Chapter 25

The Promise Sealed with Our Lips Guan Gai Man Jing Hua, 冠蓋滿京華 2022/9/13 16:52:37

At the start, He Nuo was stunned by Shi Yan’s jumping about like a madman and his crazy proclamations, then He Nuo looked at him quietly. Under the watch of his calm gaze, Shi Yan’s mania was placated, but his chest was still moving up and down rapidly. He couldn’t hide the embarra.s.sment on his face as he said in a m.u.f.fled voice, “Do you understand!”

Shi Yan slowly supported He Nuo to lie down on the sofa, then closed the blinds. He placed his hands on He Nuo’s trousers, then that was when He Nuo suddenly realized what he was about to do so he held onto his trousers with a death grip. His face had reddened till it looked like the colour of a sunset’s glow. But how could he be strong enough to resist Shi Yan? Yet, Shi Yan didn’t resort to force, and instead pressed down on his hands gently, “I’ll just take a look, to see how serious it is?”

“No you can’t, don’t look.” He Nuo rejected with no room for negotiation.

“I want to look!” Unconsciously, Shi Yan’s commanding tone had resurfaced.

“No!” He Nuo refused to give way.

“No way!”

“You’re not even a f.u.c.king girl, what are you so afraid of?” Shi Yan was definitely someone who lacks patience.

“You can’t.”

“I say I want to look, so I’ll look.” The Shi Yan who had ran out of patience couldn’t hold back anymore, so he resorted to force. He grabbed both of He Nuo’s hands and pulled them up, then used his other hand to take off his trousers. He Nuo started to struggle and even ignored the pain that arose as a result; he took sharp intakes of breath and his face twisted.

Shi Yan saw how much pain he was in and the hand that was pinning his wrists down couldn’t bear to hold them down anymore. He released his vice-like grip, “I’m not a pervert who wants to look at your thing, it’s not like I don’t have whatever you have.”

He Nuo’s hands that had recovered their freedom quickly pulled on his trousers, then he turned his head and didn’t say a word. Shi Yan saw the He Nuo whose neck was tinged with red and gave in, “Alright, at most I’ll just show you mine too, that’s fair right?”

He Nuo shut his eyes tight. He felt Shi Yan’s breath on his face and nervously replied with embarra.s.sment, “Who wants to look at you.”

Shi Yan was immediately amused, “I’m the one who wants to look at you.” He pressed down on He Nuo’s hands, “If I don’t take a look, I won’t know what kind of medicine to apply, do you want your precious to become useless?”

As he coaxed, he lifted He Nuo’s hands that were still gripping his trousers, but they were “gently” pulled off his trousers one finger at a time by Shi Yan. The breeze he felt on his lower body set He Nuo’s face on fire, and he wanted to dig a hole in the sofa to hide in it very badly.

The little thing between He Nuo’s legs was intact, the real victim appeared to be the eggy on the right. It was so swollen that it glistened, and it was squeezing the poor egg on the left. Shi Yan’s hand had just brushed by that place when He Nuo instinctively grabbed his hand, “Dirty, don’t.”

At this close of a distance there was a kind of stench that had already dispersed when He Nuo’s underwear was taken off just now. Shi Yan’s family can be considered to be part of the upper echelon of society, so he didn’t lack cold or hot water shower tools and could take a bath whenever he wanted; but He Nuo’s family would either go to a public bath to bathe during the weekend, or their whole family would bathe at the same time during one of the weekdays – they had to move fast, because the water was heated on a gas stove. If the weather was hot, they would just use some water to wipe themselves down, whatever it was, during summer He Nuo’s family would only bathe once a week, whilst during winter they could only bathe once a week or fortnightly. Ever since his body was covered in wounds, bathing and wiping his body had become underground activities that he had to carry out in secret so that his family wouldn’t notice. Also, for the He Nuo who had been educated in traditional ways, even washing that place himself felt shameful so he would hurriedly get it over and done with.

Shi Yan left for awhile, then came back two minutes later. He placed a basin of hot water next to He Nuo’s feet, then took out his handkerchief and dabbed it into the hot water, wrung it, then placed it on the swollen eggy. He waited for He Nuo’s face to stop looking like an overcooked crab before he started to open up He Nuo’s legs a bit. Shi Yan then used his hand to lift up the one that was injured. It was only after opening up his legs and lifting the bag that Shi Yan saw the real injury: it was He Nuo’s groin that was seriously injured. There was a swelling that had grown to be about an inch in height and a frightening, b.l.o.o.d.y gash that extended below the bag, He Nuo’s right eggy was squeezed up high by the swelling.

Why was he whipped at such an angle? At the same time Shi Yan questioned the position of the wound, he was also glad that the most important part wasn’t injured.

“Lie down for a bit, give me 10 minutes.” Shi Yan covered him with a shirt that was hanging on a rack, then locked the door and left. He Nuo’s head was still buried in the sofa, and even after Shi yan had left for a few minutes, he hadn’t gotten over the shame he felt. He obviously knew that there was no one in the room, but he still quietly turned around and looked at his surroundings. This beautiful office should belong to Shi Yan’s father. He knows that the people who work here are all high-ranking leaders, so it was no wonder that Shi Yan would be as arrogant as he is.

He sat up using the sofa’s armrest and took his trousers. He lifted the shirt that was covering his lower body and took a look before he shifted his gaze. He hesitated for a bit, then when it looked like he had gathered a sufficient amount of courage, he once again lowered his head to look at the miserable aftermath. It was already much better now. When he was lying on the floor outside the school wall, the heart-wrenching pain he had felt was so horrible that he almost fainted. Because his feet weren’t lifted high enough, he held his trousers and folded its hems as he wanted to wear them in one go when the sound of keys clinking drifted over accompanied by Shi Yan’s voice, “It’s me, Shi Yan.”

When he opened the door, what Shi Yan saw was this: a He Nuo who was sitting on the sofa with an awkward and fearful expression, one of his hands had grabbed his pants and he was using them to cover his private area. This kind of situation was as hilarious as one could think it to be, He Nuo looked like he was caught red-handed while having an affair in bed. Shi Yan laughed loudly which shocked He Nuo, and his shock made Shi Yan laugh even more. He pointed at He Nuo, “You, didn’t I ask you, to lie down and wait for me?” He Nuo lowered his head and ignored him.

Shi Yan stopped laughing, then he walked over and wanted He Nuo to lie down again. He Nuo yanked away the hand that he had put on his shoulders meant to support him and Shi Yan’s face changed. He pulled away the pants in He Nuo’s hands, but when he saw the covered area, his face that had been covered in frost was immediately replaced with a gentle expression.