Chapter 19

The Promise Sealed with Our Lips Guan Gai Man Jing Hua, 冠蓋滿京華 2022/9/13 16:52:31

He Nuo felt all the hairs on his back stand. The surrounding air suddenly felt terribly oppressive and suffocating; the only sound He Nuo could hear was that of his violent heartbeat. He was locked in place by the pair of eyes that looked like it was spewing fire, and his heart felt like jumping out of his chest. After this whole event, He Nuo reflected upon it and realised that the only reason he heard Shi Yan’s breathing was because Shi Yan did it on purpose. In the darkness, the He Nuo who stood as straight as a pencil and the Shi Yan who continued leaning against the world continued their standstill; but He Nuo was actually very nervous.

The sound of applause came from Shi Yan, his lazy tone was the same as usual, “Not bad, that was a pretty good crosstalk. I didn’t even know you had the skills, I love it. Also, I guarantee that my ears and heart would be able to withstand it, so why not you continue your crosstalk for me?

He Nuo remained silent.

“You won’t do me this favour?” Shi Yan sneered, “Or do you think that I’m not a worthy spectator?”

“I’m sorry.” He Nuo lowered his head. His calmed heart knew that making fun of Shi Yan behind his back was his fault, plus Shi Yan wasn’t someone he could afford to anger.

Shi yan walked over and looked at He Nuo. He stood very close to He Nuo, and his face was even closer, so He Nuo couldn’t help but take a step back. Shi Yan intended to oppress him in this manner, so of course he would take a step forward as well.

“I’m sorry, I apologise.” Shi Yan’s approach made He Nuo panic.

Shi Yan pinched He Nuo’s chin, “It’ll be too much of a waste to use this clever mouth to apologise, it’s much better suited for engaging in excellent crosstalks.”

He Nuo couldn’t help b.u.t.t try to pull Shi Yan’s hand away; for a man to have his chin be pinched by another man, of course he wouldn’t feel comfortable. But his resistance triggered Shi Yan’s anger, so Shi Yan grabbed both of He Nuo’s hands and wrenched them towards the back. After an arduous year of living in the village, the thinness and fragility of He Nuo’s body was suddenly made obvious in their dispute. He Nuo could only feel the strength of Shi Yan’s steel-like arms lock his own behind his back. The overwhelmingly strong Shi Yan only needed one hand to pin both of He Nuo’s skinny wrists down, and his other hand was used squeeze He Nuo’s sunken cheeks, “Say it, aren’t you very good at crosstalks? Say one for me to hear then!”

He Nuo’s mouth was squeezed open, and Shi Yan pinched so hard that the top of He Nuo’s teeth was hurting – how could He Nuo talk in this kind of situation?

“You won’t say it?” Shi Yan ruthlessly used his finger to grab He Nuo’s tongue and pulled it out. He Nuo struggled in pain, but he couldn’t struggle out of Shi Yan’s iron grasp. He couldn’t even convey his m.u.f.fled apologies properly. But He Nuo really didn’t dare to kick Shi Yan again, He Nuo had always felt guilty about harming Shi Yan before.

The conflict here didn’t seem like it was ending anytime soon, but the sound of footsteps walking up the staircase saved He Nuo. It’s the guard who was responsible for locking up the school. Shi Yan released He Nuo, and He Nuo bent over panting to try and catch his breath.

Before he slept at night, He Nuo rubbed his sore cheeks and was still wondering how to resolve the problem this time. Shi Yan would definitely not accept his apologies, but when it comes to other methods – sending him gifts as an apology? Don’t even need to mention how poor He Nuo is, He Nuo wouldn’t even be able to afford the stuff that Shi Yan likes. But if he doesn’t appease Shi Yan’s anger, he would definitely not let him off. His days at school would definitely be far from peaceful. He Nuo tossed and turned in his bad for a long time before thinking of a stupid method; it might be a bit stupid, but it should be able to let Shi Yan vent his anger. He Nuo then fell asleep with a peace of mind.

The next morning, He Nuo woke up very early and went to school. When Shi Yan reached, he was surprised to see that He Nuo was actually looking at him, and there wasn’t a shred of fear in his eyes. Shi Yan doubtfully sat at his own seat. He took out the books from his table, and a piece of paper flew out, “I’ll wait for you by the east campus’ walls after school ends this afternoon. He Nuo.”

The east end of the school was adjacent to some rice fields, or rather, the school was separated from the village and county by one wall. Because in the early years, before the huge state-owned enterprises settled in this town, this place was a village. Shi Yan wanted to go alone, but his lousy friends were incredibly curious and wanted to follow along. They even generously offered protection in case He Nuo hired people to deal with Shi Yan. Shi Yan almost laughed out loud, how could that He Nuo dare to hire people? Even if he did, there was no one he could ask, whoever saw him hanging out with friends? Plus, once the other party heard his name, they would definitely flee in fright.

Shi Yan and his friends arrived first. He Nuo wasn’t late on purpose, but Shi Yan and the rest had ridden their bicycles over while He Nuo had to walk one big round from the west campus to reach the east side. When he saw a whole group of them sitting by the fields, He Nuo was so shocked he stood rooted to the spot.

Shi Yan bit a stalk of rice seedling, “Wow, do I need to personally invite the ol’ great crosstalk master over?”

He Nuo walked up to him, but Shi Yan continued sitting on the floor while he propped his head up on his elbow and looked up at He Nuo. He Nuo thought that wasn’t too appropriate, so he squatted down, “Shi Yan, what I did yesterday was wrong, I’m really very sorry.”

Shi Yan rolled his eyes, “Un, this is what you want to talk about?”

“No.” He Nuo saw that the others were looking over so he lowered his eyes. Eventually, he still looked up and said calmly, “Why not you beat me up once to vent. Would that be enough?”

Shi Yan seemed like he didn’t really understand, so he sat up straight, “What did you say?”

He Nuo knew that he had heard him loud and clear, he looked straight into his eyes, “Can you please beat me up to vent your anger, then forgive me?”

Shi Yan’s friends were already laughing at a side, and He Nuo’s face instantly flushed red. But he really couldn’t find any other way for Shi Yan to vent his anger. If he didn’t take the initiative, when Shi Yan starts taking revenge then it would be too late.

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