Chapter 71

The Promise Sealed with Our Lips Guan Gai Man Jing Hua, 冠蓋滿京華 2022/9/13 16:53:18

So the two of them crowded onto a narrow bed like this side by side; Shi Yan was such a big guy that his body barely fit onto the bed. Within the deathly quiet silence, the sounds of their breathing were absolutely clear and audible. He Nuo did have a shadow in his heart regarding bodily contact between the two, but in relation to the pain of separation, this shadow had already been replaced by reluctance. Shi Yan heard his subtle breathing sounds; the breaths He Nuo exhaled seemed to enter his own lungs, so his body began to heat up.

Right at this moment, He Nuo leaned closer to the wall and whispered, “You’re about to fall off right? Move in a bit.”

Shi Yan lied on his side and moved in closer. He stretched his hand out to grope around He Nuo’s side, then pulled him into his arms, “Don’t stick to the wall, it’s cold.”

When He Nuo entered his embrace, he panicked and wanted to get out of it.

Shi Yan’s large hands wrapped around his waist, “Don’t move.”

A sense of fear arose in He Nuo’s heart; it’s not like he would listen to Shi Yan’s words obediently just because he told him not to move. He Nuo pushed against Shi Yan’s chest, and even his breathing turned tense as it sped up. Shi Yan could sense his fear and a trace of bitterness shot through his heart. He turned around to lay down flat on the bed with He Nuo practically sprawled on his body, “He Nuo, I won’t harm you, and I won’t bully you ever again. Can you trust me?”

He Nuo stopped moving. The sorrow in Shi Yan’s voice made him distressed — he didn’t want to hear this kind of Shi Yan. Shi Yan should always be in high spirits and be filled with sunshine, yet he had been stained with gloom because of someone like him. He slowly laid his head on Shi Yan’s chest, “I know, and I trust you. You treat me really really well.”

Shi Yan patted He Nuo and didn’t say anything. But after awhile, He Nuo said, “It’s tiring for me to lie on you like this?ba? Should I get down to sleep?”

Shi Yan turned sideways slightly which made He Nuo slip into his outstretched arms, then he wrapped his arms around him again and He Nuo was drawn into his sideway embrace. As he used Shi Yan’s arm as a pillow, He Nuo was still so tense that his muscles were stiff. Shi Yan had noticed this of course. He placed his chin on He Nuo’s head and exhaled lightly, while he used his hand to gently rub his back in hopes that he would be able to relax. Gradually, He Nuo’s body turned softer, and his breathing became shallower because of how sleepy he was.

Shi Yan hugged him a bit tighter before he closed his eyes as well. He Nuo had fallen asleep, but Shi Yan was wide awake as he opened and closed his eyes. However, he didn’t dare to move as he was afraid of waking He Nuo. His hand that was gently caressing He Nuo’s back unconsciously expanded its scope of activity; it slid down to his caved in waistline, then continued moving along his ridge with a dune-like curve. Shi Yan felt something swell in between his legs. He held He Nuo close to him again, and his bulging area began to grind against his body. Shi Yan was rubbing against his body instinctively as he searched for comfort, but the more he rubbed the more swollen it got, and his whole body was burning as if he had been set on fire.

Shi Yan quietly took out his burning hot desire; he was holding He Nuo in his arms, so he only had one hand that was free. There wasn’t enough space between these two people in close proximity that he could use for any exercises that would ignite sparks, but Shi Yan had swelled up so much that it was now as hard as an iron pestle. The him who was being burned by the flames of desire jerked his hip forward out of discomfort and his iron pestle immediately slipped in between He Nuo’s legs. He Nuo was still wearing his pants, and when his pants slightly scraped against the sensitive head of Shi Yan’s desire, it stimulated him so much that his arms around He Nuo immediately tightened their grip. Shi Yan carefully and slowly began to move in and out between He Nuo’s legs, while his hands had somehow slid underneath He Nuo’s shirt to feel up his smooth and delicate skin.

However, this kind of ineffective solution could no longer satisfy Shi Yan’s sudden arousal of desire. He boldly and deftly removed He Nuo’s pants with both his hands and legs, and He Nuo’s pants and underwear fell to his knees. Shi Yan’s hands felt around He Nuo’s back in all kinds of loving ways until they slid to his tailbone, and the swelling in between his legs throbbed with an intense vitality. Shi Yan plunged his baby in between He Nuo’s legs that were locked tight, then stuck it in and out as he moved his hips and grinded against He Nuo. His mouth was kissing his forehead in a soothing manner at first, but the tide of passion swept it downwards and led it to cover the lips that had appeared several times in his dreams. As he climbed towards his peak, Shi Yan couldn’t suppress his happiness as he emitted a resonant growl from his chest.

He couldn’t see how full of vigour and vitality the person in his arms was in the darkness, but from the warmth that was travelling through his hands, he could tell that he must look absolutely lovable and charming right now out of embarrassment. Shi Yan’s whole body felt comfortable. He lightly pecked the lips that were moist from his kiss, “He Nuo? He Nuo.”

He Nuo refused to open his eyes. He didn’t know how to face Shi Yan. The moment that hard, burning desire had burrowed in between his legs, he was already vaguely conscious. When Shi Yan took his pants off and he felt a scorching hot object touch him, how could he not wake up? And Shi Yan understood it as soon as the body in his arms suddenly stiffened, but his warm hands had defused its tension. The helpless He Nuo could only hide his nervousness by pretending to be asleep.

Shi Yan knew why he was still pretending to be asleep, so he chuckled as he embraced him. The him who had been tightly pressed into Shi Yan’s arms trembled uneasily. Shi Yan stuck close to him, then quietly laughed as if he had comprehended something. He lifted He Nuo’s chin and kissed him, “I’ll help you.”

As he licked He Nuo’s lips, the tip of his tongue reached in flirtatiously; but his two rows of teeth were like sentries who were standing guard as they blocked Shi Yan’s offence. Shi Yan clung obstinately onto his lips as he sucked on it, yet he couldn’t pry his teeth open. So he used his own teeth to knock against He Nuo’s sentries, “Changing guards, it’s time to change guards now.”

He Nuo’s body trembled slightly, yet he gritted his teeth even harder. Shi Yan used his teeth to bump into his again as he coaxed, “Open the door, it’s me.”

The body in his arms trembled even more as it maintained its posture of refusal.

Shi Yan opened his mouth wide and swallowed both of He Nuo’s lips; the arm that served as He Nuo’s pillow went down to his lower back while his other hand landed on the immature purity that was already standing upright in between He Nuo’s legs. Shi Yan felt around the outline of his shape and only thought that it seemed cute and delicate — it wasn’t like his erection that was filled with bursting veins. He recalled its quiet and obedient limp look that he saw a long time ago. In his memories, He Nuo’s didn’t have a thick mass of hair down there, and now it did feel quite soft to the touch.

Shi Yan’s fingers that were probing around for his source of happiness reached his glossy tip, then he gently squeezed it. He Nuo blurted out an “oh” as he moaned, and this was what Shi Yan had been waiting for. His tongue didn’t let this opportunity slip as it quickly invaded through He Nuo’s lips. The Shi Yan who was besieging the city didn’t hold back as he attacked; his tongue swept through He Nuo’s mouth as if he wanted to taste every bit of its sweetness, then it caught his elusive tongue and entangled itself around it. The He Nuo who was offered as tribute couldn’t withstand this type of passionate, deep french kiss, and he failed every time he tried to resist it. His whole body had been ignited with the flames of passion, and he didn’t even know that his body was wriggling with desire.

Shi Yan’s fire was rekindled a second time by He Nuo’s passion, and his hardened part was searching for He Nuo’s happiness in his hand. As he rubbed that delicate object up and down, his own perfectly round head was grinding against this delicateness affectionately. He Nuo couldn’t help himself from uttering a low cry from time to time, and it sounded like a cooling breeze that managed to spark a furious blaze within Shi Yan; these cries fanned the flames of desire within him until he was burning with a raging intensity.

His hand went around to his back. Shi Yan pressed down on He Nuo’s ass as he moved his hips forward and grinded against him intimately with his hard object, but the extremely embarrassed He Nuo remained rigidly stiff the moment Shi Yan stopped pressing down on him. Shi Yan led He Nuo’s hands onto his own hard tip, and as soon as he touched his scorching member, He Nuo’s hands quickly shrank back as if he had just been burned. Shi Yan forced him to wrap his hand around his own, “Hold it properly!” His deep, magnetic voice possessed a commanding tone that made He Nuo listen to his order in a trance.

He held He Nuo’s jade-like pillar again. Shi Yan kissed his lips and said gently, “I’ll teach you, follow me.”

He deepened their kiss. His hand movements would quicken, then slow down, and it would squeeze tightly, then loosen its grip. When a silver light flashed through He Nuo’s mind and all he could see was the brilliant light of stars, all of his moans were swallowed up by Shi Yan. He could feel the heavy breaths of Shi Yan on his face; the moistness on his chest was a mixture of both their semen.

Shi Yan didn’t care about this stickiness at all. He hugged He Nuo tightly and patted him to soothe his gasps, and his gentle kisses swept across He Nuo’s forehead without any interruption. When he sensed that He Nuo had recovered, he asked with a smile, “Did it feel good?”

He immediately felt He Nuo retreat into his blanket. Shi Yan pinched his chin and bumped his head against his as he said in a soft voice, “Tell me, did it feel good? I felt really good.”

He Nuo turned his head sideways and gave him an almost imperceptible nod. Since Shi Yan was pinching his chin, he knew that He Nuo had nodded, but he wanted to hear him say it so he continued to ask, “Tell me~ I want to know.”

“It felt good.” His soft voice sounded both sexy and sentimental after their lascivicious act.

A sudden sweetness enveloped Shi Yan’s heart. He held He Nuo tightly in his arms, “I like you, I like you. He Nuo, I like you.”