Chapter 999 - The Long-Term Plan

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Chapter 999: The Long-Term Plan

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“Damn it, these guys do not really know what’s good for them. Master Fang could not bear to see their land go barren and tried to help them by getting the lands. Yet, they dared to put on airs and say they need to consider it first!”

Fang Ning was holding on to the Heavenly Book when he read the progress report uploaded by Black Cat. It made him gloomy.

Black Cat had said that the original owners of the lands said that property ownership was a complicated matter that required multiple procedures, which was why they could not agree for the moment.

Between the lines of their words hinted at the Pharos of the East to maintain the values of the world and clear up the lands for people to return home…

It was filled with majestic words that were difficult to pick out any problems from.

“Why don’t we just agree with those three metal-masked men and oppress these ignorant idiots?” Sir System coerced.

Fang Ning was speechless. “What kind of System are you to so easily waver! A minor internal squabble and you’re ready to go to the extreme. You’re really an immature kiddy System.”

“Hurm, then what should we do? They’re obviously not afraid of us and are more skillful than you when it comes to delays. It’s normal for them to delay things for a few years.” Sir System warned.

Fang Ning felt an immediate headache and said, “You’re right. Nope, Master Fang will not go easy on them. This involves the matter of our future battle strategies; we’ll not compromise and give in to them!”

“Yes. Chong Daqing’s appetite has returned tenfold after indulging ferociously this time around. It was lucky that I had the heart to chase it away. Otherwise, it would have cleared out my reserves,” Sir System said bitterly.

“Look at you; enjoying burning bridges. I didn’t even manage to console and congratulate it and you’ve taken the liberty to make this decision.” Fang Ning did not know what else to say.

“Stop pretending, you obviously want me to be the bad guy and here you are saying you didn’t manage to do all those things. It didn’t lose out anyway. Believe it or not, if you summon it back, it would run back here faster than anybody else.” Sir System insisted.

“Well, that sounds about right…” Fang Ning decided to postpone this problem for now and started to think about how to expand Sir System’s reserves.

Relying solely on Morality City and the other realms would never be enough. They had to face God-level opponents in the future, and there was the God-level appetite of the blood insect known as Chong Daqing to deal with as well…

For the purposes of taste, he could not mix up the nutrition pastes as he would need green, natural ingredients.

The best way was to find another planet; a white piece of paper would be best for painting. This was the best plan among plans; it would not involve any entanglement from different power factions and it would not go against Sir System’s core of the hero’s order.

This would, however, take a lot of time. Humans’ use of grains as food had evolved for millions or even billions of years to achieve the flavor found today. The primitive wheat and corn were hard to swallow.

This may be a long-term plan, but it was time to start executing it.

The planet situated 600 light-years away had achieved its status due to the hard work of the River God of Sky River for six months. He had set the space coordinates in the perfect place and had finished it through the Land of Sanguinity.

It was not a good time to add on to his burden.

At the thought, Fang Ning turned towards Sir System. “You’ve saved up a couple of trillions worth of experience points. You should now be able to move unhindered across the universes and cross through space, right? At the very least, you can run faster than that River God.”

“What exactly are you thinking of?” Sir System was befuddled.

Fang Ning immediately gave a simple explanation of the long-term plan.

“Oh, you want to find another habitable planet. This might be doable. I’ll just clench my teeth and try to upgrade the sword for it to teleport to a further distance,” Sir System said determinedly.

“Be careful and don’t bite my teeth,” Fang Ning said worriedly.

System notification: [System exhausted one trillion experience points, Mythical-grade flying sword ‘Soaring Dragon’ has now been upgraded to Ancient-grade. The upgrades are as below:

1: Attack mode has been upgraded a hundred times.

2: Flying speed has been upgraded to light speed.

3: Longest distance in teleportation would only be affected by magical energy poured into it.

4: Massive upgrade for Durability, God-level opponents are unable to destroy it.]

Fang Ning went dizzy at the notifications as he said out loud in surprise, “This Ancient-grade is really something!”

“Of course, haven’t you read in your novels that abilities become formidable with time while treasures get invincible with time?” Sir System asserted.

“Too bad… reality is the opposite, but let’s not talk about it first. How much magical energy do you need to exhaust by teleporting a few hundred light-years away?” Fang Ning asked.

“Hmm, to calculate this, let’s use Death’s magical bubble as a unit. To fill up one bubble, we can teleport one hundred light-years away,” Sir System said bitterly.

“Oh, that’s quite a bit of magical energy needed. Lucky for the existence of the Magical Energy Bank. We can purchase them there.” Fang Ning suddenly felt a little troubled.

He understood completely how much magical energy was needed for one of Death’s bubbles.

“Well, we can’t trap wolves without risking the children,” Fang Ning said as he held on to the Heavenly Book.

He proceeded to give Yellow Dog a new mission. “Find a second planet closest to us with a similar environment to Earth that is of the utmost quality.”

The mission module immediately had a notification. “Yellow Dog Xue Ba has accepted.”

“Alright, we’ve decided on the long-term plan. Now to solve the immediate problem.” Fang Ning looked up towards somewhere far off, his dark eyes gleamed of wisdom.

“What are you thinking of doing?”

“Hmm, didn’t the Sky Eagle say that there are powerful demons trying to take control over the other demons? Pass my words on so that China can’t be touched. As for the other locations, feel free to invade them. I will not interfere. Didn’t they say they wanted world values? Well, people have human rights, demons have demon rights too,” Fang Ning replied coldly.

“Wow, Mr. Rich Boss, you really have a dark heart. I am nothing compared to you,” Sir System was sincerely convinced by Fang Ning.

“It’s not too bad, right? An eye for an eye,” Fang Ning said in delight.

He was not a silly hero. He had been brainwashed by multiple novels and had a certain baseline when it came to handling things. He was also tied down by the rules of the System’s heroism.

Whoever planned to abduct him via morality was destined for failure. He was 30 over years old this year and had experienced China being under siege from the West. He had grown up as an angry teenager in that situation.

After the strategy was determined, Fang Ning returned control to Sir System. Three days had long passed, and he had habitually hidden within the System Space.

After ten days, Vigilante A was in the farm villa.

The mountains of different presents were accumulated within the farm. There were tens of tons of things such as multi-colored herbs, minerals, pills, furs…etc.

In front of the villa was a very long queue.

There were different kinds of demons, foxes, rabbits, tigers, elephants, wild wolves, wild boars… There was quite a variety of them congregated in one place.

Everyone had come with the same desire, and that was to get Sir Dragon God’s approval for the biggest piece of land.

The ones lined up at the very back were little demons holding on to maps, each of them watched enviously as the more powerful demons walked through the doors of the villa.

Needless to say, whoever gets in first would get the best and biggest lands. It was very similar to how the Westerners had cut up Africa. Whoever came first had the advantage. Those who came later would resort to violence.

However, Sir Dragon God had always promoted love and justice, those who came first had a good reason for getting the best. If those that came later resorted to violence to grab the lands meant that it had no morals and was in need of punishment.

“It’s really lucky that the spirits and demons created chaos and scared all the humans away. Now that Earth’s completely empty, it’s the demon clans time to become the masters!” Some of the little demons could not contain their excitement and whispered among themselves.

“That’s right. Humans are so afraid of death, but not us. It takes no effort for us to give birth to a nest of tens of little ones who will grow up within one to two years. These human lands will be taken over by us very soon. It would be too late for them even if they were thinking about coming back.”

A group of demons fell into a vision of longing.

Right at the moment, a goat demon walked out of the villa grandly.

A few of the little demons stopped the goat demon for some questions.

“How was the negotiation?”

“Yeah, how was it? Let the brothers know.”

The goat demon sighed and said, “Sir Dragon God said that he needed a constructive demon clan and not some demon that ate grass for a living, otherwise, it would be wasting the lands.”

“What does that mean?” Some of the demons started discussing amongst each other.

“Exactly. He wants someone who knows how to cultivate the land. For example, a group of ant demons who knows how to graze a herd of aphids were given a really large piece of land. They are able to harvest high-quality aphid honey which the Dragon God said he would use pills to purchase from them,” the Goat demon said gloomily.

“Oh, so that’s how it works.” The demons started to form their own thoughts.