Chapter 78

The Promise Sealed with Our Lips Guan Gai Man Jing Hua, 冠蓋滿京華 2022/9/13 16:53:26

The matter thus ended just like that. Shi Yan didn’t ask for the details of the follow-up. In any case, he was sure that He Nuo didn’t get bullied, and had ensured that he wouldn’t have to suffer anymore grievances in the future.

That night, He Nuo had just left school when he saw Shi Yan and his younger brothers. Shi Yan had come over to pick him up when He Nuo’s younger brothers saw him, so they walked up to greet him. A lot of students knew who Shi Yan was, and he was still pursued by countless eyes filled with worship and adoration. The fact that they could intimately call Shi Yan “Yan Ge” and talk with him a bit made them feel very proud; also, Shi Yan had begun to come into contact more often with He Nuo’s family, so he wasn’t as arrogant and unreasonable towards them anymore.

Shi Yan asked his younger brothers to go home and tell their parents that He Nuo would only return a little later. They went to their usual nest: Shi Yan’s father’s office. When they met yesterday, He Nuo was drowning in pain, though he had been suppressing it. Right now, he felt at ease and cheerful, and he was in high spirits as he talked. It was only when the grumbling sound of someone’s stomach could be heard that Shi Yan remembered that He Nuo hadn’t eaten dinner.

“Why didn’t you say anything when you’re hungry? We could’ve bought something to eat on our way here.” Shi Yan blamed He Nuo.

He Nuo was hungry the moment his classes ended, but after he saw Shi Yan, how could he still concern himself with whether or not he was hungry? Besides, he still wanted to save those few yuan of his allowance — there wasn’t any purpose for this, he just didn’t bear to spend his money on snacks. When he had first gone back to school, he had eaten the snacks that Shi Yan brought him to fill his stomach during afternoon activities. After he finished Shi Yan’s snacks, he would just endure his hunger until he went back home for dinner.

Shi Yan picked up the keys on the table, “Let’s go home?ba.”

He Nuo looked at the clock on the wall — it wasn’t even 8:30 pm yet. He didn’t want to part with Shi Yan this early. Although it would be a Sunday tomorrow, Shi Yan should be spending time with his family before he went back to his college in the afternoon. When He Nuo thought about how he wouldn’t be able to see Shi Yan tomorrow, he said with much reluctance when they reached the office door, “I’m not that hungry.”

The hand that Shi Yan used to open the door paused, “Are you afraid that I’ll leave tomorrow?”

“Then tell me that you missed me and I won’t leave tomorrow.” Shi Yan and the rest didn’t plan to return to college on Sunday anyway, skipping classes meant nothing to them, so they had planned to return on Monday.

He Nuo’s mouth opened and closed a few times in silence, then he suddenly had an epiphany, “You’re not going back?! You’ve already played truant for two days, the teacher in charge of truancy won’t care?”

Shi Yan lifted his chin up in disdain, “Who doesn’t skip classes in uni? You’ll understand next time.”

“Is that the case in university?” He Nuo really doesn’t understand why they seemed so idle in college. What he imagined was that college should be busier than high school, because the content they have to learn is much more complicated than what they learn in high school.

“Don’t care so much about that, just tell me first whether you missed me or not.” Shi Yan was being his overbearing self again.

He Nuo has always lived in a simple environment, and Shi Yan was the only foreign invader in his space, so how could he not yearn for him when he slept alone at night? It’s just that he didn’t understand that this was love sickness that had arisen due to the pain of separation; he was just instinctively unwilling to answer him. He was pulled into Shi Yan’s embrace, “You didn’t say it yesterday, and you still don’t want to tell me today?”

He didn’t hear He Nuo’s voice in reply. Shi Yan was slightly disappointed, after he released him he said in a miserable voice, “If you didn’t miss me then so be it?ba, I’ll go back to college tomorrow.”

“Missed you.”

Shi Yan’s heart stopped. He tightened his arms around him, “What did you say?”

He Nuo looked up, and his watery eyes were glistening, “I missed you.” After he said it aloud, he didn’t seem to be as hesitant anymore. He Nuo emphasised one more time, “I said I missed you, are you happy now?”

Shi Yan instantly felt like his heart was in full bloom during summer. He held He Nuo’s face up in delight, “If you didn’t miss me, then wouldn’t I have missed you in vain?”

When he had said the words ‘I missed you’, it wasn’t as embarrassing as he had imagined, but now he felt awkward and embarrassed by Shi Yan’s teasing instead. The sight of him laughing with his deep and gentle voice created ripples in He Nuo’s heart, and there was no other way for He Nuo to avoid it aside from drooping his eyelids. He seldom watches TV, so he didn’t know that he had just acted out a scene from a romantic drama where the character is eagerly anticipating a kiss. The veteran Shi Yan kissed him. When He Nuo was comprehending the feeling of lust in his arms two months ago, he had only been baptised by his tongue in the darkness while he was pretending to be asleep. Now that they were in a bright place where all the lights were on, He Nuo trembled so much his body went limp, while Shi Yan had him locked in a tight embrace as he became He Nuo’s sturdy support.

After two months of separation, this person was in his arms right now — it was no longer a spring dream that would vanish without a trace. Shi Yan was also intoxicated in the beautiful entanglement of their lips and tongue; he released the He Nuo — who didn’t even know how to breathe anymore — and moved this person who was immersed in a drunken delight onto the sofa to lie down. Maybe this was how feelings of tenderness emerge — from the desire to tuck the other person into himself. Using his viper-like hands, he passed through all those layers of clothing until he touched the smooth skin that was underneath it. The warmth he felt on his palm flowed into all the rivers in his body, and merrily surged through them as they gathered at the sea in his heart. This warmth had melted the frost on He Nuo’s lips through their kiss.

The changes in his body made Shi Yan undo He Nuo’s pants, and this is all thanks to the fact that He Nuo had never worn a belt before. He Nuo was laying down with his body turned slightly sideways, and when his innermost layer of pants had been pushed below his knees, a slightly fishy scent permeated the air. Shi Yan looked at the beautiful and lively pink object leaking dew and couldn’t help but become more gentle, like he was holding a treasure in his hands. He Nuo felt ashamed, so he struggled a bit, but Shi Yan’s body immediately pressed down on him — he didn’t give He Nuo the chance to be clear-headed at all. It wasn’t the first time for Shi Yan to see He Nuo’s male member, but it was the first time he saw it erect. The last time he touched it, it didn’t feel as thick and sturdy as his, and had felt more delicate instead. Seeing it today, the rod really had a tender pink lustre to it; it gave off the same air as He Nuo — elegant and delicate.

Shi Yan’s boundless interest was piqued. He manipulated it in an unhurried manner: from time to time, he would pinch it or rub it as he searched for the most sensitive area that would elicit a response. Every time He Nuo couldn’t control his moan from escaping his lips, the heat in Shi Yan’s body would rise. But Shi Yan was infinitely fond of He Nuo’s body, he wanted to see every single change in expression on his face, and he wanted to see him dyed with the drunken colour of a maple forest under his manipulation. The scent of lust in the air had turned into a smell that intoxicated their hearts. As he uttered a cry that he was trying to suppress, He Nuo’s member in Shi Yan’s hand quivered and his essence erupted. He Nuo went limp, as if he had no bones, and leaned into Shi Yan’s embrace.

Then Shi Yan pulled down his own zipper and took out his baby that was already squeezing out of the edges of his underwear. He placed it in his hand and compared it with He Nuo’s object that hadn’t completely recovered yet, then chuckled, “Mine’s still bigger.”

He Nuo opened his damp eyes and wanted to see what was bigger before he knew what Shi Yan was referring to. He squeezed his eyes shut out of embarrassment. Shi Yan said mischievously, “But you managed to shoot it out pretty far, not bad.”

When he looked at He Nuo’s eyes that were squeezed tight, Shi Yan laughed, “Look, you even shot some onto my face.”

He Nuo quickly looked at him. When he saw how clean his face was and the grin that had spread across it, he knew that he had been tricked.

Shi Yan shoved his baby into He Nuo’s hand, “Do you want to see me shoot?”

In the past two months, He Nuo had masturbated occasionally, but it had never felt as good as when he did it with Shi Yan that night. Even though he felt ashamed, he couldn’t stop himself from doing it in secret, and every time after he did it, he would feel like he had just committed theft. But he has to say that Shi Yan had led him to open up the door of lust. The him who stood at its entrance was filled with curiosity about the temptation inside, and his resistance against it was weak.

“Hey, I saw yours clearly, don’t you want to see mine too?” Shi Yan once again extended an invitation.

He Nuo wanted to see it. He has always been very hasty during his own masturbation because he didn’t dare to look at it. Shi Yan wrapped his hand around He Nuo’s, “Move like how I did just now.”

He Nuo’s slightly cool fingers finally began to move. Shi Yan lied down on his back; his breathing gradually became more ragged as he squinted his eyes, and he would say from time to time, “Un, great, faster….hold it tighter…”

He Nuo was infected by the pleasure Shi Yan felt under his hands. He stared at the penis in his hand without blinking, and saw how clear the veins on it looked and how it exuded the strength of its pure masculinity. This was the first time for He Nuo to carefully stare at a man’s member with an inquiring gaze. He tried to touch the tip that he assumed to be the most sensitive part. The immature He Nuo didn’t know that he had already sent Shi Yan up to cloud nine — he only saw his dick suddenly swell up even more and the pillar in his hand quivered as it jumped. Shi Yan let out a low groan that sounded like it came from the king of the forest, and a rapid stream shot out as it flew. He Nuo dodged sideways and it flew past his eyes, his hand was grabbed hard by Shi Yan’s large ones and he hurriedly used it to rub up and down a few more times. Shi Yan had personally seen his own semen fly out.

Shi Yan took a few deep breaths, then said triumphantly, “See, it shot pretty far right?”