efficiency was hundreds of times better compared to the past.

They were far superior to the common man’s condition in terms of speed and physicality. Their work efficiency was based on their level of familiarity when operating the spiritually-controlled mechs.

There was no shortage of creative experts.

Much like this herb garden, there were a few smaller mechs who were teleporting about.

They were moved nimbly below every herb in a speed that was hard to discern from the naked eye while getting rid of bugs, applying fertilizer, planting seedlings and even the duty of singing.

The labor of these mechs was decided by the power of the spiritual sense, which made it even more refined.

They were unlike those engineering robots which power was derived from traditional diesel or gasoline. This power system had determined them to be big and clumsy, their speed was also limited.

Tom was too lazy to care about the emotions of the common men at work and took it upon himself to fly away from the Land of Heritage to report to a certain lazy bum.

“Little tiger is here to meet the Venerable One. What orders does the Venerable One have?” Black Tiger Tom said with an unwilling expression.

It had already understood Vigilante A’s temperament and knew that he would not get angry without reason.

If it was another powerhouse, it would not even dare to show this expression even if it was forced to wake up from its cat nest in the middle of the night.

“Oh, it’s like this. I’ve just found that the lands here have become barren. It’s really a pity. As I’ve just killed the Spirit Lord incarnation, this place would be momentarily safe. There is no need to worry about spiritual beings creating any trouble, which is why I’ve summoned you. I need you to push work for developing the barren lands out there.” Fang Ning purposely paused at this point.

“What… Can I know which Spirit Lord incarnation did master kill?” Black Cat was shocked at the words and asked cautiously.

It would never suspect Vigilante A for lying. He may not be an honest hero, but he would never lie about a battle achievement such as this. It would be too easy to see through it, especially since there were only a few Spirit Lords.

“Oh, it was a towering Blood Giant. Rumor has it that its foundation is the incarnation of the Vigorous Spirit Lord.”

“That was it?” Black Tom was someone who was very well-informed. It was very familiar with all Upper Realm powerhouses.

It was similar to how the humans before were always aware of who the President of the United States was. Black Cat Tom was naturally well aware of which big guns were in the World of Spirits and Souls.

While the President of the United States changed every four or eight years, a venerable one of the World of Spirits and Souls changed every few million years.

The Vigorous Spirit Lord was the best fighter among the Spirit Lords. Yet, even it was defeated by Vigilante A.

Black Cat Tom did not dare to believe it, but it had to.

Even if Vigilante A’s True Dragon Spiritual Sense had appeared, it was merely just over four years and he was already powerful enough to defeat the utmost supreme in the World of Spirits and Souls. This was exactly like using a cheat code!

This was completely cheating!

At the thought of this, it put a stop to its initial unwillingness. It might as well stop faking it and gave total loyalty to this person. There was a chance it might have the opportunity to have a metamorphosis of spiritual ascension in the future.

Besides, compared with the other powerhouses, the best thing about Vigilante A was his grounded personality. It did not need to worry about him burning bridges.

Powerhouses like Death were moody, unpredictable and were impossible to figure out. One would need to be fearful while trying to get along with them as who knew when one would be turned into an offering one day.

There was definitely no such worry with Vigilante A.

Fang Ning watched as Black Cat Tom’s expression change continuously as if it had just opened a stall selling jams.

Sir System suddenly called out. “Hey, this guy just turned green!”

“Oh, must be difficult for it to turn from undercover spy to compatriot,” Fang Ning said with an attitude.

“It’s forsaking darkness for the light and you’re thinking about rejecting it?” Sir System was unsatisfied.

“Hmm, this proves that the path we chose was right. A just cause enjoys abundant support. Even old opponents can be influenced by our determination for ‘love and justice’ and become our helper.” Fang Ning was greatly comforted.

“Can you really believe your words? It’s just submissive because of my power,” Sir System said in disdain.

“Stop your so-called honesty, I can detect your immaturity,” Fang Ning said condescendingly.