Chapter 50

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With this person leaning on his back, Shi Yan’s frantic heart finally settled down. He didn’t talk to He Nuo as he was afraid that he’d breath in cold air, yet he himself breathed in deeply a few times as if he wanted to spit out the pressure that had acc.u.mulated in his body.

After he felt light on his feet, Shi Yan began to think of the reason for his gloominess. When he saw He Nuo mount Yu Yao’s bike and was about to send her back, the rage in his heart stirred up in an instant. He asked himself why he got angry, because of Yu Yao? Because she was his ex-girlfriend, so he got jealous? How could that be? He had never had any so-called possessive tendencies over the ex that he had eliminated. Since he didn’t want her, anyone else who wanted her can have her, it had nothing to do with him anymore. Besides, he doesn’t have any lingering feelings for Yu Yao at all. That woman was now He Nuo’s deskmate, so he was even more unwilling to have any sort of relationship with her.

He thought about it again and again, and the only answer he could come up with was related to He Nuo. There was only one explanation: this guy has such a weak body, I’ve been taking such good care of him all along and couldn’t even bear to let him cycle in case he tires himself out too much, yet he ran away to become someone else’s chauffeur, so how could I not get angry?

Shi Yan suddenly felt enlightened as he understood why his emotions were thrown out of whack. He was extremely satisfied with the explanation he had given himself. The anger he felt towards He Nuo dissipated as well; he had never told He Nuo that he couldn’t work too hard and tire himself out, and had to avoid even the most common of cold, so it’s no wonder that He Nuo didn’t know that he had to pay attention to such things and had even planned to act as Yu Yao’s chauffeur.

“You’re not happy?” He Nuo asked after they reached his house.

“Why wouldn’t I get angry? You’re a grand master when you’re with me, yet you would run to someone else to be their chauffeur, how could I keep my f.u.c.king cool?”

“Didn’t someone else take the seat?” After He Nuo spoke, he lowered his head uneasily and really wished that he hadn’t said that.

“Then don’t you know how to come over yourself? Do you think just anyone can sit on my bike?” Shi Yan questioned, then added, “There won’t be anyone else in the future, this bike will be for your personal use.”

He Nuo looked up with his bright black eyes, and a hint of a smile could be found in them.

“If someone else asks you to ride their bike and send them back, you can’t do it! If you sweat while cycling and endure the cold winds, you’ll get a fever again; and also, won’t you cough if the winds blow against you while you’re cycling? Idiot, you’re this delicate so what are you trying to show off for?” He paused, then said solemnly, “I’m telling you this now, you better behave yourself during winter. You can’t get cold, can’t get tired, and can’t get a cold or a fever. I’ll try to look for other ways to fix your cough.”

“Thank you. You, you’re so good to me, I can’t give you anything in return.”

Shi Yan’s eyes widened, “You think I want something for treating you like this? Are you a pig to actually think that way? You’re my iron pellet1, if I don’t treat you well then who else should I be treating well? Hurry and go in ba.”

He Nuo nodded, then walked to the door and fished his keys out.

“Ai!” Shi Yan called out again, then walked over and took out two bottles from his bag, “Remember to drink these tomorrow.” Because tomorrow was New Year’s, they didn’t have school so he’s pa.s.sing the Royal Jelly and Apollo Oral Liquid to He Nuo now.

“Thank you.”

Shi Yan looked at his watch. It was already past 12 midnight, “It’s New Year’s, I’d like to wish this young master a happy new year. May you stay safe and healthy, and live a long life just like a tortoise.”

He Nuo was seriously listening to his words at first and had felt moved, but when he heard the latter part of the sentence, he immediately laughed and punched him as he scolded, “You’re the tortoise. Hurry and go ba, it’s so late.”

“You haven’t given me your best wishes yet.” Shi Yan pulled the He Nuo who had already opened the door, “Hurry and say it, what do you wish for me?”

He Nuo thought about it for a bit, “Cuffs and kicks, didn’t someone else already give you those?” He was making fun of the banter Shi Yan had with those two girls.

“Tch, then what are you giving me?” Shi Yan continued to ask.

“I send you my best wishes to marry Zhu Bajie’s second aunt as soon as possible.” Then He Nuo entered his house in a flash and quickly closed the doors, then laughed softly as he stood inside. Shi Yan’s voice that was filled with hatred travelled in from the outside, “My Zhu Bajie’s second aunt will definitely be the unsurpa.s.sed beauty of a generation!”

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He Nuo listened as Shi Yan left, then opened the door and walked out to shout softly, “Be careful on your way home.”

Shi Yan turned around on his bike and waved his hand to motion him to go back in.

He might be overly excited from playing too much or something, so the moment He Nuo got onto his bed his mind was in a chaotic state and he didn’t feel like sleeping at all. All he could think about was what had happened this night: how Shi Yan had peeled prawns for him during dinner, how they ate apples together, how he had leaned on that warm and gentle back on their way home; but he refused to think about the part of the night when he had seen Shi Yan and those girls on the bed together. He vaguely remembered how Zhou Yue was leaning on him when he opened the door, or rather how she was squeezing herself into Shi Yan’s embrace, and Shi Yan had one hand on Zhou Yue’s waist. He was fl.u.s.tered at first, but afterwards it seemed like he hated that scene. But Shi Yan treated him differently from them, so he thought it was lucky that he and Shi Yan were fellow “iron pellets”. It’s no wonder that Yu Yao said Shi Yan treats his friends better than his girlfriends. He Nuo felt quite comforted, Shi Yan still treats him the best.

Meanwhile, the Shi Yan who had just reached home was in a very good mood too. There was no reason for it, he just felt really happy. He laid his head on his arm and thought of how that guy must have been so tired out by today’s events that he was probably sleeping like a dead pig right now, and when he thought of how He Nuo looked like while he was deep in slumber, the edges of Shi Yan’s lips couldn’t help but curve up. There was a sudden sigh in the darkness. Shi Yan thought about the cough that he had no way to deal with yet. Because of this cough, Shi Yan had changed He Nuo’s medication G.o.d knows how many times, and had consulted many people, yet he could never find its root cause; due to this cough, He Nuo had to spend most of his time indoors.

Shi Yan stood up and walked over to the window. The heating for his building was excellent, and his house had aluminium alloy windows, so not only did he not have to seal the gaps in the windows, Shi Yan could even frequently open his windows up for some fresh air. He drew his window’s curtains and pushed it open; a fresh gust of air caressed his face, and breathing it in was extremely comfortable as it felt like his lungs were being cleansed. Shi Yan’s gaze travelled across the night sky as he faced in the direction of He Nuo’s house: when can He Nuo experience all these too?

But what the both of them didn’t know was that even though He Nuo couldn’t experience the same cleansing of his body by breathing in the outside air, he was looking at the same night sky as Shi Yan. The He Nuo who couldn’t fall asleep stood in front of his window as he held the thousand layer buddha’s hand conch in his hands. Without the illumination of the moonlight, he traced the indents of the conch sh.e.l.l amidst the darkness while he faced in the direction of Shi Yan’s house.

1. A really good friend?

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