Chapter 998 - Tying The String To The Kite

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Chapter 998: Tying The String To The Kite

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Black Cat Tom’s decision of forsaking darkness for the light gave Fang Ning confidence in giving it this important responsibility.

Black Cat Tom had by this time, hurriedly groveled and threw himself to the ground, and said respectfully, “Master is boundlessly powerful and infinitely resourceful, I wish for you to enjoy endless fortune and to have longevity equal to the heavens. Little tiger will from now offer my life and render my services loyally.”

“Wow, Tom the Cat’s flattery skills does not lose out much to Dragon Carp.” Fang Ning was pleased.

“Yup. Dragon Carp is still guarding the door at the Space Control. Too bad it can’t earn much. This proves that flattery can’t bring you any profit.” Sir System mumbled.

Fang Ning immediately said, “That’s it. Stop your flattery. I need you to discuss contracting these pieces of ownerless lands with the supervisors of the human clan. I will give you a few drops of the Spirit Lord’s blood as an offering for these fields. This will guarantee no spiritual beings will come to make trouble.”

The Blood Giant may be gigantic, but its core was the blood. Its bones and muscles were materials converted from this world, which made it less valuable.

Sir System would naturally want this valuable blood.

Black Cat Tom had no complaints and immediately agreed to everything. It now could not wait to work harder and earn the opportunity to display his performance.

Working for other bosses will only provide a minimal amount of earnings. One would also need to suffer bullying from them. Working for this man, on the other hand, would be a situation of ‘when a man gets to the top, his friends and relatives would get there with him’.

Fang Ning said happily after conducting this important work, “What do you think? These few hundred square kilometers of cultivated land from the USA will be used to plant vegetables and grains for us. We’ll just pay them a nominal amount of contracting fees. This is the unique feature of the Shenyuan Era, the strong will win everything and there would no burden for morality. They might not even have the ability to harvest these lands themselves.”

“I think I’ve finally seen through you. You were rushing back to your old home to conduct something important, but in fact, you were just attempting to show off.” Sir System complained.

“Oh, Rice Bucket, you really do understand me.” Fang Ning was pleased.

“You know what, I’d really rather not,” Sir System replied bitterly.

Earth, within a cave in a canyon.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze-masked men were sitting opposite each other and they had been silent for a long time.

“Has anyone not made a decision? If it was up to me, I’d just blow up Earth and turn Fang Ning into a piece of rootless plant, a fish without water. Then we will see how long he can jump around happily,” the Bronze-masked man said viciously.

The Gold-masked man shook his head while the Silver-masked man smiled bitterly.

“This would be pointless. First of all, it would go against our initial wish to patch up the heavens. Secondly, this would not affect him in any way. With his current ability, he is able to do whatever he wants in this vast universe. He would just find another habitable planet and repopulate it,” the Golden-masked man said lightly.

“That’s right. The Land of Heritage and the Land of Sanguinity are attached to the existence of this space. Even if Earth was destroyed, the realms will just change another land to depend on.” the Silver-masked man sighed.

“If that is the case, then let’s send someone to infiltrate both these realms and destroy them as well!” The Bronze-masked man needed to vent.

After all, they took a lot of trouble and degraded themselves in the process to get a hold of the Spirit Lord’s incarnation, only to lose it for nothing. It even became a growth nutrient for the enemy.

It would have really bugged him if he did not vent.

However, the other two seemed to be much more relaxed about the situation and were not carried away with their emotions.

“Don’t worry. I’ve said before that they are not a piece of iron board internally. No matter how strong he is, he would still need to carry the name of a hero. He wouldn’t be able to be vicious to those who sabotage him and won’t be able to learn how to use power to handle people. As long as we…” The Golden-masked man continued his words and the Bronze-masked man was finally comforted.

“Hahahaha! Big Brother, you are indeed cunning. Let’s see if he would choose to become the devil or leave defeated!” He laughed happily.

After a few days, at the Western residential area in the Land of Heritage.

A group of top leaders were discussing heatedly.

“Have you heard? That Pharos of the East is actually unabashedly trying to contract our land outside,” a Caucasian man said viciously.

“I know. It’s barren anyway. It would be good to earn some contracting fees, much better than just leaving it there. Our major corporations have no ongoing projects at the moment and we’re relying on the cold scraps of others,” a black man shook his head.

“This is terrible. He’s the Pharos of the East. He should be fulfilling his duties of protecting mankind. Since we were exiled by these evil devils, the lands should be returned to us. It should be just like before; the lands should be cultivated by whoever owns them. How could he snatch them in the name of contracting?” The Caucasian man was defiant.

Everyone else watched him with the look of ‘this must be what an idiot looks like’.

Everyone mouthed their agreement despite the looks they gave him.

“That’s right, Mr. Hindenburg, you’re absolutely right. As the Pharos of the East who was able to destroy the incarnation of the Spirit Lord, he should have bigger responsibilities with great power. He should clean up the earth and let humans move back to their big buildings and away from this narrow, suffocating place. This would be the real path of justice.”

The people in the discussion said the words as if they were the incarnations of justice and angels of peace.

“Herein lies the problem, who’s willing to tie a bell on this cat?” Someone suddenly humored them from a corner.

Everyone fell silent.

The video of Vigilante A killing the Blood Giant had been sent to the Truth Department by the black tiger as a means to boost the hope of the people.

They had generally watched it more than ten times, researching every detail with the military and professional cultivators.

Within the span of a few days, they concluded that the video was real and was not tampered with. As for the Blood Giant’s strength, it was fully capable of destroying the Earth.

Mankind’s most formidable giant mushroom had only managed to destroy the outer layer of the Earth. Its destruction was far from what the Blood Giant could do.

The act of destroying Earth was nothing more than destroying mankind’s reliance on the biosphere. Earth itself would not have cared less. Ancient times had forced poor old Earth to face numerous nuclear bombs daily. These were much more harmful than a little planet crashing into it and yet, Earth had survived.

However, Earth would not have the same confidence when it came to facing the Blood Giant.

Judging by the weight of the Blood Giant and the battle mode conducted that had gone against all the laws of physics, one would immediately understand that it was a true Planet-level powerhouse. It had the power to destroy the stars!

Even someone as strong as the Blood Giant was defeated by the Pharos of the East’s sword. They might be brave enough to mouth off in the meeting room but when it came to submitting the request to the Pharos of the East, none of them really had the courage.

It had nothing to do with being afraid of death. As qualified politicians, they knew that the request would not warrant them a death sentence. They were more worried about the Pharos of the East giving them unexpected trouble. Who knew what sort of things a powerhouse like him would be capable of?

A mere spirit general would be enough to torment the Earth.

They would not be so bold as to take the risk of earning his wrath. If this military ally chose to stand on the side of the enemy, they would be the great sinners in the history of mankind!

As a politician, one would not have the courage to take on this sort of responsibility.

“He’s like a kite flying above the heads of humans. We can’t use violence to pull him down now. We should tie a string on him,” someone suddenly said.

“Yes, Mr. Alexander is right. We are too weak right now, which means we have to submit to him. We will choose to compromise for now. When one of us becomes strong, we can realize the plan of creating balance.”

Everyone agreed in unison.

Appeasement and compromise were the specialties of these politicians. They would rather just mouth off to vent and not do anything instead of taking the risk of requesting the Pharos of the East to back off and create trouble in the relationship.

There was nothing new under the sun, history will always repeat itself. Before World War 2, these people had done the exact same thing when facing the powerful Germans.

“Here’s the problem, what would this string be? And how do we tie it?”

“Hmph, that’s easy. He is a person who places importance on relationship ties and where he came from. He didn’t forcefully contract China’s lands; he is not practicing philanthropy for everyone!” Someone said viciously.

“That’s right. Looks like we have start with someone close to him. How about using sexual entrapment?”

These politicians did not feel ashamed for saying these unseemly words out loud. In reality, each and every one of them was thick-skinned.

“That won’t work. According to our research, he’s not someone who lusts after beauty. There have been many beautiful women who threw themselves at him but he never returned the favor. It must be because of his need to cultivate abilities. The Pharos of the East has many skills that require him to be celibate.”

“How about his relatives? Does he have parents or siblings?”

“Nope, he’s the standard mold of the main character from a novel… Born to be a lone star.”

“At the very least, he does have a birthplace, right?

“We’re not very sure about this. No one knows his true identity.”

“We can tell you his true identity, you stupid mortals.”

As the politicians were whispering to each other, three metal-masked men suddenly appeared in their meeting room.