Chapter 59

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He Nuo was slapped so hard his vision went black and his ears buzzed, as if everything in his head had been shattered from the hit and were flowing out right now. Since his room was quite small, he was knocked down onto the floor beside his bed. Before he could get up, a huge figure closed in, “What were the two of you doing?”

You could say that He Nuo had never fought before in his whole life — excluding the time in his first year when he managed to hurt Shi Yan through sheer blind luck. When he was disciplined by his father or acted as a sandbag for Shi Yan in his second year, he didn’t dodge their hits at all, so he has never learnt or realised that he had to protect himself.

And Shi Yan’s accusations and violence that came out of nowhere made He Nuo roar back at him, “Why should I tell you?!”

Shi Yan jumped up and looked around. He was probably looking for something he could use, but there was nothing. He grabbed He Nuo’s collar, and He Nuo tried to break free from his grip because it was difficult to breathe but he failed. Instead, the b.u.t.tons on his low-quality clothes were all torn right off. Shi Yan pulled and dragged him while He Nuo twisted his body left and right as the two of them fell onto the bed like this. Shi Yan used both his hands and legs to subdue He Nuo; He Nuo stubbornly resisted him. Under the entanglement of their limbs and the intimate friction between their bodies, Shi Yan could only feel the area under his crotch heat up.

The Shi Yan who had lost all rationality still roared instinctively, “What did the two of you do?!”

“Why should I tell you?” The person who wasn’t any more normal shouted back.

“Why should you? Why should you?” Shi Yan repeated, and his brain that had already turned into mush were filled with the words “what did the two of you do?’, ‘adulterous couple!’, adulterer adulterer adulterer!!! And now Shi Yan knew why he should, “You f.u.c.king adulterer who f.u.c.ked my woman, how dare you f.u.c.k my woman?!”

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” He Nuo was angered to the point of insanity by this accusation, so he put up another round of resistance which was met with even more suppression. Shi Yan wasn’t sure why he took off He Nuo’s pants. With this kind of summer shorts and how violent his strength was, he didn’t even need to take it off before it tore into pieces while it was still on He Nuo’s body. Half his d.i.c.k hung out, and He Nuo only wore a short piece of underwear as he tried his best to push away the Shi Yan who was pinning him down out of anger and embarra.s.sment. As a result of their intense “workout” or “pa.s.sion, He Nuo’s body was suffused with a pinkish blush that could arouse one’s s.e.xual desire.

Shi Yan’s pupils contracted, then they focused on the two bright red beads in front of them. He lowered his head and bit one of it. He Nuo felt an electric current surge through his body which frightened him, and after his mind went blank for a few seconds he began to struggle desperately. Shi Yan was still sucking on it greedily — the deliciousness in his mouth was extremely unusual — when his scalp began to throb. He Nuo couldn’t push him away, so he had hastily tugged on Shi Yan’s hair as he wanted to pull him up. Shi Yan raised his head maliciously while he was still biting down tightly on his tiny nipple. He Nuo was so pained that he uttered a “hnng”; he couldn’t help writhing his body to escape from the pressure above and rescue his bright red bead from the tiger’s mouth.

This kind of movement triggered the rapid erection between Shi Yan’s legs, and he could even feel his crystal clear liquid leaking from it. Meanwhile, He Nuo still didn’t know that he had provoked this lion’s male hormones, and didn’t understand that the thing that was poking him was actually sending him a dangerous signal so he was still trying to escape. He Nuo’s thin and weak body had r.e.t.a.r.ded his development, so his understanding of such matters lagged far behind that of Shi Yan’s.

His resistance was like a temptation which intensified the lion’s thirst for blood, and had increased the lion’s desire for conquest. Shi Yan’s iron hand yanked it down and He Nuo’s tiny underwear announced the end of its life.

He Nuo’s nakedness made him frantic which spurred an even more intense resistance from him; while on the other side, Shi Yan’s flames — his flames of fury had unconsciously changed into flames of desire — were raging and burning even brighter than his flames of fury; its plunderous desire grew at an accelerated rate.

He Nuo was frightened; he no longer knew what Shi Yan wanted to do. His latent, living brain cells were telling him to escape the person in front of him at all costs, to escape the demon in front of him at all costs; so He Nuo was completely dominated by these thoughts as he a.s.sumed a spirit of desperation to stage an uprising. Shi Yan was being overwhelmed by his flames of desire; he would kill the devil if he encountered one, and would annihilate anyone who tried to stop him. Thus, his ruthless fist landed on He Nuo’s body, and after a few blows, He Nuo vomitted some gastric juice out. He didn’t even have the strength to curl up — he had been hit till he felt all groggy as the room around him looked like it was spinning.

Shi Yan took out his pride that was leaking with dew and was thoroughly wet at the tip, then drove it in between He Nuo’s legs. He didn’t know what he should do next, and in the midst of his blurry confusion he only knew that it should be somewhere in between his legs. He was poking about randomly in between the legs that he had parted when He Nuo suddenly uttered a heartrending cry; even though he was being pinned down, his body had still jerked quite a bit. Shi Yan’s sensitive, round and moist tip suddenly broke into a warm place; it was so pleasurable that he uttered an “oh” and he felt an encircling tightness clamp down on his member — he couldn’t go in deeper or take it out, and it was awfully painful.

Shi Yan straightened up his body, then put the legs that he had pried open onto his shoulders. He clearly saw the place that he had visited — it was this beautiful, and it was this bewitching……all the adjectives in the world weren’t enough to describe the kind of pleasure it had brought him. That tender pink colour only swallowed the tip of his head, and tiny drops of blood leaked out of its small gap. Unable to withstand the stimulation of this sight, he embraced the legs that were trembling on both his shoulders, then with one vigorous push, Shi Yan forced his whole member into his territory. He Nuo moaned piteously as his body trembled. Yet Shi Yan had broken through the pain and entered deep into the secret place of this magnificent beauty, and was enjoying the happiness of entering his dream for the first time. He moved like a cheetah on the gra.s.slands — swift, and wild.

He Nuo had never been able to remember clearly or recall what had happened that afternoon; and Shi Yan had once asked himself how he managed to find his own territory to occupy — the answer was instinct, a man’s instinct. Shi Yan found his garden of Eden through violence; he savoured it to his heart’s content, plundered it, and declared his ownership over the whole place. There was one truth that Shi Yan had refused to admit to himself for a long, long time: when he saw the stream of blood that flowed out from He Nuo, the him who was used to taking care of He Nuo didn’t feel any distress, and instead felt a kind of comfort, pride, satisfaction and a man’s pleasure. Frankly speaking from the bottom of his heart, this was the mark he made on He Nuo as his “first man”.

Shi Yan didn’t know when he began to embrace this body in his arms. He felt that the person in his arms couldn’t stop trembling, so he slowed his rhythm down out of a tender compa.s.sion. Unfortunately, He Nuo couldn’t sense his tenderness. He continued to tremble with the occasional moans of pain that escaped his mouth while he laid in Shi Yan’s embrace. Shi Yan uttered a low groan as he shot into He Nuo, who had also let out broken cries that didn’t sound shrill in his groggy state. The Shi Yan who had just climaxed fell onto He Nuo’s body; he buried his head in He Nuo’s shoulders as he gasped heavily for breath. After his climax receded, the softened hardness began to slip outwards, then Shi Yan propped himself up in shock: He Nuo was shutting his eyes tightly, the pillow underneath the corner of his eye had two damp spots, and the side of his face was swollen.

“He Nuo, He Nuo.” When Shi Yan regained his sanity, he was struck dumb with shock: Rape! Shi Yan was utterly stupefied. He Nuo opened his eyes that were awash with tears — they were filled with anger, and hatred.

“Get lost!” A weak voice demanded.

The moment Shi Yan saw the hatred in He Nuo’s eyes, the extinguished flames of fury in him were rekindled once again. Upon hearing this kind of words again, the only remaining heartache he felt vanished. He wore a mask of arrogance again to conceal his own panic, and when he finally got up and separated from He Nuo, He Nuo shouted with all his might, “Get lost!”

The chrysanthemum that couldn’t restrain itself immediately was turned inside out; a viscous white serum flowed out along with drops of crimson red blood. After Shi Yan saw so much blood flow out, he had just leaned over when He Nuo shrieked, “Get lost!” He Nuo’s lower region no longer felt anything but pain; he didn’t know what was going on, but he still remembered that he must drive this person away — this devil who looked a lot like his friend.

Shi Yan had also forgotten that the He Nuo who would never curse at others didn’t know what else to say other than those two “most vicious” words. The insolent and arrogant young master couldn’t endure such an insult, so his expression turned cold as he said in a frosty tone, “Call the police! I’ll wait for you to sue me!”

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